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1. Ackroyd, Peter (2010). The Death of King Arthur Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur: A Retelling (Reprint ed). London: Penguin Group. 316 pp. Hardback dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. This book is a retelling of the famous book written by Sir Thomas Malory and published in 1485 by Caxton's Press. The author's new retelling transforms this richly inventive medieval epic into a dramatic modern story brought to new life for our times, but still full of love, magic, adventure, heroism and betrayal. ISBN: 9781846141935. Our Book No: 29021. $20 AUD.

2. Australian Red Cross Society, New South Wales Division (1940). Gleanings From a Scrap Book: A Book For Odd Moments. Narrabri, NSW: North Western Courier. 6 pp. Paperback very small, very good condition, minimal toning. (Estimate date, 1940, Trove catalogue.) Stated: "All proceeds in aid of the Australian Red Cross Society, New South Wales Division". A collection of poems, quotations and short prose. Our Book No: 16921. $15 AUD.

3. Barr, Marshall (2001). Surgery, Sand and Saigon Tea: An Australian Army Doctor in Viet Nam [Vietnam]. Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 252 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, maps, black & white text-photos, small scratch rear cover, minor edgewear. Autobiography of an Australian anaesthetist's service in the Vietnam War, based on his personal diary. An uncomprisingly honest about his time spent with the Australian Task Force at Nui Dat, with civilian teams at Long Nuyen and Bien Hoa, and with American units in Saigon and Tay Ninh. He was based at 8 Field Ambulance (later 1 Australian Field Hospital), and his work is graphically described - techniques of resuscitation, surgery and evacuation of the Australian wounded, and the arrival of the first Australian nurses. ISBN: 1865084638. Our Book No: 24965. $30 AUD.

4. Bauerdick, Rolf; Dollenmayer, David (translator) (2013). The Madonna on the Moon (1st translated ed). London: Atlantic Books. 401 pp. Paperback thick trade, very good condition, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear corners. This crime fiction novel is set in a fictitious country. To emphasize its fictionality, the diacritics required by the Romanian spelling of the names of persons, places, and things have been dispensed with. In November 1957, as communism tightens its hold on Eastern Europe, strange events are beginning to upend daily life in Baia Luna, a small village at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. Pavel Botev (15-yo) notices that the village's sacred Madonna statue has been stolen and the priest is found murdered in the rectory. Pavel's search for the answers to the mystery lead him into the frontiers of a new world, changing his life forever. Winner of the European Book Prize 2012. (First published as "Wie die Madonna auf den Mond Kam" in Germany.). ISBN: 9781848875043. Our Book No: 28983. $15 AUD.

5. Bayley, John (2004). Daylight Corroboree: A First-Hand Account of the Wanda Koolmatrie Hoax. [Adelaide]: Eidolon Books. 111 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. The remarkable story of how he and a colleague created a fake Aboriginal writer, Wanda Koolmatrie, who wrote an autobiographical novel "My Own Sweet Time" (Magabala Press), which won the Dobbie Award for Australian Woman Writers in 1996. He later revealed the hoax in a Sydney tabloid newspaper (Daily Telegraph). ISBN: 0958546649. Our Book No: 16925. $40 AUD.

6. BBC (2009). Torchwood: The Official Magazine Yearbook. London: Titan Books. 94 pp. Hardback wide quarto, pictorial cover, very good condition, colour photos & drawings, illustrated endpapers, tiny scuff spine ends. This is the official yearbook of Torchwood, the popular British BBC-TV series. Look behind the scenes at this high-octane TV series and learn what it takes to be in Torchwood. There are interviews with John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Eve Myles (Gwen) and Gareth David-Lloyd (Lanto). There are features on costumes, stunts, locations and music plus short stories. ISBN: 9781848562394. Our Book No: 28992. $40 AUD.

7. Berman, Morris (2001). The Twilight of American Culture. London: Duckworth. 208 pp. Paperback octavo (with flaps), very good condition, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. An impassioned description of the degraded state of American culture, which has seen its most triumphant years and headingtowards chaos: corrupt politics, the 'rambification of popular entetainment, the collapse of education. He argues that we can still preserve cultural values, refuse kitsch and consumerism, profit and self-promotion. The American academic social critic previously wrote the bestselling "The Reenchantment of the World". ISBN: 0715630822. Our Book No: 16930. $12 AUD.

8. Bradshaw, John (2013). Cat Sense: The Feline Enigma Revealed (1st ed). London: Allen Lane / Penguin Books. 306 pp. Hardback dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), many black & white illustrations, figures, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear jacket. In this very important book, an animal behavior and welfare expert uses groundbreaking research into human-animal interactions to show us the world from a cat's perspective. Eloquent, humane, and filled with valuable advice, this book aims to appeal as much to cat owners as it does to those interested in understanding the latest science of animal behavior. ISBN: 9781846145940. Our Book No: 29023. $25 AUD.

9. Brown, Arthur E. (1946). The Doctor and Tomorrow: The Future of Medical Service in Australia. Sydney: F. H. Johnston Publishing Co. 136 pp. Hardback small, dustjacket, good plus condition (in good dustjacket), tape repairs reverse side jacket (minimal marks), pages lightly toned, some edgewear (mainly spine). A leading Melbourne medical practitioner calls for substantial reform of medical practice in Australia so that it is available for all without excessive cost. This issue goes beyond the current debate about private practice versus socialised (nationalised) medicine. Our Book No: 16919. $15 AUD.

10. Brown, Ben; Taylor, Helen (illustrator) (2008). Fifty-Five Feathers (1st Puffin ed). Rosedale, NZ: Penguin Group (NZ). Unnum 24 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, colour drawings, some edgewear corners covers & few pages. This charming brightly coloured children's picture story is about a Pukeko who is concerned about her friend Gecko who is suffering the cold of winter. Wise Old Tree tells her to make him a cloak of fifty-five feathers, so she gathers feathers from kakapo's, sleeping kiwi's, kotuka's, takahe's, kea's, piwaiwaka's, kereru's, kokako's, huia's - and pukeko added a feather as well, and Gecko was grateful and much warmer thanks to all the birds. Included at the end, the author's and artist's story, and the story of the endangered Huia bird. This is a great book that has a wide age range because the colours will appeal to young children, and the easy-to-read text and counting of the feathers as they are gathered will keep older children busy. ISBN: 9780143503156. Our Book No: 29000. $12 AUD.

11. Buttrey, Ron (2006). A Short History of the Life of Gregory Blaxland. Sydney, Eastwood: Brush Farm Historical Society. 72 pp. Paperback large thin wide octavo, very good plus condition, black & white text-photos, map, minor edgewear. This book looks at Gregory Blaxland's life from his birth and marriage in Kent, the decision, taken in conjunction with his brother John, to settle in the NSW colony, his purchase of Brush Farm, his historic journey, with Wentworth and Lawson, across the Blue Mountains, his development as an important agriculturist and viticulturist, and his successful wine at the Royal Society in London. Then moving from Brush Farm, family land holdings in the Hunter Valley and beyond, and finally, his declining years. The author is a member of Brush farm Historical Society, and has written the book as part of the celebrations for the bicentenary of the arrival of Gregory Blaxland in New South Wales on 11th April 1806. ISBN: 0975141937. Our Book No: 29017. $20 AUD.

12. Callister, Jamie; Howard, Rod (with) (2011). The Man Who Invented Vegemite: The True Story Behind an Australian Icon. Sydney: Pier 9 / Murdoch Books. 211 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, minor edgewear, remainder stripe. This book covers the Gold Rush, the Depression and two World Wars and it looks at the quiet achievements, and tragedies, of one man. The author is the grandson of Cyril Callister, the man who invented Vegemite. When he wants to learn more about the man he never met, he discovered that extraordinary things can happen to (almost) ordinary people. ISBN: 9781742668567. Our Book No: 27712. $16 AUD.

13. Cassidy, Barrie (2010). The Party Thieves: The Real Story of the 2010 Election. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press (MUP). 249 pp. Paperback octavo, good plus condition, front cover creased, front flyleaf little foxed, minor edgewear, otherwise internally excellent. Barrie Cassidy picked a hell of an election to cover: changes of leaders of both Liberal and Labor Party, Australia's first woman Prime Minister, a hung parliament, and a country not knowing who its Prime Minister was for nearly three weeks. Malcolm Turnbull's manic desire to get his own way in the party, and because he simply stopped listening, led to his demise. Kevin Rudd stole the party through his authoritarian approach to government and a cabinet that felt alienated from the job of governing. In both cases, the members of their respective parties came at the party thieves to reclaim what was rightfully theirs, and set the stage for the ascension of Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard. And all that, before we even get to the 2010 election campaign. ISBN: 9780522857801. Our Book No: 16933. $12 AUD.

14. Cawthorne, Nigel (2003). Witch Hunt: History of a Persecution. Wigton, Leics: Capella / Arcturus Publishing. 239 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, maps, few black & white drawings, minor edgewear. Between 1450 and 1750, more than 100,000 people - mainly women - in Europe and colonial America were prosecuted for practising harmful magic and worshipping the devil. Tens of thousands were executed, often after being subjected to bestial tortures. Examines this persecution, and the religious hysteria which inspired it, tracing its roots back to the savage suppression of the heretical Waldensian sect by the Catholic Church. With the creation of the Inquisition, and the publication of the book 'Witchfinders' Bible', the craze soon spread across Europe and reached as far as the United States where, despite the infamy of the Salem Witch Trials, it was soon dismissed by a more rational population. Although witch trials continued in Scotland until 1727, Norway until 1760 and Hungary until 1777, the growth of scientific reason gradually gained ground from the witch hunters. ISBN: 1841931845. Our Book No: 16911. $10 AUD.

15. Chanin, Eileen; Miller, Steven (2015). Awakening Four Lives in Art. Adelaide, Mile End: Wakefield Press. 229 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, colour & black & white & sepia (brown-tinted) photos, black & white text-photos, few cartoons, minor edgewear corners. This book is about four Australian women artists. Four short biographies trace their parallel lives. Born in Australia between 1869 and 1893, they made their reputations around the world. Dora Ohlfsen in Rome, Louise Dyer in Paris, Clarice Zander in London and Mary Cecil Allen in New York. The book looks at the period between the close of the 19th century up to the outbreak of the Second World War. The women were from colonial Victoria and worked from the early years of Federation, a time when women emerged with a sense of their own place in the world of artistic endeavour. ISBN: 9781743053652. Our Book No: 29006. $20 AUD.

16. Clausen, Mathew; Kosky, Samantha (consultant) (2010). Centre Stage (2nd, reprint ed). Melbourne: Heinemann Harcourt Education. 278 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, single-colour drawings, black & white text-photos, edge rear page creased, minor edgewear. Australian school textbook about drama. This new edition is designed to provide a two-year course in Drama for middle secondary students. It has been substantially rewritten and updated to comprehensively cover the essential Drama learnings in all state syllabuses. Successful features of the first edition have been retained and replicated in all new material. This book is written to help students to develop the ways they can make, perform and appreciate drama. ISBN: 9781740813372. Our Book No: 27697. $30 AUD.

17. Country Women's Association of Australia, CWA (2001). Country Treasures: A Collection of 500 Classic Recipes from the Country Women's Association of Australia (1st ed) [CWA / The Weekly Times]. Melbourne: News Custom Publishing / Herald & Weekly Times Ltd. 246 pp. Hardback, no jacket as issued, very good condition, pictorial cover, colour text-photos (many full-page), small scuff top corner front flyleaf, minor edgewear. First edition. A splendid collection of wholesome recipes from the country women of Australia. Now scarce and out-of-print. ISBN-10 not stated: 1876176393. ISBN: 9781876176396. Our Book No: 4142. $100 AUD.

18. Crew, Gary; Turvey, Naomi (illustrator) (2014). The Cuckoo (1st ed). Melbourne, Ormond: Ford St Publishing. Unnum 28 pp. Paperback small wide quarto, very good condition, black & white & colour drawings (mostly full-page), minor edgewear corners. Suggested reading age is Primary School. This picture story is about a boy considered tiny by his family. Martin lived with his very large forester father and older brothers in the Megalong Valley in the heart of the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. He was teased and bullied by his father and brothers because of his size. Aided by the self-sacrifice of loving friends, Martin finds the courage to fight for his independence. Written by one of Australia's most awarded authors. The illustrations are environmentally inspired and feature a combination of natural elements to create whimsical fairytale-like creatures. ISBN: 9781925000184. Our Book No: 28997. $16 AUD.

19. Dale, Kim (1999). What Am I? (1st ed). Melbourne: Lothian Books. Unnum 28 pp. Hardback large quarto, no jacket as issued, very good condition, pictorial cover, internal flaps, beautiful full-page colour drawings, minor edgewear. A giant lift-the-flap guessing-game book for the very young. The author's beautiful illustrations invite you to share a child's delight as favourite Australian animals and birds are revealed in their natural habitat. ISBN: 0734400446. Our Book No: 25881. $15 AUD.

20. de Dillmont, Therese (1920). Encyclopedia of Needlework (Revised & Enlarged ed). Mulhouse, France: D.M.C. Library / Printed by Societie Anonyme DMC. 800 pp. Hardback thick very small, no jacket as issued, very good condition, olive green cloth cover (spine faintly faded), black patterned endpapers, top edge gilt, colour & black & white plates, black & white drawings, front hinge little split (pages firm), minor edgewear. Published by Dollfus-Meig & Co (DMC), now 940,000 copies in print. Part of the DMC Library of books explaining needlework (listed on rear pages). This classic encyclopedia was initially published in French in 1886. An undated early English translation (this copy estimated about 1920). This revised and enlarged edition contains 11 coloured plates and over 1000 drawings. Dillmont owned a string of shops in European capitals, and was a pioneer in promoting needlework as a hobby. Our Book No: 16936. $60 AUD.

21. de Musset, Alfred (1878). La Confession d'un Enfant du Siecle (New ed). Paris: G. Charpentier. 355 pp. Hardback small, no jacket, very good condition, quarter-bound (blue leather over marbles boards), spine raised bands & gilt lettering and decoration, top edge gilt, cover corners little bumped, pages faintly toned, scattered foxing & toning (mainly endpapers), string bookmark, protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve. (No 88 of limited edition of 100 copies.) Autobiographical novel about the French novelist (1810 - 1857), and his celebrated love affair with George Sand. Originally published, 1836. Our Book No: 16927. $100 AUD.

22. Dean & Son, Publisher (1982). Cinderella: Dean & Son's Pantomime Toy Books with Five Set Scenes and Nine Trick Changes [Facsimile Editions, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library]. London / Tokyo: Bodley Head / Holp Shuppan. 10 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good plus condition, colour drawings (some pages smaller), adverts at rear, in cardboard slipcase. Facsimile edition. A children's pantomine booklet, originally published about 1880. The classic tale of Cinderella is told in verse. The centre pages consist of color drawings on pages of different sizes which display a pantomime when the pages are flipped. (Pagination includes inside covers. One of a set of 35 handsome facsimiles in 28 slipcases.). Our Book No: 16934. $25 AUD.

23. Dosa, David (2010). Making the Rounds with Oscar: The Inspiring Story of a Doctor, His Patients and a Very Special Cat (Reprint ed). London: Headline Review. 248 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, tiny scuff top spine, pages lightly toned, corners front cover little creased, minor edgewear. This is the true story of a very special cat named Oscar, and the author who is a doctor at Steer House Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre on Rhode Island. Oscar sits with and comforts the patients, and can sense when they are ready to die, which enables staff to let the families know that the end is close. The author's story is warm and sometimes funny, and it is a true insight into a world rarely seen from the outside. ISBN: 9780755318124. Our Book No: 29027. $15 AUD.

24. Edgar, Patricia (2013). In Praise of Ageing (Reprint ed). Melbourne: Text Publishing. 254 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, small bookplate inside front cover. Australian academic identifies the positive aspects of ageing. The author looked at the research, and found that the facts about ageing actually contradict many of the negative stereotypes. There are many stories to be told by our ageing population, some of which are included in this fascinating book. ISBN: 9781922147554. Our Book No: 27266. $15 AUD.

25. Elliott, Bert (2013). Bertie Elliott: The Opposite to My Brother Billy. Ballina, NSW: Bert Elliott / Printed by Ligare Pty Ltd. 159 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, sepia (brown-tinted) & colour photos, minor edgewear, corner tips front cover & few pages little creased. The author describes his very eventful life, which includes travel to the UK and Europe, China, Thailand, Vietnam and the USA, with many side trips to other countries. He has never learned to read and write, up until now. He has run successful rural businesses for his whole life, and declares he is a good listener, and his talking skills made up for his lack of writing and reading skills. ISBN: 9780646909110. Our Book No: 29008. $30 AUD.

26. Emerson, John; Kirby, Michael (foreword) (2015). John Jefferson Bray: A Vigilant Life. Melbourne, Clayton: Monash University Publishing. 271 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, tiny scuff top spine, rear cover & corner tips few pages little creased, minor edgewear. A biography of John Jefferson Bray, who was appointed Chief Justice in South Australia in March 1967. This story is about a very gifted man whose judicial writings continue to be cited across the Commonwealth, and who determined to defend not only his own natural right to a private life but also that of all citizens. ISBN: 9781922235619. Our Book No: 29014. $27 AUD.

27. Fara, Patricia (2004). Sex, Botany & Empire: The Story of Carl Linnaeus and Joseph Banks. London: Icon Books UK. 168 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, black & white drawings, minor edgewear. This book is an entertaining story of Joseph Banks and Carl Linnaeus, both botanists from Britain and Sweden respectively, and set against the imperial backgrounds of both countries. Both pioneered botanical exploration, and recognized how frequently sexuality was important. ISBN: 1840465735. Our Book No: 28987. $16 AUD.

28. Fauchery, Antoine; Chisholm, A. R. (translation) (1969). Letters from a Miner in Australia (1st p/b translated ed). Melbourne: Georgian House. 105 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, few black & white photos & drawings, frontispiece, small scuff base spine, faint foxing edges, pages faintly toned, spine little faded, spine edges lightly rubbed, minor edgewear corners, name crossed out inside front cover. This book, first published in French in 1857, was known to very few Australian readers until this first English translation was published in 1965 as a hardcover. The author was mostly previously known locally as a photographer. He provides an unparalleled account of Melbourne and the Victorian goldfields at the height of the goldrush in the 1850's. During his two year stay which Fauchery describes in the book, he gained considerable experience as a miner and a goldfields storekeeper. An interlude in Melbourne as the proprietor of Cafe Estaminet Francais is an account of a rapidly developing Melbourne in which the elegant city life is appearing. Our Book No: 29025. $18 AUD.

29. Frankel, Elizabeth; Duncan, Garry (illustrator) (2014). River Boy (1st p/b ed). Sydney, Edgecliff: Jane Curry Publishing / Wentworth Concepts Pty Ltd. Unnum 36 pp. Paperback oblong small quarto, very good condition, full-page colour drawings, corner tips front cover little creased, minor edgewear. This is a gentle and warm family children's picture story about a boy and his grandfather going fishing on the River Murray. The story highlights the many uses of the river, the beauty of its natural environment, and everything that depends on it. The story of the Murray is explained at the end of the book by Dr Paul Sinclair, Australian Conservation Foundation. The large colourful drawings and easy-to-read text will appeal to any age. ISBN: 9781922190864. Our Book No: 29033. $13 AUD.

30. Gardner, Howard (1991). The Unschooled Mind: How Children Think and How Schools Should Teach (Reprint ed). New York: BasicBooks / HarperCollins. 303 pp. Hardback dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear, thick remainder stripe. Merging cognitive science with educational agenda, he makes an eloquent case for restructuring our schools by showing just how ill-suited our minds and natural patterns of learning are to the prevailing modes of education. He finds clues for reform in the ancient art of apprenticeship, and in the modern children's museum. In both cases, genuine understanding occurs because learning takes place in a rich and meaningful context (rather than just rote learning). ISBN: 0465088953. Our Book No: 16931. $20 AUD.

31. Gibbs, May (1988). Scotty in Gumnut Land [Gumnut Classics]. Sydney: Angus & Robertson. Unnum 106 pp. Hardback quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white drawings, few full-page colour drawings, minor edgewear & scuffing. Scotty the Scottish terrier meets Snugglepot, Cuddlepie and the other bush creatures in this little-known children's tale by May Gibbs. ISBN: 020715855X. Our Book No: 4158. $25 AUD.

32. Gilbert, Paul; Choden (2014). Mindful Compassion: How the Science of Compassion Can Help You Understand Your Emotions, Live in the Present, and Connect Deeply With others (Reprint ed). Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications. 333 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, figures, minor edgewear, corners front cover little bent, corner tips covers little scuffed, tiny scuff base of spine. This book is a unique blend of evolutionary and Buddhist psychology to help end self-criticism, heal emotional pain, feel worthy and loveable, and be kind to yourself and others. The author is head of the mental health research unit at the University of Derby, and the co-author is a former monk within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. ISBN: 9781626250611. Our Book No: 29035. $22 AUD.

33. Goossens, Renee; Hallinan, Richard (foreword) (2007). Pain Management: Learning to Live With Pain (1st ed). Sydney, Double Bay: Rockpool Publishing. 232 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, one page LOOSELY inserted (foreword page), top corner rear cover creased, minor edgewear, autograph (author's written name title page). This unique book is written by a patient who is a chronic pain sufferer for over four decades. The author writes about her battles with pain, and her resilience is inspiring. Drawing on her own experiences and those of other pain sufferers, she describes ways to cope, and to maximise the quality of life. Written in plain language, the book explains the effect of pain on the human nervous system and provides medical and psychological strategies to enable patients to help themselves. ISBN: 9781921295096. Our Book No: 29026. $10 AUD.

34. Gordon, Heather; Brennan, Moira (illustrator) (2014). Barossa Nanna and the Lonely Chook (1st p/b ed). Sydney, Edgecliff: Jane Curry Publishing. Unnum 22 pp. Paperback oblong small quarto, very good condition, full-page colour drawings, tiny bump & scuff base spine, minor edgewear. This very special children's story is about a lonely chook, and a lady called Barossa Nanna who lives in Nuriootpa, South Australia. Lonely Chook had two other hen friends, but they died. Barossa Nanna decided to get two new hens to make Lonely Chook happy. Sheila and Eva joined Lonely Chook who had a new name, Stella. The large colourful drawings and easy-to-read text will appeal to any age. ISBN: 9781922190970. Our Book No: 29032. $15 AUD.

35. Gore, Al (2007). The Assault on Reason (How the Politics of Fear, Secrecy and Blind Faith Subvert Wise Decision-Making, Degrade Democracy and Imperil America and the World) (Australian printing ed). London: Bloomsbury. 308 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. The author of "An Inconvenient Truth" draws on a life's experience in politics as well as on the work of experts across broad range of disciplines to write a far-sighted book about the vital role of reason in a healthy democracy. ISBN: 9780747591597. Our Book No: 28855. $15 AUD.

36. Graham, Chris (2006). Choosing and Keeping Chickens (Reprint ed). London: Hamlyn / Practical Poultry Magazine. 208 pp. Paperback wide octavo (with flaps), very good condition, colour text-photos, corners covers & few pages little creased, edges lightly rubbed, tiny bump top spine, crease rear cover, minor edgewear. This book has information on over 50 of the most popular breeds. There are chapters on feeding, dealing with common ailments to breeding, and taking care of your chickens. ISBN: 9780600614388. Our Book No: 29020. $20 AUD.

37. Grandin, Bob (2004). The Battle of Long Tan as Told by the Commanders (1st ed) [Harry Smith - OC Delta Company, 6RAR, Geoff Kendall - 10 Platoon Commander - Bob Buick - 11 Platoon Sergeant - Dave Sabben - 12 Platoon Commander - Morrie Stanley - Forward Observation Officer, 161 Battery, RNZA - Adrian Roberts - 3 Troop Commander, No. 1 APC Squadron - Bob Grandin - Helicoptert Pilot, 9 Squadron, RAAF]. Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 332 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white text-photos, maps, minor edgewear corners. This is the first time Delta Company Commanders have shared their memories of the most significant battle fought by Australians in Vietnam, the Battle of Long Tan. Each of the commanders shares the experiences that brought them to Vietnam, and describes how the company commander, Harry Smith, drove Delta Company to become one of the most outstanding units in the Australian forces. The ongoing efforts of the Long Tan commanders to right the many wrongs perpetrated in the wake of the battle, and their own journeys after the fighting of August 1966 make this book a compelling story on the aftermath of Vietnam. ISBN: 1741141990. Our Book No: 29011. $20 AUD.

38. Gray, Anne; Fullwood, Henry A. (artist) (1983). A. Henry Fullwood : War Paintings (1st ed) [Australian War Memorial Artists, Series No. 1]. Canberra: Australian War Memorial. 96 pp. Hardback oblong quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white & colour reproductions (most full-page), black & white frontispiece (artist), minor edgewear jacket (tiny dent front cover). Henry Fullwood's war paintings (WW1) are described in detail, assessed, and re-evaluated the artist's whole achievement. He was a friend of Arthur Streeton and Tom Roberts, and is nearly as well known. He was also a prolific and popular illustrator and printmaker. In 1918 the Australian Government choose him as one of its first official war artists. ISBN: 0642994315. Our Book No: 29030. $25 AUD.

39. Hallowell, Edward M.; Ratey, John J. (2006). Delivered From Distraction: Getting the Most Out of Life With Attention Deficit Disorder (Reprint ed). New York: Ballantine Books. 380 pp. Paperback trade, as new condition. A new book from the best-selling psychiatrist authors of "Driven to Distraction", incorporating the latest research and information about both childhood and adult ADD into a comprehensive new guide to living with ADD, looking at a wide variety of treatment options, medication and alternative therapies, and how to take advantage of the disorder while avoiding the problems. Original, charismatic, energetic, often brilliant, people with ADD have extraordinary talents and gifts embedded in their highly charged but easily distracted minds. Tailored expressly to ADD learning styles and attention spans, this book provides accessible, engaging discussions of every aspect of the condition, from diagnosis to finding the proper treatment regime. ISBN: 0345442318. Our Book No: 4127. $15 AUD.

40. Hallowell, Edward M.; Ratey, John J. (2011). Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood through Adulthood (Revised, reprint ed). New York: Anchor / Random House. 382 pp. Paperback trade, as new condition. Revised edition. A practical guide to ADHD by two American psychiatrists., which has sold over 1 million copies. This revised edition has updated medical information for a new generation searching for answers. Through vivid stories and case histories of patients both adults and children, this book explores the varied forms ADHD takes, from hyperactivity to daydreaming. They dispel common myths, offer helpful coping tools, and give a thorough accounting of all treatment options, as well as tips for dealing with a diagnosed child, partner, or family member. But most importantly, they focus on the positives that can come with this disorder, including high energy, intuitiveness, creativity, and enthusiasm. ISBN: 9780307743152. Our Book No: 4137. $15 AUD.

41. Hardy, Frank (1976). But the Dead Are Many. London: Triad Panther. 352 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, minor edgewear, edges & pages lightly toned. This Australian novel is about the mysterious death of a man named John Morel. Jack, his closest friend, wants to find out the truth behind the death. From Moscow to Sydney, Jack starts to put the pieces of Morel's past together. ISBN: 0586044582. Our Book No: 28993. $14 AUD.

42. Harrison, Chris (2009). Head Over Heel: Seduced by a Southern Italian (Reprint ed). Sydney, Millers Point: Pier 9 / Murdoch Books. 376 pp. Paperback trade (with flaps), very good condition, minor edgewear. Winner Victorian Premier's Literary Awards. This is the author's funny, captivating story of falling in love with an Italian girl named Daniela and leaving his Australian life for her sun-drenched Italian home. The book features a policeman who rearranges crimes to match the necessary forms, the doctor who uses his home-made lemon liqueur to treat his patients. His biggest challenge is Daniela's Mamma, who tries to convert him to the Catholic religion, and build a second story on her stucco home for the pair to live in! A great way to learn about the people and customs of this fascinating country. ISBN: 9781741964073. Our Book No: 28996. $15 AUD.

43. Hickman, Bronwen (2014). Mary Gaunt: Independent Colonial Woman. Melbourne: Melbourne Books. 304 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white & colour photos, minor edgewear corners. This is a rare biography of the pioneering Australian author, Mary Gaunt. Born on the Victorian Goldfields in Chiltern in 1861, Mary was well-educated and well-connected. One of the first female students to attend the University of Melbourne, she wrote articles and stories to get the money for her travels. Trekking through the great mahogany forests of West Africa, going to China in the chaos of the downfall of the Ch'ing dynasty, were part of the life of this amazing woman. When war came, she was trapped behind enemy lines and never made it home to Australia. Mary was almost 81 when she died on 19 January 1942, and she is buried in the English section of the cemetery in Cannes, France. ISBN: 9781922129369. Our Book No: 28994. $20 AUD.

44. Hilder, Sarah J (2016). Trace Impressions (Reprint ed). Not Stated: Lulu Publications. 184 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, tiny scuff top spine. This Australian crime fiction novel is the story of Eddie who works in the Rogerson Morgue. Eddie uses her skills with fantasy to work out the kind of lives that each body she examines has lived. Local police officer John sees her mental exercises as untapped talent which can help him solve a worrying felony. Meanwhile, the criminal is working his way across the state. The victims are found hanging upside down in secluded parts of town, dressed in their Sunday best. Can Eddie solve this mystery before another person is murdered? Our Book No: 28995. $18 AUD.

45. Idriess, Ion L. (1939). Over the Range: Sunshine and Shadow in the Kimberleys (Reprint ed). Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 316 pp. Hardback small octavo, jacket missing, very good condition, orange cloth cover (black lettering & vignette), black & white photos (including frontispiece), endpaper maps, top corner tip two pages creased, bottom corner one page creased (mis-cut), pages faintly toned, edges faintly foxed, minor edgewear, owner's written name. Records his experiences in one of Australia's remotest areas, the Kimberleys, in far northern Western Australia, on a lengthy police patrol in 1933. He makes many observations of the Aboriginal people, and expresses his justified fears for their future. A foreword notes that many of the Aborigines met have sadly now died. (Not the National edition of the same year, 1939.). Our Book No: 16917. $30 AUD.

46. Idriess, Ion L. (1951). One Wet Season (Reprint ed). Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 272 pp. Hardback dustjacket, good plus condition (in good dustjacket), black & white photos (including frontispiece), endpaper maps, edge tears jacket (tape marks reverse side covered overlay, spine reverse side toned, flap clipped), pages & edges lightly toned, top edge lightly foxed, edgewear, protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve. An enthralling account of the three-month wet season in the Kimberleys region, northern Western Australia. A particular focus is Derby, where many station-men gather to wait out the wet season, where they relieve the monotony by yarning and story-telling. Our Book No: 16920. $20 AUD.

47. Jarrott, Keith J. (2001). History of Lamington National Park (Reprint ed). Queensland: J. K. Jarrott / National Parks Association of Queensland (Inc.). 152 pp. Paperback thin trade, very good condition, black & white photos (mostly full-page), maps, bottom corner rear cover creased, minor creases & rubbing front cover, minor edgewear. The history of the Lamington National Park, Queensland. This book coincides with the 75th anniversary of the park, and the 60th anniversary of the founding of the National Parks Association by Romeo W. Lahey and others. A great addition to any Australian history or nature book collection. ISBN: 0959962425. Our Book No: 29036. $15 AUD.

48. Kalanithi, Paul; Verghese, Abraham (foreword) (2016). When Breath Becomes Air (1st ed). London: Bodley Head. 228 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket. This memoir is about an American neurosurgeon who was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer at the age of 36. Chronicles his transformation from a medical student into a neurosurgeon working in the core of human identity - the brain - and finally into a patient and a new father. The author died while working on this book. Paul's wife, Lucy has written an epilogue at the end of this very moving story. ISBN: 9781847923677. Our Book No: 28998. $18 AUD.

49. Kelly, Mary; Ouless, C. (illustrator) (1943). On English Costume (Enlarged ed). London: H. F. W. Deane & Sons / Year Book Press. 54 pp. Paperback small, good plus condition, card cover (little marked), drawings, hinge little split (pages firm), pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. A survey from Saxon dress (460 - 1100) to Victorian (1840 - 1900). Our Book No: 4140. $10 AUD.

50. Kent, Hannah (2013). Burial Rites (Reprint ed). Sydney: Picador / Pan Macmillan Australia. 338 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear, pages faintly toned. This novel by abn Australian writer is based on a true story. It is the story of Agnes Magnusdottir who in 1829, in northern Iceland, is condemned to death for her part in the brutal murder of two men. Iceland's formidable landscape, where it is a daily battle for survival is well described by the author, who went to Iceland as a teenager on a Rotary exchage program, and learnt about the story of Agnes. ISBN: 9781742612829. Our Book No: 29002. $18 AUD.

51. Kurmelovs, Royce (2016). The Death of Holden: The End of an Australian Dream. Sydney: Hachette. 317 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition. When Holden closes its Salisbury, Adelaide, factory in 2017, it strikes at the heart of Australian identity. Holden is our car made on our shores. It's the choice of patriotic rev heads and suburban drivers alike. How could a car that was so beloved - and so popular - be so unprofitable to make? The story of the collapse of Holden is about the people who make and drive the cars. It is about sustaining industry in Australia - and about communities of workers and what happens when the work dries up. And if it is not actually the death of an icon - Holdens will remain on Australian roads for a long time to come. It is about what happens when an icon falls to its knees in front of a whole nation. The author grew up in Salisbury, and also reports on other carmakers and manufacturing plants that have close recently. ISBN: 9780733635786. Our Book No: 16928. $18 AUD.

52. Landon, Carolyn (2015). Banksia Lady: Celia Rosser, Botanical Artist. Melbourne, Clayton: Monash University Publishing. 241 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, black & white & colour & sepia (brown-tinted photos), colour drawings, tiny tear bottom edge last few pages, minor edgewear. This is the story of Celia Rosser, botanical artist, who dedicated her life to painting the entire genus of Banksia, the only artist to have done this. A three-volume florilegium produced by Celia has become one of the great books published in the 20th century. The story follows Celia's struggle to pursue her artistic passion while fulfilling the expectations that women of the 1950s would subordinate themselves as wives and mothers. This book also looks at the history of botanical illustration, botany, academia, gardens and their herbarium, and Australia's place in the changing shape of the world. ISBN: 9781922235800. Our Book No: 28991. $30 AUD.

53. Lear, Edward (1982). A Book of Nonsense [Facsimile Editions, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library]. London / Tokyo: Bodley Head / Holp Shuppan. Unnum pp. Hardback quarto, very good plus condition, colour cartoons, pictorial embossed blue cloth cover (gilt decoration & lettering), gilt edges, in cardboard slipcase. Facsimile edition. Lear's famous book of nonsense verse was first published in 1846, and it was the first to popularize the format of limericks, a term however not commonly used until the 1890s. This facsimile is based on the Routledge colour edition of 1875. The cartoons are placed one or two per page, with one or two interleaved blank pages. (One of a set of 35 handsome facsimiles in 28 slipcases.). Our Book No: 16935. $45 AUD.

54. Leigh, David; Harding, Luke (2011). WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy (1st ed). London: Guardian Books. 340 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, pages faintly toned, minor creasing & edgewear. A report by a team of award-winning Guardian journalists, based on unparalleled inside information about WikiLeaks, its founder Julian Assange, and the ethical, legal, and political controversies provoked. WikiLeaks released 250,000 secret American diplomatic cables as well as classified files about the Afghan and Iraq wars (via disaffected American soldier Bradley Manning). This sseverely embarrassed the world's greatest superpower and revealed secrets that had been covered up. ISBN: 9780852652398. Our Book No: 1956. $10 AUD.

55. Lindsay, Norman (1947). Halfway to Anywhere. Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 228 pp. Hardback dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white drawings, rear cover jacket toned, pages faintly toned as usual, minor edgewear, protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve. First edition. This Australian novel is a sequel to his inimitable chronicle of boyhood "Saturdee". A story of late adolescence both hilarious and very wise. Bill Gimble and Waldo Peddlar, still at school and victims of parental authority, have discovered that girls are mysterious and desirable beings. Text and drawings by artist Norman Lindsay. Our Book No: 16173A. $25 AUD.

56. Lindsay, Norman (1950). Dust or Polish. Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 205 pp. Hardback dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), pages lightly toned as usual, flap jacket unclipped (lightly toned), edgewear boards, protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve, copy 2. Australian novel in which Rita, a show girl bored with life on the stage, finds a new career and romance in the secondhand furniture business. Bookplate of C. W. Blackburn. Our Book No: 10327A. $35 AUD.

57. Lindsay, Norman (1959). Redheap (1st Australian ed). Sydney: Ure Smith. 318 pp. Hardback dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), edge tears repaired reverse side jacket (flap unclipped, spine scuffed, red lettering faded, lightly foxed reverse side), top edge lightly foxed, minor edgewear, protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve. First Australian edition. This novel, allegedly autobiographical, was banned in Australia for 28 years after original publication in 1930 by Faber in the U.K. It is a comedy of life in a small town in Victoria (supposedly based on his home town of Creswell). It is about the Piper family - particularly Robert who tries to overcome the abysmal boredom of adolescence - love affairs with servant girls and the parson's daughter - to evenings of booze and philosophy with the roaring Mt Bandparts. Our Book No: 15988. $30 AUD.

58. Lindsay, Norman (1962). Age of Consent (1st Australian ed). Sydney: Ure Smith. 236 pp. hardback dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white drawings, minor edgewear, protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve. First Australian edition. A successful Australian artist returns home to seek new inspiration for his work. On a small island off the east coast he meets Cora, a young woman who becomes his muse and rekindles his love of art. This novel was originally published in London and New York in 1938, but was banned in Australia until 1962. Our Book No: 16938. $35 AUD.

59. Lindsay, Norman (1968). Rooms & Houses: An Autobiographical Novel (1st & only ed) [Rooms and Houses]. Sydney & London: Ure Smith. 318 pp. Hardback small, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), original brown cloth cover, reverse side jacket faintly foxed (flap unclipped), top edge faintly foxed, minor edgewear, copy 2. Cover subtitle: "Portrait of the artist as a young man ... an autobiographical novel". Set in early 20th-century Melbourne, this novel is based on the author's own life experiences. While mismanaging his marriage to Cora, artist Jim Partridge meets up with his former model, Julia, only to discover that Cora has met up with her former lover, Herbert Pomeroy. All of the characters in this novel are clearly doomed to illicit entanglement. Our Book No: 12767. $40 AUD.

60. MacInnis, Peter (2015). Not Your Usual Bushrangers. Melbourne: Five Mile Press. 266 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white illustrations, top corner tip rear cover little creased, minor edgewear corners. This original book is written by wilderness walker, traveller and award-winning writer. About Australia's earliest and little-known bushrangers who for the most part were murderous thugs with few likeable traits. The book ventures beyond the Wild Colonial Boy, the Kelly Gang, Thunderbolt, Moonlite and Ben Hall and friends. ISBN: 9781760065690. Our Book No: 29024. $25 AUD.

61. Magorian, Michelle (1996). Goodnight Mister Tom (Reprint ed) [Puffin Modern Classics]. London: Puffin / Penguin Books. 429 pp. Paperback thick trade, very good condition, pages faintly toned, some edgewear corners. Novel for young adults, about a boy named Willie Beech who was evacuated to the countryside as the Second World War breaks out. A sad, deprived child, he begins to flourish under the care of old Tom Oakley. Things are much better for both of them, but then, Willie's mother calls him back to war-torn London. Will he ever see Mister Tom again? This award winning novel is one of the best written stories about wartime and the effects war has on families. ISBN: 0140372334. Our Book No: 29012. $10 AUD.

62. Malouf, David (2011). The Happy Life: The Search for Contentment in the Modern World (2nd stated ed). Melbourne, Collingwood: Black Inc. 132 pp. Paperback small, very good condition, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. The respected Australian author discusses new and old ways to talk about contentment and the self. Drawing on mythology, philosophy, art and literature, he traces our conception of happiness throughout history, distilling centuries of thought into a lucid narrative. Includes responses from Robert Dessaix, Anne Manne, Robert Lagerberg, Tim Soutphommasane, Elizabeth Farrelly and Gordon Parker. Originally published as a Quarterly Essay. ISBN: 9781863955461. Our Book No: 29018. $15 AUD.

63. McCallum, John (2009). Belonging: Australian Playwriting in the 20th Century. Sydney: Currency Press. 484 pp. Paperback thick octavo, very good condition, black & white full-page photos, minor edgewear. This book explores the relationship between 20th century Australian playwriting and a developing concept of the Australian nation. The author uses his research and narrative skills to write the most comprehensive account of modern Australian playwriting. This authoritative study is a starting point for anyone who wants to understand the relationship between our drama and our sense of self, or who is wanting to learn about a particular play or author. ISBN: 9780868196589. Our Book No: 29034. $20 AUD.

64. McGregor, Alasdair; Chester, Quentin (1992). The Kimberley: Horizons of Stone (1st ed). Sydney: Hodder & Stoughton. 208 pp. Hardback quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), colour photos (many full-page), map, minor edgewear jacket (few light scratches, reverse side lightly foxed), edges & few pages faintly foxed, small bump top edge front cover, spine ends little rubbed. Heavy (1.1 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. This wonderful book is a journey into the heart of the Kimberley. The photos stunningly depict this vast area of at the northern tip of Western Australia. ISBN: 0340578416. Our Book No: 29016. $30 AUD.

65. McKinnon, Peter (2014). The Songs of Jesse Adams: A Novel. Melbourne, Moreland: Acorn Press. 346 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. This novel is set in the social change and political unrest of Australia during the 1960s. Jesse is a farmer's son who leaves the farm to follow his heart, his dreams and his love of music. This is a tale of conflict, betrayal and tragedy, but in the end love triumphs. ISBN: 9780987428677. Our Book No: 29004. $15 AUD.

66. McPherson, Gavin (2013). Value Investing in Property: What Would Warren Buffett Do If He Was Buying Property in Australia? Not Stated: Palmer Higgs Pty Ltd. 321 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, figures, few black & white photos, minor dent bottom edge rear cover & last few pages, minot edgewear corners. This book is about taking control of your financial future. The author is one of Australia's leading property buying advocates, and gives advice about buying investment property. Warren Buffett, is cited as the perfect reference point. Written by the owner of the Oasis Property Group, and in this book, he wants to educate as many Australians as possible about the villians, pitfalls and the profits hidden in Australian property. ISBN: 9781922219886. Our Book No: 29003. $30 AUD.

67. Mercier, Emile (1955). My Ears Are Killing Me! (1st ed). Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 128 pp. Paperback small oblong, good condition, card covers (blue cloth spine, little mottled), black & white cartoons, edges & inside covers foxed, ink stain top corner tip front flyleaf, covers little marked, pages little toned, minor edgewear, small rubber shop stamp title page. First edition. A great little book of Emile Mercier's cartoons that appeared in "The Sun" newspaper, Sydney. Our Book No: 22595. $28 AUD.

68. Meredith, John (1986). The Coo-ee March: Gilgandra - Sydney 1915 (New ed). Sydney: Kangaroo Press. 96 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, frontispiece map, music scores at rear, black & white text-photos, top edge faintly foxed, minor edgewear, copy 1. This is the story of the great recruiting march from Gilgandra to Sydney in the latter half of 1915. Twenty-six men left the little Western town on the Castlereagh River. They were feted at each town on the route, and the story of their march has become part of the official war history of Australia. The author has recorded the story of the march step by step. He tells it first-hand from the lips of the last survivors - Leslie Greenleaf of Dubbo (since deceased) and Ernest May of Lithgow who joined the march at Wongarbon. ISBN: 0864170726. Our Book No: 27687. $22 AUD.

69. Meredith, John (1986). The Coo-ee March: Gilgandra - Sydney 1915 (New ed). Sydney: Kangaroo Press. 96 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, frontispiece map, music scores at rear, black & white text-photos, top edge faintly foxed, spine minimally faded, edgewear, copy 2. This is the story of the great recruiting march from Gilgandra to Sydney in the latter half of 1915. Twenty-six men left the little Western town on the Castlereagh River. They were feted at each town on the route, and the story of their march has become part of the official war history of Australia. The author has recorded the story of the march step by step. He tells it first-hand from the lips of the last survivors - Leslie Greenleaf of Dubbo (since deceased) and Ernest May of Lithgow who joined the march at Wongarbon. ISBN: 0864170726. Our Book No: 27687A. $16 AUD.

70. Miller, Patti (2001). Writing Your Life: A Journey of Discovery (Revised & expanded ed). Sydney, Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin. 336 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, minor edgewear, tiny bump base spine, pages faintly toned. This helpful and inspiring book gives techniques for starting to write your story, handling perspective, finding your voice, and bringing experiences to life on the page. This edition has been expanded and revised throughout and has three new chapters. ISBN: 1865084344. Our Book No: 29015. $16 AUD.

71. Moore, Bruce (2008). Speaking Our Language: The Story of Australian English. Melbourne: Oxford University Press (OUP). 225 pp. Hardback small wide octavo (flaps all sides), very good condition (in very good dustjacket), embossed cloth cover, few black & white text-photos, minor edgewear. Limited edition. This book tells for the first time the full story of Australian English - where it came from, the forces that molded it, why it takes its present form, and where it is going. The story begins with Joseph Banks and Captain James Cook in 1770, and it continues to the present day, when Australian English is firmly established as the natural and national language of Australia. It explains how and when the Australian accent developed, and how and when a distinctive vocabulary was created. (This specially bound edition of 300 copies is published for distribution to friends of OUP to mark 100 years of publishing in Australia.). ISBN: 9780195565775. Our Book No: 16916. $40 AUD.

72. Muderis, Munjed Al; Weaver, Patrick (with) (2014). Walking Free (1st ed). Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 325 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white & colour photos, few sepia (brown-tinted) photos, top corner front cover creased, pages faintly toned as usual, minor edgewear. This autobiography is the true story of a young doctor who fled war-torn Iraq, came to Australia as a refugee by boat, spent months in a detention centre, and went on to become a pioneering surgeon at the forefront of medicine. ISBN: 9781760110727. Our Book No: 28277. $15 AUD.

73. Muirden, Sallie (1996). Revelations of a Spanish Infanta (1st ed). Sydney: HarperCollins. 265 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, minor edgewear. Historical novel by Australian author, set in Spain (1650). The painter Velazquez becomes obsessed by the 12 year old infant he has been commissioned to paint (Margarita - daughter of King Felipe and Queen Maria of Spain - who is on the brink of becoming a woman). a vivid and sensual tale of life in 17th Century Spain. Winner of the HarperCollins Fiction Prize, 1966. ISBN: 0732258413. Our Book No: 13015. $10 AUD.

74. Munro, Craig (2015). Under Cover: Adventures in the Art of Editing (1st ed). Melbourne: Scribe Publications. 256 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, tiny bump & scuff top spine, minor edgewear, sticker mark rear cover. A blend of memoir and book history, looks at the invisible art of editing from an insider's perspective. This warm and wise book is a tour of 30 years of publishing mayhem at the University of Queensland Press (UQP). ISBN: 9781925106756. Our Book No: 29005. $18 AUD.

75. Murray, Alan (2014). Luigi's Freedom Ride: A Story of Curiosity, Love, Hope and Bicycles (1st ed). Sydney: Fourth Estate. 342 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. Novel written by Australian author. Luigi is a boy growing up in Tuscany in the 1920s, when a young Englishman gives him his first bicycle, sparking a lifelong passion. When World War 2 descends on Italy, Luigi enlists with the Italian Army Cycling Corps. Luigi's post-war travels lead him to find a home and a surprise in Australia. This novel is about life, bicycles and the joy of the journey. ISBN: 9780732298920. Our Book No: 29019. $15 AUD.

76. Neville, Richard; Cumming, Helen (editor) (2013). Sir William Dixson: A Passion for Collecting. Sydney: State Library of New South Wales (SLNSW). 48 pp. Paperback small square quarto (with large flaps), card covers, as new condition, colour & sepia (brown-coloured) text-photos & drawings (some full-page). Dixson was a wealthy manufacturer and company director who used his spare time to collect significant items connected with NSW colonial society. He was a regular donor during his lifetime to the State Library and bequeathed all his total collection on his death. Documents is a small selection of his objects displayed in the State Library in 2013, including artist sketchbooks, coins, globes, period paintings, maps and many other antiquarian objects. ISBN: 0731372174. Our Book No: 16918. $15 AUD.

77. Nicholson, Ian Hawkins (1964). Shipping Arrivals and Departures Sydney: Volume II 1826 - 1840: Parts I, II and III [Roebuck Society Publication]. Canberra: Roebuck Society. 258 + 93 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, typewritten text, maps (including endpapers), black & white text-photos, edges lightly foxed, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. A second volume on Sydney Harbour shipping arrivals and departures, from 1826 to 1840. Part I contains various shipping lists, including ships in the harbour on a specific date. Part II: Index to ships and vessels, with explanatory notes. Part III: Index to persons, with explanatory notes. Our Book No: 16909. $50 AUD.

78. Painter, Gwenda (G.) (1979). The River Trade Wool & Steamers: Photographs from the Godson Collection (1st ed). Sydney, Wahroonga / Swan Hill, VIC: Turton & Armstrong / Pioneer Settlement Press. 104 pp. Paperback oblong small octavo, very good plus condition, black & white text-photos, minor edgewear, owner's rubber stamp. The fascinating story of the early river trade using steamers on the Murray Darling rivers. The many black & white photos come from the Godson Collection held by the State Library of South Australia. Covers river exploration, river trade development and problems, the ports, competition from the railways, and the closing years. ISBN: 0908031092. Our Book No: 16929. $15 AUD.

79. Perry, Roland (2013). Horrie the War Dog: The Story of Australia's Most Famous Dog (1st ed). Sydney, Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin. 338 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, front cover corner tip creased, minor edgewear. First edition. The story of a special little dog found by J. B. Moody, Private VX13091, AIF (Machine Gun Battalion) in the Libyan desert in World War 2. True friendship between brave men and a brave little dog. Previously written up by Ion Idriess as "Horrie the Wog-Dog". ISBN: 9781743317990. Our Book No: 27454. $15 AUD.

80. Potts, H. W. (1917). Pigs and Their Management (2nd ed). Sydney: Department of Agriculture New South Wales / William Applegate Gullick, Government Printer. 192 pp. Hardback octavo, no jacket, good condition, original pictorial papered boards, black & white drawings & photos, figures, front free endpaper removed, boards sunned and marked, endpapers toned & lightly foxed, pages lightly toned (light foxing some pages), fore-edge flecked, spine faded, cover corners & spine ends little worn & bumped, small tear fore-edge two pages, slight loss fore-edge one page. Second edition. This charming old and well-loved book is all about pig farming. There are many photos and plans on how to set up the sties to keep the pigs happy. With chapters on Construction of Sties by A. Brooks, and Diseases of the Pig by the Veterinary Officers of the Stock Branch, Department of Agriculture. This is a great addition to any rural book collection. Our Book No: 29013. $30 AUD.

81. Prebish, Charles S. (1998). Luminous Passage: The Practice and Study of Buddhism in America. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. 334 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear & rubbing. A well-known scholar of American Buddhism presents the first comprehensive scholarly study of American Buddhism in nearly two decades. He revisits the expanding frontier of the fastest growing religion in North America and describes its historical development, its diversity, and the significance of this ancient tradition. About American Buddhist communities (sanghas) and about life within those communities. Prebish considers various Buddhist practices, rituals, and liturgies, as well as the ways these communities have confronted the changing American spiritual landscape. ISBN: 0520216970. Our Book No: 11952. $14 AUD.

82. Prince, Walter Franklin (1975). The Enchanted Boundary: Being a Survey of Negative Reactions to Claims of Psychic Phenomena 1820 - 1930 [Perspectives in Psychical Research]. New York: Arno Press. 348 pp. Hardback octavo, no jacket as issued, very good condition, burgundy cloth cover, edges faintly foxed, few page corners little creased (manufacture defect), minor edgewear. Prince (1863 - 1934) is a minister and founder of the Boston Society for Psychical Research. He conducted many investigations, including the medium "Patience Worth." Although a skeptic, he believed that some of the phenomena associated with Spiritualism were legitimate, and others possibly so. This volume is a pioneering study of hostile skepticism to psychical research. The first part is "Books and Articles Hostile to Psychic Research" (examines 40 books and papers, and includes a chapter on the Houdini - Conan Doyle dispute). The second part is a "Discussion Evoked by a Questionnaire", in which letters were sent to professorial skeptics. He summarises the 71 responses in eight chapters. ISBN: 0405070454. Our Book No: 16926. $50 AUD.

83. Pullen, John (2014). Nature's Gifts: The Australian Lectures of Henry George on the Ownership of Land & Other Natural Resources. Sydney, Annandale: Desert Pea Press / Federation Press. 225 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, figures, minor edgewear corners. In 1890, the famous American economist and social reformer Henry George came to Australia to do a controversial 98-day public lecture tour. He visited 34 cities and towns. This book provides, for the first time, a detailed account of this important and progressive lecture series. Equal rights to land, land taxation, land prices, land rents, land nationalisation, and free trade and protection remain issues which are relevant now. ISBN: 9781876861124. Our Book No: 29001. $30 AUD.

84. Ramage, S. P. (2014). Kokoda Secret: Ian Hutchison, Australian Hero. Sydney, Wahroonga: Eora Press. 359 pp. Hardback large octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white photos, spine ends & bottom edge covers little rubbed, base spine little bumped, minor edgewear jacket (lightly scratched). Heavy (1.0 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. This is the story of Colonel Ian Hutchison who was a revered soldier and one of the great figures in Australian military history. As Commanding Officer of the 2/3 Australian Infantry Battalion in the battle of Eora Creek on the Kokoda Trail, he inspired his men to a smashing victory, being a turning point in the Kokoda Campaign. He served in both the Second World War and the Korean War. This book looks at his career from the time he joined the militia as a regimental cadet at the age of 16 in 1929 until his retirement in 1963, during which period his career mirrored the development of the 20th-century Australian Army. Using ground-breaking research, extensive private papers and detailed interviews, this unique biography is a compelling story of Colonel Ian Hutchison and a definitive study of battalion command in war and peace. ISBN: 9780646913834. Our Book No: 28988. $35 AUD.

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