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1. Ainsworth, Ruth; Trew, Rosemary (illustrator) (1958). The Snow Bear (1st Australian ed). London: William Heinemann. 69 pp. Paperback trade, good condition, flexible cloth covers, black & white drawings, spine ends little worn, small tear cover near base spine, pages lightly toned, front hinge little split (pages firm), some edgewear corners, rubber stamp. This story for young adults (school reader) is about two children named Hans and Trudy who lived in a cottage at the foot of a mountain called the Snow Bear. They have many adventures in their mountain home including meeting a wild goose called Pippa. Our Book No: 29770. $10 AUD.

2. Allison, Catherine; Reed, Neil (illustrator) (2012). Brown Paper Bear (1st this ed). Melbourne, Heatherton: Bonney Press. Unnum 32 pp. Paperback small wide quarto, very good condition, colour drawings, tiny dent front cover, top corners lightly creased last few pages, minor edgewear spine & corners. A delightful children's picture story about a very special teddy bear wrapped in brown paper and hidden away in an old toy chest. The teddy bear meets a girl named jessica, and takes her on a magical adventure. ISBN: 9781743088425. Our Book No: 29755. $12 AUD.

3. Atkinson, Louisa (1983). Tom Hellicar's Children (1st this ed). Canberra, Cook: Mulini Press. 103 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white drawings, minor edgewear jacket (small crush & stain top edge). This historical novel is set in Australia after the gold rushes, and was first published as a serial in the Sydney Mail. The story is about three children, left in the guardianship of their Uncle, and the treatment which they and their mother received at his hands. The author has included many realistic descriptions of colonial life. The rounding up of Brumbies is a very vivid description of one of the boys in a dramatic ride down a rocky hillside after one of the wild horses: this scene was written more than 30 years before the scene in "The Man From Snowy River". ISBN: 0949910104. Our Book No: 29783. $18 AUD.

4. Atkinson, Louisa; Lawson, Elizabeth (editor) (1995). Cowanda: The Veteran's Grant [Australian Books on Demand, no. 11]. Canberra, Cook: Mulini Press. 109 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, card covers, frontispiece, edges lightly toned, minor edgewear. This historical novel is set in Australia and is author's second novel about the domestic perspective, as well as an observant record of early Sydney and its surrounding pastoral life. The early life of Sydney, its garret rooms with harbour views, busy narrow streets, singing sailors and whistling draymen, ships' masts, dusty offices, market scenes and carts piled high, city lamps shining, and also the descriptive country house interiors, bare huts and barren roads, all make this a very enjoyable novel. ISBN: 0949910465. Our Book No: 29787. $35 AUD.

5. Balshaw, Rita (2013). Hippies in the City: A Guide to Natural Urban Living (Reprint ed). Sydney, Woollahra: Green Olive Press. 278 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, colour drawings, minor bump top spine, minor edgewear corners, autograph (author's written name). This book is full of ideas and recipes to help you live a happy and balanced life. There are tips to establish balance, and creativity and ways to improve how you think, feel and behave. Written by a certified Health and Wellness coach. ISBN: 9780646577074. Our Book No: 29785. $20 AUD.

6. Barrow, Graeme (1988). Walking the South Coast: Tracks from Nowra to Eden (Reprint ed). Canberra: Dagraja Press. 42 pp. Paperback trade, good condition, card covers, stapled, black & white text-photos, maps, covers little creased & rubbed, minor edgewear. Twenty-five walks at various points along the NSW south coast, from Nowra in the North to Eden in the far south, are described in this book. Access points are carefully explained and there are descriptions of routes to take, and what can been seen or enjoyed. ISBN: 0959687734. Our Book No: 29789. $18 AUD.

7. Batman, John (1983). The Settlement at Port Phillip 1835 [Victoriana Collection]. [Melbourne, Carlton]: Queensberry Hill Press. 57 pp. Hardback small octavo, full brown leather cover (boards gilt stamped), spine is ribbed (gilt lettering), very good condition, brown endpapers, two tipped in sepia (brown-tinted) drawings, large foldout map at rear, in cardboard slipcase (little creased). (Copy 145 of limited edition of 155 copies.) This account is reprinted from The Journal of Australasia, July and August 1856, published by George Slater in Melbourne. It is reprinted word for word without correction to grammar, punctuation, place names or titles. John Batman (1801 ­ 1839) was an Australian entrepreneur who settled in Van Diemen's Land in the 1820s, and later he explored the Port Phillip Bay area on the Australian mainland with a view to establishing a new settlement there (which later became the city of Melbourne). The treaty he negotiated with local Aborigines in 1835 to acquire land was controversial, as he offered tools, blankets and food in exchange for thousands of hectares of land. ISBN: 0909174377. Our Book No: 17380. $160 AUD.

8. Bayley, William A. (1975). Picton - Mittagong Loop - Line Railway. Bulli, NSW: Austrail Publications. Unnum 56 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, black & white text-photos, maps, faint foxing edges, light rubbing along spine, staples rusted, tiny scuff spine ends, minor edgewear. The story of the Picton-Mittagong Loop - Line Railway. The opening day of the railway to Nattai (as Mittagong was called in 1867 according to the Sydney Morning Herald report) had finally arrived. This booklet which is packed with photos and lots of information will interest anyone wanting to know some of the railway history about this part of Australia. (Estimated date, 1975.). ISBN: 0909597146. Our Book No: 29793. $15 AUD.

9. Bayley, William A. (1975). Picton - Mittagong Main Line Railway (1st ed). Bulli, NSW: Austrail Publications. 64 pp. Paperback trade, good condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, black & white text-photos, maps, faint foxing edges, light wear along spine, staples rusted, tiny scuff spine ends, covers lightly foxed, minimal insect damage one page, minor edgewear. The story of the Picton - Mittagong Railway. The first train was a departmental special with a 30-class 4-6-4 tank engine and an American car starting from Bowral on a very cold morning. This booklet which is packed with photos and lots of information will interest anyone wanting to know some of the railway history about this part of Australia. ISBN: 0909597154. Our Book No: 29792. $10 AUD.

10. Beale, Edgar (1983). Kennedy: The Barcoo and Beyond 1847: The Journals of Edmund Besley Court Kennedy and Alfred Allatson Turner, with New Information on Kennedy's Life. Hobart: Blubber Head Press. 292 pp. Hardback large octavo, dustjacket (glassine), very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), black & white text-photos, maps (includes foldout, endpapers). (No 148 of a limited edition of 750 copies.) Describes an expedition in 1847 - 1848 to the Maranoa, Barcoo and Warrego Rivers, Queensland. Introduction re Kennedy's life. The journals include references to Aboriginal guide Harry, and brief encounters with Aborigines. A postscript includes account by Jackey-Jackey of Kennedy's death. Includes bibliography and index. ISBN: 0908528116. Our Book No: 17366. $50 AUD.

11. Beinart, Peter (2007). The Good Fight: Why Liberals - and Only Liberals - Can Win the War on Terror (Australian ed). Melbourne: Melbourne University Press (MUP). 288 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition. Once upon a time, liberals knew what they believed. They believed America must lead the world by persuasion, not command. That liberal spirit collapsed in the wake of Vietnam and after 9/11, and the failed presidency of George W. Bush,. Offers a new liberal vision, based on principles that America's greatness cannot simply be asserted - it must be proved. The conservative principles of national chauvinism and moral complacency should be rejected. It also means an unyielding hostility to totalitarianism. ISBN: 9780522853834. Our Book No: 17373. $15 AUD.

12. Bennett, M. M.; Gray, Robert (preface) (1928). Christison of Lammermoor. London: Alston Rivers. 280 pp. Hardback octavo, no jacket as issued, very good condition, brown cloth cover (gilt lettering), black & white photos, endpaper maps, corners covers little bumped (minor flecking), spine ends little chipped, few page corners creased, edges little foxed (& edges few internal pages), some edgewear. A life of the prominent Queensland pastoralist Robert Christison. (Loosely inserted: One page typed review of the book, by Mark Cryle.). Our Book No: 17392. $200 AUD.

13. Bentley, Judy; Bentley, David (photographer) (1985). The Blue Mountains: Bell's Line (1st ed). Bathurst, NSW: Robert Brown & Associates. Unnum 24 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, card cover, map, colour text-photos, front cover corners bent, minor edgewear, creases along spine. The history of Bell's Line in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney (NSW).The road was pioneered by Lieut. Archibald Bell, after whom the road was named, in 1823, after receiving a land grant in 1807 on the present site of Belmont. The photos in this booklet help to tell the story of this beautiful part of the Blue Mountains. (Bonus Postcards as mentioned on cover sticker MISSING.). ISBN: 0949267092. Our Book No: 29782. $10 AUD.

14. Beresford, Bruce (2007). Josh Hartnett Definitely Wants to Do This: True Stories from a Life in the Screen Trade (1st ed). Sydney: Fourth Estate. 322 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), illustrated endpapers & frontispiece, black & white text-photos, minor edgewear. The author is an award-winning Australian film-maker. In this book he writes about the highs and lows of the screen trade, notably Hollywood. Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Jeffrey Archer, Steven Seagal and many others join him in this very funny look at celebrity, Hollywood and the in-between things that make up a directors life. Literate and sharply observed, this is a very entertaining insider's look at a rarely glimpsed world. ISBN: 0732284392. Our Book No: 27373. $20 AUD.

15. Bloomfield, Siosiane Fanua (2002). Illness and Cure in Tonga: Traditional and Modern Medical Practice (1st ed). Tonga: Vava'u Press. 174 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, tables, figures, few black & white photos, small crush bottom edge front cover & first few pages, minor edgewear. The author looks at traditional cures and their practitioners in Tongatapu and the remote Niuas of Tonga. Her study has special emphasis on maternal and child health and family planning. Tongans are very concerned with health, with the emphasis on the social aspect of health, and particularly the spiritual side of social life. ISBN: 9822130058. Our Book No: 29788. $30 AUD.

16. Bradley, Pamela (2012). Cities of Vesuvius: Pompeii and Herculaneum. Melbourne: Cambridge University Press (CUP). 218 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, black & white text-photos, figures, bottom corner front cover creased, minor edgewear. This book was written especially for the core topic of the New South Wales HSC Ancient History syllabus. The book details the social life, economy, politics, religion, architecture and entertainment of the time in these two ancient Italian cities, as well as the influence of Greece and Hellenistic culture. Full of visual material and a variety of sources, the book features diagrammatic chapter summaries and a wealth of activities suitable for students studying this topic for the HSC course. ISBN: 9780521608954. Our Book No: 29786. $18 AUD.

17. Brearley, Deborah (1994). Pansy Designs for Traditional Crafts: Patchwork, Embroidery, Decoupage, Quilting, Cross Stitch, Smocking (1st ed) [Greenhouse Australian Crafts]. Melbourne, Ringwood: Penguin Books Australia. 106 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, full-page colour text-photos, black & white patterns & drawings, frontispiece, spine little faded, minor edgewear corners. This inspiring book has a stunning collection of original designs featuring the much-loved pansy. The patterns are adaptable for more than a dozen crafts, including applique, embroidery and stencilling. This beautiful book includes sayings, beliefs and romantic verses gathered from the literature and lore of the pansy. ISBN: 0864364199. Our Book No: 29754. $30 AUD.

18. Brearley, Deborah; Thomas, Bill (photographer) (1995). Bear Crafts (1st ed) [Lothian Australian Craft Series]. Melbourne: Lothian Publishing. 64 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, black & white drawings, colour photos, faint foxing inside covers, minor edgewear corner tips. This beautiful inspiring book has an extended range of appealing craft projects where the teddy bear is the theme using: stencilling, patchwork, quilting, decoupage, and fabric painting. All the projects are easy to make, and have clear step-by-step instructions and patterns. ISBN: 0850917107. Our Book No: 29774. $20 AUD.

19. Brisbane, Katharine; Brissenden, R. F.; Malouf, David (1978). New Currents in Australian Writing. Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 35 pp. Paperback trade, stapled pamphlet, good condition, covers little faded, few light creases covers, pages lightly toned, staples lightly rusted. The pamphlet is a collection of three essays which were originally talks delivered at Writers' Week in the 1978 Adelaide Festival of Arts. Katherine Brisbane writes on Current Australian Theatre Writing. R. F. Brissenden discusses the many facets of Recent Australian Fictions. David Malouf contributes his observations on Contemporary Australian Poetry. ISBN: 0207137412. Our Book No: 29747. $15 AUD.

20. Bunce, Daniel (1995). 1836 Catalogue of Seeds and Plants, Indigenous and Exotic, Cultivated and On Sale at Denmark Hill Nursery, New Town Road, Hobart Town (Reprint ed). Canberra: Mulini Press. Unnum 16 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, card covers, stapled pamphlet, pictorial cover, few black & white drawings, minor edgewear. This is a facsimile printing of the first catalogue produced by Daniel Bunce for his newly established Denmark Hill Nursery in Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land, in 1836. It is one of the earliest Australian nurserymen's catalogues, and lists approximately 200 plants and seeds available at that time. This little booklet is a fascinating look at gardening in the early Australian Colonies, and there are some Australian Native Plants listed which will interest lovers of early Australian gardening. Victor Crittenden has written a brief after-note about Daniel Bunce. ISBN: 0949910481. Our Book No: 29766. $20 AUD.

21. Casey, Mary (editor); Hendriksen, Gay (editor) (2009). Breaking the Shackles: Historic Lives in Parramatta's Archaeological Landscape. Sydney, Parramatta: Parramatta City Council. 52 pp. Paperback small folio, very good plus condition, card cover, colour & sepia (brown-tinted) drawings & text-photos, minor edgewear & rubbing. An illustrated survey of historic colonial Parramatta (the largest city in western Sydney), as revealed by archaeological diggings, as well as Aboriginal artifacts. ISBN: 9781876941987. Our Book No: 17086. $30 AUD.

22. Cole, E. W. (1921). Lightning Calculator, Ready Reckoner, and Mental Arithmetic: A book of Rapid Processes, Useful Tables and Mental Rules: For Clerks, Book-keepers, Accountants, Teachers, Mechanics, Trades-people, etc. (Enlarged ed). Melbourne: E. W. Cole. 79 pp. Paperback small, good condition, concealed staples, many tables, little loss spine ends, corners covers creased, pages & front cover toned, minor foxing (mostly page edges), edgewear. A little paperback handbook from the famous Melbourne bookshop. "Enlarged edition - including 8-hours wages table." (Publication date from State Library of Victoria accession records. Pages are numbered 11 to 90. Start at p11 is confirmed on contents page inside front cover.). Our Book No: 17396. $25 AUD.

23. Couvreur, Jessie ("Tasma"); Clarke, Patricia (editor) (1995). Tasma's Diaries: The Diaries of Jessie Couvreur with Another by Her Young Sister Edith Huybers (1st ed) [Australian Books on Demand, no.. 15]. Canberra: Mulini Press. 87 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, tables, black & white text-photos (including frontispiece), tiny crush bottom edge front cover & a few pages, minor edgewear. The Tasma Diaries consist of three diaries, two by Jessie Couvreur the novelist who wrote under the pseudonym Tasma, and a third by Jessie's young sister Edith Huybers. Tasma took her name from Tasmania where she spent her early years. Edited by the Australian writer, lecturer and foreign correspondent. ISBN: 0949910597. Our Book No: 29776. $20 AUD.

24. Coxon, Michele (2002). Kitten's Adventure (1st Australian ed). Sydney, Mascot: Koala Books. Unnum 28 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, full-page colour drawings, minor edgewear corners. This delightful children's picture story is about a kitten named Bonnie. Bonnie goes on an adventure and meets many different animals and birds. The exquisite illustrations are by the author. A wonderful book for cat lovers of all ages. ISBN: 0864614853. Our Book No: 29751. $15 AUD.

25. Crittenden, Victor (1993). King of Norfolk Island: The Story of Philip Gidley King as Commandant and Lieutenant-Governor of Norfolk Island (1st ed) [First Fleet Books, no. 4]. Canberra: Mulini Press. 115 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, portrait frontispiece, black & white drawings, cover joins to spine little rubbed, minor edgewear. This is a stirring tale of the founding of the first settlement on Norfolk Island in 1788. This biography of Lieutenant Philip Gidley King covers the period of many years when he was Commandant and Lieutenant Governor of Norfolk Island. The author describes the difficulties he faced in creating a new colony only a few weeks after Governor Phillip had set up the settlement at Sydney. This book is an account of his turbulent life but it was not like the continual conflict he experienced in his later period when he inherited the position of Governor of New South Wales. ISBN: 0949910317. Our Book No: 29750. $25 AUD.

26. Cundall, Peter (2007). The Practical Australian Gardener: Seasonal Tasks Using Sensible Organic Methods (Reprint ed). Melbourne: Penguin Books. 214 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, colour photos, black & white drawings, minor edgewear corners & top edge. A wealth of gardening wisdom from gardening guru Peter Cundall. As seen on ABC-TVs "Gardening Australia". The chapters are arranged chronologically by month. ISBN: 9780140118315. Our Book No: 26566. $25 AUD.

27. Daniels, J. L. (1974). The Geology of the Blackstone Region, Western Australia [Geological Survey of Western Australia Bulletin, no. 123]. Perth: Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA). 257 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good plus condition, red flexible cover, figures (black & white text-photos & drawings), tables, colour maps in rear pocket, corners covers little creased, minimal edgewear, small rubber stamp front cover. The first detailed study of the geology of the remote Blackstone region in central far-eastern Western Australia, near the junction of the South Australia and the Northern Territory borders. Mostly describes the Giles Complex, one of the world's major layered intrusive complexes, comparable to the Bushveld, Stillwater and Skaergaard intrusions. Our Book No: 17400. $40 AUD.

28. Dark, Sidney; Sidebotham, Herbert (1939). The Folly of Anti-Semitism. London: Hodder & Stoughton. 92 pp. Paperback small (with flaps), good plus condition, pages faintly toned, flyleaves little foxed, spine ends little frayed, minor edgewear, old price marks front cover, owner's rubber stamp prelim page. The husband of Australian novelist Eleanor Dark discusses the negative cultural attitudes towards Jews in England and Europe, some of which can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The last chapters perceptively outlines the dire plight of Jews in Germany just prior to WW2. (From the library of Ben Haneman, medical doctor and book collector: his rubber stamp.) SALE PRICE. Our Book No: 20323. $10 AUD.

29. Darroch, Bob (2005). The Kiwi that was Scared of the Dark (Reprint ed). Auckland: Reed. Unnum 26 pp. Paperback small square quarto, stapled, very good condition, full-page colour illustrations, inside covers lightly toned, minor edgewear corners. This delightful story is about a kiwi named Little Kiwi, and he does not like the night time because it is full of noises that make him jump. He ventures out during the day and finds that all his friends are asleep. The full-page very colourful illustrations bring this story to life, and will bring a smile to any face. ISBN: 1869488792. Our Book No: 29781. $10 AUD.

30. Dastyari, Sam (2017). One Halal of a Story. melbourne, Carlton: Melbourne University Press (MUP). 285 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, three family photos inside rear cover, minor edgewear. Autobiography of the former Labor Senator of New South Wales. His two cats Lenin and Trotsky are mentioned, how to deal with neighbours when their front lawns are under siege from the media, and how the most dangerous mosh pits are to be found among parents at the school nativity play. A no-holds-barred look at the good and bad of mixing family and politics, and being himself. ISBN: 9780522872088. Our Book No: 29758. $22 AUD.

31. De Boos, Charles (1992). Mark Brown's Wife: A Tale of the Gold-fields [Australian Books on Demand, no. 4]. Canberra, Cook: Mulini Press. 132 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear, sticker mark front cover. This story was first published in the "Sydney Mail" in 1871. The story is brutal and criminal, set in the Australian goldfields. The tale is told by "Tom Drewe" a gold miner involved in the tale and one of Mark Brown's friends. The novel is full of events and is based on the real life experiences of the author in his gold fields days in Australia. ISBN: 0949910341. Our Book No: 29784. $30 AUD.

32. De Groen, Francis (1998). Xavier Herbert: A Biography (1st ed). Brisbane, St Lucia: University of Queensland Press (UQP). 349 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white photos, minor edgewear jacket, pages little toned. This is the first biography of Queensland novelist Xavier Herbert (1901 - 1984), author of the award-winning "Capricornia". Examines the contradictions at the core of his turbulent life and career. It charts his lifelong quest to discover the reality of his existence and to forge a larger-than-life identity. The book highlights his compulsion to write and shows his abiding themes, including those relating to sex and women. There are many photos, some of which have never been published before. ISBN: 0702230219. Our Book No: 29760. $25 AUD.

33. Department of Education, New South Wales (1971). Sliding and Flying (Reprint ed) [Ready to Read Series]. Adelaide: Methuen Educational / Griffin Press (Printer). 92 pp. Paperback wide trade, flexible cover, good condition, colour drawings, covers little creased, covers & pages lightly toned, edges & inside covers & title page lightly foxed, minor edgewear, rubber stamps. The stories in this reader for New South Wales schools are: Tootle by Rae Huson drawings by Nigel Lambourne - The Sticky Sticky Pine by Florence Sakade drawings by William Stobbs - Penguin Island by Rae Huson drawings by Roy Cowan - "Excuse Me" said the Rubber by Doris L. White drawings by Jill McDonald - The Whale by James Baxter - Sliding and Flying by Helen A. Cutten, drawings by Ian Jackson - The Pohutukawa Flowers by Helen A. Cutten drawings by Ian Jackson - The Rescue by Helen A. Cutten drawings by Ian Jackson - The Elephant by James K. Baxter - Susan in Hospital by Rae Huson drawings by Peter Campbell. (Originally published, 1964.). ISBN: 0423856707. Our Book No: 29791. $18 AUD.

34. Doidge, Norman (2012). The Brain's Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity (1st ed) [A James H. Silberman Book]. New York: Viking / Penguin Group. 409 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, as new condition (in as new dustjacket), cloth spine binding, minimal edgewear. First edition. The bestselling author of The Brain That Changes Itself presents astounding advances in the treatment of brain injury and illness. He describes the most important breakthrough in our understanding of the brain in 400 years: the discovery that the brain can change its own structure and function in response to mental experience what we call neuroplasticity. A revolutionary book showing how the amazing process of "neuroplastic" healing really works. Doidge explores cases where patients alleviated years of chronic pain or recovered from debilitating strokes or accidents - children on the autistic spectrum or with learning disorders normalizing - symptoms of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson s disease, and cerebral palsy radically improved - and other near-miracle recoveries. And we learn how to vastly reduce the risk of dementia with simple approaches anyone can use. The sophisticated brain is the source of a unique kind of healing. ISBN: 9780670025503. Our Book No: 17390. $30 AUD.

35. Easson, Mary (2017). Keating's and Kelty's Super Legacy: The Birth and Relentless Threats to the Australian System of Superannuation. Redland Bay, QLD: Connor Court Publishing. 380 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition, black & white text-photos, minimal edgewear. The Australian business advisor and former Labor politician reveals how the birth pangs of the Australian superannuation system were painful, its delivery uncertain, and how its survival was constantly threatened (thus requiring frequent changes). ISBN: 9781925501414. Our Book No: 17375. $22 AUD.

36. Galbraith, Jean; Shaw, Peggy (illustrator) (1990). Doongalla Restored: The Story of a Garden (1st this ed). Canberra: Mulini Press. 123 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, colour frontispiece, black & white drawings, spine little faded, minor edgewear. The author states that this historical novel is a dream for gardeners who would love to find a old run-down garden and restore it. The story is based on a real garden in Victoria restored by two friends, but the characters and the story are purely fictional. The book is very inspiring for garden lovers and people who like early Australian history. This story was first published in "The Australian Garden Lover", 1939 - 1941. ISBN: 0949910201. Our Book No: 29748. $35 AUD.

37. Ganderton, Lucinda (2013). Embellishments: How to Add Unique Details to Your Clothes and Accessories (1st ed). London: New Holland. 111 pp. Hardback small wide quarto, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), pictorial cover, colour photos (mostly full-page), black & white drawings, minor edgewear jacket. This book is full of inspiring ideas to show you how to add unique eye-catching detail to your clothes and accessories. The designs are easy to follow and the full-colour illustrations make this an ideal book for anyone. ISBN: 9781780095127. Our Book No: 29796. $20 AUD.

38. Gelding, John; Crittenden, Victor (introduction) (1983). Three Sydney Garden Nurseries in the 1860's (1st ed). Canberra, Cook: Mulini Press. 32 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, flexible card covers, stapled pamphlet, pictorial cover, few black & white drawings, minimal insect damage top edge front cover, minor edgewear. This small booklet contains printed accounts of visits to three garden nurseries in the 1860s. The author was the editor of the Horticultural Society's Magazine, which first published these articles. There is plenty of information on the kinds of trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables grown. One rose mentioned is named Boomerang and a pelagonium named Pride of St. Kilda. Included are descriptions of native plants available for the garden. ISBN: 0949910112. Our Book No: 29778. $15 AUD.

39. Gibbs, May (1916). Gum Blossom Babies (1st ed) [Gum-Blossom Babies]. Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 28 pp. Paperback small octavo, good condition, full-page sepia (brown-tinted) drawings, tipped-in colour drawings front cover, colour drawing frontispiece, cover edges chipped, string bookmark, non-author written dedication. (Written dedication dated Xmas, 1917.). Our Book No: 17386. $200 AUD.

40. Gibbs, May (1920). Little Ragged Blossom and More About Snugglepot and Cuddlepie (1st ed). Sydney: Angus & Robertson (Printed by W. C. Penfold). 98 pp. Hardback small quarto, no jacket (missing), good plus condition, pictorial cover (green cloth spine, small round colour drawing laid down), black & white drawings (few partly coloured in), colour frontispiece, colour plate (with stub adjoining page), full-page sepia (brown-coloured) plates (pencil impressions reverse side few plates), illustrated sepia endpapers (front free flyleaf MISSING, archival tape along hinge), edges little toned, small edge tears, some edgewear. (Undated first edition, 1920, Trove catalogue. Muir 2752.) Cover title: "Little Ragged Blossom and More About Snugglepot and Cuddlepie". This special classic children's story relates the adventures of Little Ragged Blossom and her friends Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. The colour plate and 20 sepia drawings will delight both young and young at heart. (Impressions of children's pencil drawings to reverse side some plates.). Our Book No: 25316. $200 AUD.

41. Gilbert, Lionel (2000). Mr McLeay's Elizabeth Bay Garden (1st ed). Canberra: Mulini Press. 75 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, black & white text-photos (including frontispiece), plans, covers little scratched, minor edgewear. The gardens at Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, were started in 1828 and visited long before the beautiful Elizabeth Bay House was built. By 1835 plants from overseas were being planted. The house is all that now remains except for a few garden fragments. This book contains many of the lists of the exotic plants that Mr McLeay imported from all over the world. This study describes the development of the gardens by Alexander McLeay and his descendants. The plant additions to the gardens are listed with editorial work on the modern plant names by the author. A wonderful book for anyone interested in garden history. ISBN: 0949910767. Our Book No: 29780. $18 AUD.

42. Glover, Jonathan (1991). I: The Philosophy and Psychology of Personal Identity (Reprint ed). London: Penguin Books. 207 pp. Paperback trade, good plus condition, pages little toned as common, edgewear, sticker rear cover, old price marks. English philosopher wrestles with the problems of personal identity. Few people doubt that they are the same person throughout life. But what about split brains and multiple personalities? To what extent is the "person" based on internal versus external influences. Draws broadly on psychology (memory, recognition), Freud, Proust, tribalism, etc. ISBN: 0140146504. Our Book No: 4375. $10 AUD.

43. Grayling, A. C. (2017). Democracy and Its Crisis (Reprint ed). London: Oneworld Publications. 225 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), minimal edgewear. The noted British philosophy professor urgently investigates why the institutions of representative democracy seem unable to sustain themselves against the forces they were designed to manage, and the consequences this brings. He suggests remedies as a counter to the recent rise of popularism and authoritarianism. He was prompted by Brexit in the UK, and the election of President Trump in the USA. He considers moments in history - Periclean Athens, the English Civil War, the American and French Revolutions - in which the current challenges were first encountered and the imperfect solutions that were found. Then he lays bare the specific problems of democracy in the 21st century, and maps out a set of urgently needed reforms. Democracy is essential for a civilized society to look after all its people, and to flourish. ISBN: 9781786072894. Our Book No: 17384. $20 AUD.

44. Hardin, Russell (1997). One for All: The Logic of Group Conflict. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. 288 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition, minimal edgewear. A philosophical analysis - by politics professor, New York University - that aims to understand the sway of groups in our time. Challenges the most widely held ideas of why individuals engage in collective conflict. Offers a timely, crucial explanation of group action in its most destructive forms. Contrary to those observers who attribute group violence to irrationality, primordial instinct, or complex psychology, Hardin uncovers a systematic exploitation of self-interest in the underpinnings of group identification and collective violence. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0691048258. Our Book No: 20409. $15 AUD.

45. Harris, Stewart (1979). It's Coming Yet - An Aboriginal Treaty Within Australia Between Australians. Canberra: Aboriginal Treaty Committee. 87 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, brown cover, black & white text-photos, minor edgewear, owner's written name title page. The Aboriginal Treaty Committee wants to set up a treaty with the Australian Government to look after Aboriginal interests. ISBN: 0959521704. Our Book No: 20275. $10 AUD.

46. Harvey, Ivor L. (1981). 125 Year History of the Ballarat Fire Brigade (History and Events, 125 Years of Voluntary Community Service). Ballarat, VIC: Ivor L. Harvey / R. Fletcher & Sons (Printer). 112 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good condition, many black & white text-photos, pages toned as usual, minor edgewear, faint sticker mark front cover & title page. Station Officer Ivor Harvey has written a timely history of events during 125 years of voluntary community service by the Ballarat fire brigade from 1856 to 1981. (No statement of limited edition, this copy.). Our Book No: 15520. $30 AUD.

47. Haydon, G. H. (1983). Five Years Experience in Australia Felix (2 volumes) [Victoriana collection]. [Melbourne]: Queensberry Hill Press. 131 + 127 pp. Each volume: Hardback small octavo, full brown leather cover (boards gilt stamped), very good condition, brown endpapers, tipped-in sepia (brown-tinted) plates (including frontispiece), minimal edgewear. In slipcase (minor creasing). (Copy 125 of limited edition of 155 copies.) This facsimile edition has been reset from the one-volume edition (published by Hamilton Adams, London, 1846). An early description of the Port Phillip colony and its hinterland (known then as Australia Felix). Also reports on an expedition from Port Phillip to Gippsland (Gipps Land). There are numerous errors in the text, including punctuation, grammar, and proper names that differ from chapter to chapter, but these have been left uncorrected. There are six sepia plates in all for the two volumes. Our Book No: 17381. $250 AUD.

48. Hissey, Jane (1999). Ruff (Reprint ed). London: Random House Children's. Unnum 32 pp. Paperback large oblong quarto, very good condition, tables, colour illustrations including endpapers, spine little faded & creased, few light creases covers & some pages, minor edgewear corners. An old Bear and friends special story time book. A woolly dog bounces into the playroom without a name or a home. He has never had a birthday! Old Bear and the other toys are full of birthday ideas for their new-found friend. ISBN: 9780099327813. Our Book No: 29768. $10 AUD.

49. Home, Edward; Crittenden, Victor (introduction, notes) (1999). A First Fleet Letter to a Gentleman in Edinburgh (1st this ed) [First Fleet Books, no. 5]. Canberra: Mulini Press. 26 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, card covers, stapled (little rusted), few black & white drawings, minor edgewear corner tips & spine. This letter was first published in July 1789 in the Edinburgh Magazine and was written by a carpenter on the First Fleet ship the Charlotte. After the ship discharged its convicts and stores in Sydney, the Scarborough and the Charlotte departed for Canton in China to collect a cargo of tea and then return to England. Edward Home records the journey first to New South Wales and then in more detail to Canton. ISBN: 0949910813. Our Book No: 29765. $20 AUD.

50. Howe, George (publisher); Crittenden, Victor (1998). Australia's First Gardening Guide of 1806: Observations on Gardening (New, reprint ed) [Foundation of the Australian Garden History Society Commemoration Series, no. 3]. Canberra: Mulini Press. 16 pp. Paperback trade, card covers, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, pictorial cover, black & white drawings, staples little rusted. Published originally by George Howe in his "New South Pocket Almanack and Colonial Remembrancer" in 1806. The writer of this first Australian gardening guide has not been recorded. The guide itself deals with the planting of vegetables with some reference to fruit trees. Mulini Press have reprinted this booklet as an historic document from which the gardening literature of Australia descends. The seasons are set out as they were then. ISBN: 0959841474. Our Book No: 29744. $20 AUD.

51. Huson, Rae; Campbell, Peter (illustrator) (1971). Boat Day (Reprint ed) [Ready to Read Series]. Adelaide: Methuen Educational / Griffin Press (Printer). 60 pp. Paperback small octavo, flexible cover, very good condition, colour drawings, spine ends little scuffed, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear corners, rubber stamps. The stories in this school reader for the Department of Education, New South Wales, are: No More Swimming, Boat Day, The Bluebird, The Circus, Wiri the Clown. (Originally published, 1964.). ISBN: 0423856308. Our Book No: 29790. $20 AUD.

52. Illingworth, Simon (2006). Filthy Rat: A First-hand Account of Courage in the Face of Police Corruption (1st ed). Sydney: ABC Books. 234 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, colour photos, edges faintly toned, covers little rubbed, spine little creased. This book is a unique look at the world of Melbourne's gangland killings and police corruption. A chilling account of what happens when society's defenders do what is hard to comprehend. Also a reminder that absolute courage is not limited to white-hot moments on the streets of Melbourne, but can simply be the courage to do what is right. ISBN: 0733316794. Our Book No: 29779. $18 AUD.

53. Irving, Terry; Cahill, Rowan (2010). Radical Sydney: Places, Portraits and Unruly Episodes. Sydney: University of New South Wales Press (UNSW Press). 368 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, tables, black & white text-photos, maps, bottom edge rear cover little creased, small mark fore-edge last few pages, minor edgewear, barcode sticker inside rear cover. This book is about the history of the Sydney that is more than a place on a map, but also a product of the radical imagination. The book ranges from the convict era through to the recent past. The authors give a look at the lives and stories that have been marginalised or ignored in mainstream accounts of the city. The many photos bring the book to life. ISBN: 9781742230931. Our Book No: 29762. $22 AUD.

54. Isaacs, Enid (1981). Sufficient Wonder: On Flowers in Wild Places (1st ed). Canberra: Mulini Press. 28 pp. Paperback trade, card covers (with flaps), very good condition, stapled pamphlet, pictorial cover, black & white drawings, light stain top edge & few tiny specks front cover. (Edition limited to 500 copies.) In this charming little booklet, the author describes her surprise at finding the flowers she grows in her Armidale garden flourishing as wild flowers in the remote parts of the world. The mountains she visits are the Alps, the Himalayas and the Rockies with some famous peaks like the Matterhorn, Mount Mckinley and Mount Kosciusko. Australian mountains and native flowers are included in the booklet. ISBN: 0949910031. Our Book No: 29749. $20 AUD.

55. Isham, Steve; Isham, Marion (1999). One Weary Wombat (Reprint ed). Margate, TAS: Bandicoot Books. Unnum 24 pp. Paperback small folio, very good condition, full-page colour drawings, glossy paper, few tiny scratches front cover, minor edgewear corners. Australian children's counting picture book featuring Australian native animals. The beautiful glossy full-page coloured pictures will appeal to children of all ages. The simple text is suitable for younger children to understand. The counting from 10 back to 1 will have even the most difficult child ready to go to sleep at the end. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0958653623. Our Book No: 20379. $12 AUD.

56. Jack, Felicity (2000). Faithful Friends: A History of Animal Welfare in North Melbourne [Annals of Hotham, Volume 2]. Melbourne: Hotham History Project. 96 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good plus condition, many black & white text-photos, minimal creasing covers. The history of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital and the Lost Dog's Home, North Melbourne. The dedication and generosity of many people who have devoted their time, money and expertise to welfare of animals is a central part of this important book. ISBN: 0958611114. Our Book No: 20270. $10 AUD.

57. Jamison, Andrew (2001). The Making of Green Knowledge: Environmental Politics and Cultural Transformation. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (CUP). 205 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear corners. American-Swedish academic offers a personal exploration of the relationship between sustainable development, public participation, and cultural transformation, particularly in Europe. The information is accessible and contains a mix of theory, practical analysis, and philosophical reflection that brings the book to life. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0521796873. Our Book No: 20431. $10 AUD.

58. Jeffreys, Diarmuid (2004). Aspirin: The Remarkable Story of a Wonder Drug (1st ed). London: Bloomsbury. 339 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket). First edition. The striking story of the drug said to be useful as a preventative treatment for heart attacks, strokes and possibly many other disorders. The author traces the drug's origins to ancient Egypt, through its industrial development at the end of the 19th century (Bayer company in Germany), and its key role in the great flu pandemic of 1918 that killed more people than WW1, to its subsequent exploitation by the big pharmaceutical conglomerates. ISBN: 0747570779. Our Book No: 4369. $25 AUD.

59. Kemp, Martin (2011). Leonardo (Revised ed) [Leonardo Da Vinci]. Oxford: Oxford University Press (OUP). 292 pp. Paperback, very good condition, colour plates, figures (including black & white text-photos), covers little scratched & rubbed. Revised edition. What makes Leonardo's works so astonishing? What drove his art and inventions? Cuts through the dense veil of legend, challenges the myths, and offers an unparalled portrait of this extraordinary man. This updated edition of a bestseller is the first book on Leonardo to include two newly discovered art works, the most important such discoveries in over 100 years. ISBN: 9780199583355. Our Book No: 17383. $18 AUD.

60. Kilcullen, David (2010). Counterinsurgency [Counter Insurgency]. Melbourne: Scribe Publications. 251 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, card cover (rounded corners), full-page black & white text-photos, minor edgewear. Kilcullen is an influential expert on counterinsurgency and modern warfare. A senior advisor to General David Petraeus in Iraq, his vision of war powerfully influenced America's decision to rethink its military strategy in Iraq and implement "the Surge", now recognised as a dramatic success. Brings together his most salient writings on this key topic. At the heart of the book is his legendary "Twenty-Eight Articles", in which he shows leaders how to practise counterinsurgency in the real world. The other pieces in this book include Kilcullen's pioneering study of counterinsurgency in Indonesia, his ten-point plan for the Surge in Iraq, and his frank look at the problems in Afghanistan. He concludes with a new strategic approach to the "War on Terror", arguing that counterinsurgency rather than traditional counterterrorism may offer the best approach to defeating global jihad. ISBN: 9781921640346. Our Book No: 17395. $20 AUD.

61. Knox, Malcolm (2015). Supermarket Monsters: The Price of Coles and Woolworth's Dominance [Redback Series]. Melbourne: Black Inc. 158 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition. Regarding groceries - but also hardware, petrol, general merchandise and liquor - the supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths jointly rule Australia s retail landscape. On average, every Australian spends $100 a week across their many outlets. What does such dominance mean for suppliers? And is it good for consumers? Journalist shines a light on Australia's twin mega-retailers, exploring how they have exploited their market power, including intimidating tactics used to get their way. Consumers are also risking much more - quality, diversity and community. ISBN: 9781863957304. Our Book No: 4374. $12 AUD.

62. Koch, Christopher (2000). Out of Ireland (1st p/b ed) [Beware of the Past: Volume 2]. Sydney: Vintage / Random House. 706 pp. Paperback small thick octavo, very good condition, minimal creasing front cover, minor edgewear. A lengthy novel about a fictional Irish rebel leader, Robert Devereux, transported to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania). A leader of the Young Ireland rebellion of 1848, he is an Irish gentleman who is prepared to hazard a life of privilege in the fight for his country's freedom. Transported to Van Diemen's land as a political prisoner, he enters a life that greatly changes him, falling in love with a young Irish convict woman. Through Kathleen O'Rahilly he comes to know the people he's long romanticised - but his cause, and the life he has lost, will not let him go. ISBN: 1740510054. Our Book No: 20236. $10 AUD.

63. Koestler, Arthur; Butterfield, Herbert (introduction) (1989). The Sleepwalkers: A History of Man's Changing Vision of the Universe (Reprint ed). London: Arkana / Penguin Books. 623 pp. Paperback thick, very good condition, black & white drawings, edges slightly toned, small crease fore-edge few pages, minor edgewear. Brings to life the whole history of cosmology from the Babylonians to Newton. He discusses how the split between science and religion arose and how in particular, the modern world-view replaced the medieval world-view in the scientific revolution of the 17th century. Vivid pen-portraits of a string of great scientists make clear the role that political bias and unconscious prejudice played in their creativity. ISBN: 0140192468. Our Book No: 29746. $18 AUD.

64. Lang, John George (1989). Legends of Australia: Frederick Charles Howard. Canberra, Cook: Mulini Press. 144 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white drawings including frontispiece, small dent spine, covers little rubbed, minor edgewear. The basis of this historical Australian novel is of a young aristocrat convicted of murdering his father-in-law and transported to Botany Bay. This tale does not depict him as the innocent, hard done by, hero of later novels. His beautiful young wife chased after him, arrived in Sydney, and then had a cross-country ride to Bong Bong in an open mail coach driven by a larrikin character called John Smith. This tale is enjoyable and gives a true picture of Australia in the 1830s. Written by the first native-born Australian novelist. ISBN: 094991018X. Our Book No: 29769. $30 AUD.

65. Lang, John George (1992). Lucy Cooper (An Australian Tale) [Australian Books on Demand, no. 3]. Canberra, Cook: Mulini Press. 58 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, black & white drawings, light crease front cover, edges lightly toned, minor edgewear. This is an Australian colonial novel about a convict girl assigned as a servant to a prominent lawyer in Sydney. The adventures and descriptions capture the feeling of the times and portray the life of the convicts as well as the style of living of the more prosperous citizens. The story was first published in 1846, anonymously, the work has now been attributed to John Lang. ISBN: 0949910236. Our Book No: 29777. $25 AUD.

66. Martin, Carol (2003). Just Like Us: Parenting Children with Intellectual Disabilities. Melbourne: Lothian. 224 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, minimal edgewear. Written by the mother of twin girls, Melissa and Rebecca, who were born with an intellectual disability and cerebral palsy. It is a warm inspiring story written in a practical way from direct experience. ISBN: 0734405464. Our Book No: 20385. $10 AUD.

67. Martin, James; Crittenden, Victor (introduction, notes) (1991). Escape from Botany Bay 1791 (New ed). Canberra: Mulini Press. 9 pp. Paperback large octavo, stapled pamphlet, very good condition, black & white drawings, spine ends little rubbed, minor edgewear. In March 1791, eleven people escape from the colony at Sydney, New South Wales. Nine of the escapees were convicts and two were small children. One of the convicts was Mary Bryant who, with her husband and two children, made the epic voyage from Sydney to Timor. This is the only account written by one of those who escaped. They arrived in Timor after many adventures and narrow escapes from disasters, only to be caught by Captain Edwards on his way back to England from Tahiti. The death of some of the escapees and the final freedom of those who survived due to James Boswell's efforts in England concludes this legendary but true tale of early Australia. The author was a Devon man sentenced to seven years for stealing. ISBN: 0949910325. Our Book No: 29772. $20 AUD.

68. McGrath, Helen; Edwards, Hazel (2006). Difficult Personalities: A Practical Guide to Managing the Hurtful Behaviour of Others (and Maybe Your Own!) (Reprint ed). Sydney: Choice / Australian Consumers Association (ACA). 240 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, pages minimally toned, minor edgewear. Discusses ways to cope with frustrating, confusing and damaging personalities at home and work. McGrath is a counselling psychologist and academic from Deakin University, and Edwards is a writer. ISBN: 0947277684. Our Book No: 21196. $12 AUD.

69. McNab, Duncan (2006). The Dodger: Inside the World of Roger Rogerson (1st ed). Sydney: Macmillan. 287 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, faint foxing edges, minor creasing covers, minor edgewear. This book is a behind-the-scenes look at Roger Rogerson and the New South Wales police culture that created him. Written by a former Sydney detective, now a journalist, who knows the world of Australia's most notorious ex-policeman. Tells the story of a good detective turned bad, and of cases that have become part of Australian criminal legend. ISBN: 9781405037518. Our Book No: 29764. $15 AUD.

70. McNicol, Steve (1992). Yass Railway Album (1st ed). Adelaide, Elizabeth: Railmac Publications. 20 pp. Paperback trade, stapled, card covers, very good condition, black & white text-photos, spine little rubbed & creased, minor edgewear. This booklet has been produced as a companion to the Railmac publication Yass Railway Portfolio. A collection of photos of the much-loved railway line and the classical Yass Junction station over the past 30 years. ISBN: 0949817902. Our Book No: 29771. $15 AUD.

71. Moloney, Marguerite (2003). Marguerite Remembers through an Artist's Eyes (1st ed). Sydney, Balmain: Limelight Press. 135 pp. Paperback oblong small quarto, very good condition, tables, black & white & colour (few sepia) text-photos & drawings, colour paintings, small scuffs front cover, few minor bumps & dents covers & few pages, minor edgewear. This is the biography of Marguerite (Madge) Moloney. This very special book is full of Marguerite's artistic adventures and the opportunities that she had along the way. This is a warm and colourful personal and artistic life. Also included are works from a range of artists of the day, including friends and students, both emerging and recognised, in the local Sydney art scene. ISBN: 0957935234. Our Book No: 29795. $30 AUD.

72. Nguyen, Long Duy; Knight, James (2004). The Dragon's Journey (1st ed). Sydney: HarperCollins. 418 pp. Paperback thick octavo, very good condition, embossed cover, black & white & colour photos, little edgewear. First edition. From Saigon to Sydney, the compelling story of a Vietnamese refugee boy who eventually realised his mother's dream - that he become a complementary medicine specialist (in Australia). ISBN: 9780732279233. Our Book No: 21708. $15 AUD.

73. Nisbet, Hume (1997). The Haunted Station (1st this ed) [Small Tales of Early Australia Series, no. 4]. Canberra: Mulini Press. 33 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, card cover, minor edgewear. This is a 'gothic' novel about an old house in outback Western Australia. The time is the middle of the 19th century. An escaped convict came to the large old station house which was the scene of a murder. His experiences in the house are the basis for this tale. The ghost reappears during a wild storm in true gothic novel style. The story was first published in "The Haunted Station and Other Stories", London, White, 1893. ISBN: 0949910678. Our Book No: 29757. $20 AUD.

74. O'Connor, J. G. (1881). A Brief History of the Founding of the Sacred Heart Presentation Convent, Wagga Wagga [etc]. Wagga Wagga, NSW: J. G. O'Connor. 102 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, few black & white drawings (including frontispiece), small stain front cover, corner tip creased front cover, some edgewear spine & edges, non-author written dedication. Title continues: "Together with an Account of the Solen Blessing and Opening and a Full report of the Sermon Preached on the Occasion by His Grace Archbishop Vaughan, to which is added a Detailed List of the Receipts and Expenditure for Convent, Church, School, and Presbytery". Compiled, edited and printed by J. G. O'Connor, printer and publisher. Written dedication states: "To dear Mrs Keneally (Matilda), with loving good wishes from Mt Erin, Wagga". Our Book No: 17391. $120 AUD.

75. Ohler, Norman (2017). Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany (Reprint ed). Melbourne: Penguin Books. 360 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, black & white text-photos, minimal edgewear. The Nazis presented themselves as warriors against moral degeneracy. Yet, as this gripping bestseller reveals, the entire Third Reich was permeated with drugs: cocaine, heroin, morphine and, most of all, methamphetamines, or crystal meth, used by everyone from factory workers to housewives, and crucial to troops' resilience - even partly explaining German victory in 1940. The promiscuous use of drugs at the very highest levels also impaired and confused decision-making, with Hitler and his entourage taking refuge in potentially lethal cocktails of stimulants administered by the physician Dr Morell as the war turned against Germany. While drugs cannot explain everything, they do change our understanding of it. A crucial missing piece of evidence. ISBN: 9780141983165. Our Book No: 173894. $15 AUD.

76. Oktober, Tricia (1995). Bushfire (1st ed). Sydney: Hodder Children's books. Unnum 32 pp. Hardback small quarto, pictorial cover, very good plus condition, full-page colour drawings, minor edgewear (mostly spine ends). A children's picture story about how the animals cope during a bushfire. The vivid text and finely detailed illustrations, give a lyrical, eye-opening account of Australian animal and plant life for children of all ages. ISBN: 0733601154. Our Book No: 27546. $25 AUD.

77. Pausch, Randy; Zaslow, Jeffrey (with) (2008). The Last Lecture (Reprint ed). Sydney: Hachette Australia. 206 pp. Hardback small, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white text-photos, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear & rubbing. The American author describes his life and particularly giving a lecture about the things that matter the most to him. He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, but the lecture wasn't about dying. He chose to speak about overcoming obstacles, and living. He combines the humour, inspiration, and intelligence that made his lecture memorable for the future generations. ISBN: 9780733623318. Our Book No: 29743. $15 AUD.

78. Petrucelli, Jean (editor) (2010). Knowing, Not-knowing and Sort-of-knowing: Psychoanalysis and the Experience of Uncertainty (1st ed). London: Karnac Books. 384 pp. Paperback thick octavo, good condition, few light marks edges, front cover little creased, minor edgewear, pencil annotation one page. A contemporary wide-ranging look at one of the most provocative topics currently under psychoanalytic investigation: the relationship of dissociation to varieties of knowing and unknowing. The editor states that dissociation is becoming more widely appreciated as a central psychic mechanism pervading both normal and pathological functioning. This anthology will contribute further to learning about the importance of dissociation. ISBN: 9781855756571. Our Book No: 29794. $40 AUD.

79. Playford, P. E.; Cockbain, A. E.; Low, G. H. (1976). Geology of the Perth Basin, Western Australia [Geological Survey of Western Australia Bulletin, no. 124]. Perth: Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA). 311 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good condition, red flexible cover (sticker mark front cover), frontispiece photo, figures (maps & black & white text-photos), corners covers little creased, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear, rubber stamp title page. The first detailed study of the regional geology of the Perth Basin, which consists mainly of superficial Quaternary deposits, with Mezozoic and Paleozic strata visible at the northern end. Previous studies were based only on surface geology, but geophysical surveys and drilled wells are now now available. The Basin has valuable natural gas, mineral snads and groundwater resources. ISBN: 0724460438. Our Book No: 17397. $40 AUD.

80. Putnis, Peter (1988). Steele Rudd's Australia. Toowoomba: Darling Downs Institute Press. 67 pp. Paperback oblong octavo, very good condition, black & white text-photos & drawings, minor creasing corner front cover, minor edgewear. Steele Rudd, born at Drayton near Toowoomba in 1868, is Queensland's most popular author of novels and short stories. He created the immortal characters of Dad'n'Dave and their comical adventures on a Darling Downs farm. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0949414247. Our Book No: 20428. $10 AUD.

81. Reilly, Capt. James (1958). The Master Harmonica Player [Plate W.6145]. London: Joseph Williams Ltd. 16 pp. Paperback folio, very good condition, staples rusted, pages faintly toned, some edgewear, rubber stamp, price sticker. An instruction guide to playing the harmonica, including some sheet music. (Copyright date, 1958.). Our Book No: 17387. $20 AUD.

82. Robertson, Max (1957). The Game of Mah Jong [Mahjong] (18th ed). Christchurch: Whitcombe & Tombs. 52 pp. Paperback very small, very good condition, blue card cover, black & white drawings, foldout table at rear, staples rusted, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear, bookshop rubber stamp, owner's written name. Eighteenth edition (1957 or later). A brief but definitive description of this popular Chinese tile game, which has spread throughout Asia and later worldwide. Includes 1957 supplement (4 pages in red text) explaining changes to the rules. (Title includes Chinese characters. Price 3/6. Rubber stamp of Barker's Book Store, Brisbane.). Our Book No: 17382. $30 AUD.

83. Ruti, Mari (2014). The Call of Character: Living a Life Worth Living (Reprint ed). New York: Columbia University Press. 192 pp. Hardback dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket, dustjacket little marked. The author critiques the search for personal meaning and pragmatic attempts to normalize the unruly and idiosyncratic natures of humans. This book is divided into three sections, each one focusing on a slightly different aspect of character. Part 1 looks at the art of self-fashioning by arguing that the specificity of our character reflects the specificity of our desire. Part 2 looks at the art of self-responsibility by positing that the specificity of our desire makes us deeply responsible for the well-being of those who are its objects. Part 3 looks at the art of self-surrender by examining events that transport us beyond the banalities of everyday life. ISBN: 9780231164085. Our Book No: 29753. $25 AUD.

84. Sacks, Oliver (2017). The River of Consciousness (1st ed). London: Picador. 237 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, minor edgewear corners. This fascinating book was outlined two weeks before he died. He interrogates the nature not only of human experience but of all life. Dr Sacks takes on evolution, botany, chemistry, medicine, neuroscience, and the arts. He looks to his scientific and creative heroes, Darwin, Freud, and William James, to help him explore the heart of science. This book demonstrates Dr Sacks' unparalleled ability to make unexpected connections, his joy in knowledge, and his unceasing, endeavour to understand what makes us human. ISBN: 9781447263661. Our Book No: 29773. $20 AUD.

85. Sala, George Augustus; Dingley, Robert (editor) (1995). The Land of the Golden Fleece: George Augustus Sala in Australia and New Zealand in 1885 (1st ed) [Australian Books on Demand, no. 14]. Canberra: Mulini Press. 242 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, frontispiece, few black & white drawings, tiny scuff spine edge, few tiny ridges along spine edge, minor edgewear. This book is about the author known as G.A.S. and his travels in Australia and New Zealand. They were published in many journals, and these articles include Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart as well as other parts of Australia, in the boom years of the 1880s. ISBN: 0949910562. Our Book No: 29763. $35 AUD.

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