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1. Adams, Phillip (2017). Insights and Reflections (1st ed). Melbourne: Wilkinson Publishing. 333 pp. Paperback, very good condition, minor edgewear. A collection of the author's favourite insights and reflections taken from his frequent media columns and speeches. ISBN: 9781925642025. Our Book No: 30088. $20 AUD.

2. Allingham, Cedric; Moore, Patrick (anonymous) (1954). Flying Saucer from Mars (Reprint ed). London: Frederick Muller. 143 pp. Hardback small, no jacket (missing), good plus condition, black & white photos, edges & title page moderately foxed, gilt spine lettering little faded, pages toned, minimal annotation (tick mark), owner's written name. First edition. The author claimed to see a flying saucer land in Scotland and communicate with the occupant. There is even a photo of the Martian. This book was later exposed as a hoax written by British astronomer Patrick Moore to demonstrate the gullibility of the British public. Our Book No: 12226. $10 AUD.

3. Armstrong, Hugo; Gross, Dick (1995). Tricontinental: The Rise and Fall of a Merchant Bank. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press (MUP). 333 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear bottom edge jacket (reverse side minimally foxed). The astonishing and alarming story of the financial collapse of a merchant bank in Melbourne (Australia) in 1989, and later the collapse of its owner, the State Bank of Victoria (SBV), which was sold to the Commonwealth Bank. This double disaster triggered a Royal Commission, and reflected the gross financial excesses of the 1980s. ISBN: 0522846580. Our Book No: 2475. $60 AUD.

4. Arnold, John (editor); Spearritt, Peter (editor); Walker, David (editor) (1993). Out of Empire: The British Dominion of Australia (1st ed). Melbourne: Mandarin. 342 pp. Paperback, very good condition, black & white illustrations, minor edgewear corners. A reader for Open Learning designed to be used in conjunction with the ABC television series. Traces the decline of British imperial influence, changing attitudes to the monarchy and the call for an Australian republic, and will be of interest to anyone wanting to learn about australian history. ISBN: 1863302549. Our Book No: 30071. $15 AUD.

5. Australis (1969). [MENU] Chandris Lines - S.S. Australis: Hellenic Night, Wednesday, 10th December, 1969. City Not Stated: Chandris Lines. 4 pp. Ephemera octavo, folded card, good plus condition, cover painting cover, light foxing, minor edgewear. Menu for S.S. Australis, a ship from Greek shipping line that carried migrants from Greece to Australia. Captain: I. Ikiadis. Chef: S. Raftopuios. Our Book No: 17571. $15 AUD.

6. Baird, A. T. (Alex); Bennett, Sir Ernest N. (foreword) (1949). Richard Hodgson: The Story of a Psychical Researcher and His Times. London: Psychic Press. 310 pp. Hardback small, no jacket (missing), very good condition, frontispiece portrait, front endpaper toned, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. The only biography of the Australian lawyer who became a leading psychical researcher (the early name for parapsychologist) in Britain and the United States. He exposed Helena Blavatsky and various physical spiritualist mediums as fraudulent, but later in life he offered credulous support for the powers of the famous American trance medium Leonora Piper. Our Book No: 17577. $80 AUD.

7. Brooks, David (2005). Walking to Point Clear: Poems 1983 - 2002. Blackheath, NSW: Brandl & Schlesinger. 79 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, minimal edgewear. His long-awaited second collection= gathers together some of his best poems from the last 20 years. He writes spare, existential lyrics about the coastal rainforest of southern NSW, that have earned him a unique place in the landscape of Australian poetry. ISBN: 1876040521. Our Book No: 20714. $10 AUD.

8. Bruce, Robert (1997). Dingoes and Other Poems (New ed) [Colonial Poets Series]. Canberra: Mulini Press. Unnum 12 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, frontispiece, staples little rusted, minor edgewear. The author’s first published book of poetry appeared in 1875, published by the Adelaide Advertiser. His tales are in verse form and his work precedes Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson. (No 13 in this series.). ISBN: 0949910577. Our Book No: 40013. $15 AUD.

9. Bryans, Dennis (2014). A Survey of Australian Typefounder Specimens. Melbourne, Blackburn South: Golden Point Press. 86 pp. Hardback quarto, no jacket, as new condition, pictorial cover, glossy paper, full-page colour & sepia (brown-tinted) text-photos, minimal edgewear. (No 5 of a limited edition of 750 copies.) A lavishly illustrated survey of typefounders in early colonial Australia. Includes previously unrecognised specimens of typographic designs in the State Archives of South Australia, and specimens first mentioned in the New South Wales press more than 150 years ago. The skills and workmanship exhibited by Australia's pioneer typefounders in these specimens present a vital source of information for future print historians. Additional material was provided by descendants of typefounders, and various libraries and archives, such as State Records New South Wales. ISBN: 9780994184207. Our Book No: 17564. $100 AUD.

10. Buchanan, Robin A. (1989). Bush Regeneration: Recovering Australian Landscapes. Sydney: TAFE Learning Student Publications. 259 pp. Paperback large quarto, good condition, black & white drawings, tables, diagrams, maps, colour text-photos, corner tip front cover creased, minor foxing edges & endpapers, significant edgewear & rubbing. Heavy (1.0 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. Developed as a TAFE Student Learning Publication for the certificate in Bush Regeneration, and as a reference for other related courses concerned with bushland management, landscaping, horticulture and parks management. Chapters on botany and plant ecology, soils, weeds and their control, and severely degraded landscapes are profusely illustrated in full-colour, and supplemented by easily understood diagrams and tables. Every plant community is included: mangroves, wetlands, heath, woodland, rainforests, dunes and coasts, wet and dry sclerophyll forests, arid and semi-arid lands. This book will interest horticulture students, farmers, mining and forestry workers, ecologists, town planners, local council administrators, suburban gardeners. ISBN: 0724078770. Our Book No: 26153. $25 AUD.

11. Campbell, Michael (editor); Blanchett, Cate (foreword) (2010). Keith Bain on Movement (1st ed). Sydney, Strawberry Hills: Currency House. 304 pp. Hardback large octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), colour & sepia (brown-tinted) text-photos, minimal edgewear jacket, ribbon bookmark. Heavy. About the first dancer, actor and choreographer in Australia to create a comprehensive discipline in the study of movement for performance. He influenced Australia's actors and dancers for stage and screen for over 50 years. Full of examples of the gentle wisdom he used in his teaching. This very special book has been compiled with the help of former students who want to preserve for future artists the transformative teaching on which they founded their success. This exclusive edition, illustrated by many of his most famous students, is prefaced by his autobiography: the man from Wauchope who became a teacher to the world. ISBN: 9780980798227. Our Book No: 27892. $40 AUD.

12. Carey, Peter (2008). 30 Days in Sydney: A Wildly Distorted Account (1st p/b ed). London: Bloomsbury. 248 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, minor edgewear. The author returns home to Sydney after living abroad for years, and he attempts to capture its character with the help of his old friends. Famous sights such as Bondi Beach, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the Blue Mountains are looked at with new eyes. ISBN: 9780747596882. Our Book No: 28368. $10 AUD.

13. Carter, W. F.; Gough, Most Rev. H. (foreword) (1961). The Cathedral of the Hawkesbury: A Sketch of St Matthew's Windsor (1st ed). Lithgow, NSW: W. F. Carter / Geo. H. Gearside Print. 28 pp. Paperback small, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, black & white text-photos, minimal edgewear. A brief history of Australia’s famous historic Anglican church, St Matthew's at Windsor, NSW. It was designed by architect Frances Greenway, but the first building had to be demolished because of poor workmanship, before the current handsome building was erected in 1820. Our Book No: 4470. $10 AUD.

14. Clarke, Marcus; crittenden, victor (biographical note) (1996). Four Poems (1st ed) [Colonial Poets Series Number 12]. Canberra: Mulini Press. Unnum 14 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, frontispiece, staples little rusted, minor edgewear. These poems have been published to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Marcus Clarke. Marcus Clarke is better known for his book "For the Term Of His Natural Life". Victor Crittenden has chosen to print some of Marcus Clarke’s more Australian-focussed verses. (No 12 in this series.). ISBN: 0949910643. Our Book No: 40010. $15 AUD.

15. Clarke, Patricia (1985). The Governesses: Letters from the Colonies 1862 - 1882 (1st ed). Melbourne, Hawthorn: Hutchinson Australia. 236 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white photos, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear jacket, spine ends little rubbed, light foxing top edge & reverse side jacket (small closed tear). About the women, governesses sponsored by the Female Middle Class Emigration Society, who left Britain to seek a better life in the Colonies. They borrowed money for their fare from the Society. In letters back to the Society when repaying their loans, these women reported on life as they saw it in the Colonies during the years 1862 - 82. Although mainly about those who came to Australia, there are chapters on those who went to New Zealand and South Africa, and also the few who went further away - to the United States, India, and most unlikely of all, one who went to Russia, where she found herself almost penniless in Czarist St Petersburg. The author also tried to find out what happened to the women after their letters to the Society stopped. These women had the courage to venture far - and their letters tell their story. ISBN: 0091486009. Our Book No: 30085. $20 AUD.

16. Cleary, Paul (2012). Mine-field: The Dark Side of Australia's Resources Rush. Melbourne, Collingwood: Black Inc. 206 pp. Paperback, very good condition, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. This book is about the resources rush in the Australian mining industry. Exposes the regulatory gaps that must be addressed to stop enormous and irreversible harm to our society and environment. ISBN: 9781863955706. Our Book No: 30063. $18 AUD.

17. Coren, Stanley (2008). The Modern Dog: A Joyful Exploration of How We Live with Dogs Today. New York: Free Press. 274 pp. Paperback trade, good plus condition, black & white drawings, edges little rubbed, front cover creased along spine, minor edgewear, sticker mark rear cover. Stories about dogs that are funny, sweet, and quirky. They reveal a lot about the human and canine species and their centuries-long partnership. The charming illustrations are by the author. The stories are of dogs that work, dogs that love, dogs that behave badly, and dogs that will make you laugh. ISBN: 9781439152881. Our Book No: 30089. $10 AUD.

18. Country Women's Association, of Western Australia (2018). The C.W.A. Cookery Book and Household hints (55th ed) [CWA]. Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 420 pp. Hardback small, no jacket as issued, very good plus condition, pictorial cover, adverts, minimal edgewear. Originally published in 1936, this cookery cook has been the bible for generations of Australian families searching for instructions how to cook traditional meals. ISBN: 9780207180712. Our Book No: 17559. $20 AUD.

19. Cowley, Trudy Mae (2005). A Drift of Derwent Ducks: Lives of the 200 Female Irish Convicts Transported on the Australasia from Dublin to Hobart in 1849. Hobart, New Town: Research Tasmania. 396 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, sepia (brown-tinted) photos centre spread, sepia text, minor mark fore-edge, minor edgewear, CDROM in rear pocket. A scarce and detailed report on female Irish convicts transported from Dublin to Van Diemen’s Land in 1949. The bonus CD contains a biography of each of the 200 convicts, listing their sentence and activities (identified as the final chapter of the book: Chapter 7). ISBN: 0975678442. Our Book No: 17153. $150 AUD.

20. Cresciani, Gianfranco (1985). The Italians: Based on the ABC TV Series. Sydney: ABC Enterprises. 128 pp. Hardback small quarto, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), black & white text-photos (some full-page), minor edgewear. A popular survey of the Italian community in Australia, based on an ABC television series, by the noted chronicler of the remarkable Italian-Australian migrant experience. ISBN: 0642528721. Our Book No: 14903. $18 AUD.

21. Crystal, David (2011). Begat the King James Bible and the English Language (1st p/b ed). Oxford: Oxford University Press (OUP). 327 pp. Paperback, very good condition, spine little creased, minor edgewear corners. In this fascinating book the author asks how a work published in 1611 could have such an influence on the English language and how it is used today. He looks at the work of poets, playwrights, novelists, politicians, journalists, advertisers, film-makers, and even hip-hop artists. ISBN: 9780199695188. Our Book No: 30066. $18 AUD.

22. Cuellar, Carol; Williams, John (musician) (2001). Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Selected Themes from the Motion Picture: Piano Solos (1st ed). Miami, FL: Warner Bros Publications. 46 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, full-page colour photos, two black & white photos at end of book, music scores, spine little creased, corner tips covers little scuffed, top of spine slightly bumped, minor creasing covers, few tiny dents front cover, covers little rubbed & scratched. The themes in this book have been taken from the movie of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The music scores (sheet music) include Diagon Alley, Fluffy's Harp, Harry's Wondrous World, Hedwig's Theme, Nimbus 2000, and Voldemort. A wonderful book to add to a Harry Potter collection. ISBN: 0757991300. Our Book No: 30091. $18 AUD.

23. Dacy, Marianne (2008). Let Us Rejoice: The Jewish Roots of Christian Feasts. Hamilton, QLD: Lumino Press. 120 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, black & white photos & drawings, top corner tips covers & few pages little creased, minimal marking edges, minor edgewear. Examines the Jewish origins of several important Christian feasts. It shows how food, joy, memory, mystery and other experiences of ordinary life are foundational for Jewish and Christian celebrations. This book will interest general readers, teachers of religion, catechists and those who want to understand the foundations of Christian festivals as they are found in the experience of Jews and Judaism. ISBN: 9781921538018. Our Book No: 30070. $35 AUD.

24. Dowd, Rev. James; O'Carroll, Cian (editor) (1990). Dowd's History of Limerick (Reissue ed). Dublin: O'Brien Press / Limerick Treaty 300. 144 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, black & white drawings & text-photos, maps, minor edgewear & rubbing. Reverend Dowd's history is an absorbing work, covering the period from earliest times to the end of the 19th century. Originally published in 1890 (MacKerns, Limerick). ISBN: 086278221X. Our Book No: 20764. $10 AUD.

25. Druce, Kay (1946). The Popsy Bumper Book [Series A178]. Sydney: Offset Printing Coy. 16 + 24 + 16 + 24 pp. Hardback large quarto, no jacket, very good condition, pictorial cover (black cloth spine repair), full-page colour drawings, single-colour (blue) drawings & endpapers, minor edgewear, non-author written dedication. Five children’s picture stories for young children (large-size text), being the adventures of a chubby little girl. They are (in order, the first four with title page): Popsy at the Seaside - Popsy's Holiday - Popsy's Picnic - Popsy's Adventures down on the Farm - Popsy's ABC. Curiously, the title page - The Popsy Bumper Book (with gift dedication on reverse side) - is bound in the middle of the book. Muir 2138 variant. Our Book No: 17573. $80 AUD.

26. Evans, Raymond; Moore, Clive; Saunders, Kay; Jamison, Bryan (1997). 1901: Our Future's Past: Documenting Australia's Federation. Sydney: Pan Macmillan. 295 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white drawings & photos, pages faintly toned, spine ends little rubbed, minor edgewear jacket. This readable and informative book was commissioned by the National Australia Day Council to look at this crucial time in Australia's history. The authors have examined letters, diaries, speeches, newspapers and journals. There are almost 100 original drawings and photos. ISBN: 0732908914. Our Book No: 30078. $25 AUD.

27. Evans-Pritchard, E. E. (1980). Theories of Primitive Religion (Corrected ed). Oxford: Clarendon Press. 132 pp. Paperback small octavo, good plus condition, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear, cover design differs from stock photo. (Originally published, 1965.) Based on lectures delivered at the University College of Wales in 1962. An introductory textbook for students of anthropology and comparative religion, which summarizes the various theories to account for the religions of primitive peoples. ISBN: 0198231318. Our Book No: 12230. $10 AUD.

28. Falk, Lee (1989). Phantom: Romance and the Vesta Pirates [No 925A]. Sydney: Frew Publications. 84 pp. paperback quarto, very good condition, stapled (rusted), black & white cartoons, pages toned as usual, some edgewear corners, sticker mark. The Phantom comic was first published as comic strips in the USA in 1947. The first Australian edition (Frew) was 1948 (The Phantom versus the Jewel Pirates), and has been reprinted since (various titles). This edition is the first collectors edition, containing the original complete uncut story. The earlier Frew printings had deleted the extensive love tangles between The Phantom and Diana (an unusual theme by Lee Falk). Our Book No: 17565. $15 AUD.

29. Family History Society, Nepean (1983). Timespan: Journal of the Nepean Family History Society (2 issues). Sydney, South Penrith: Nepean Family History Society. Each: 40 to 48 pp. Each issue: Paperback quarto, very good condition, card cover, stencilled, stapled, text-photos, maps, minor edgewear. Two issues of this local history journal for western Sydney: no 11 (June 1983) and no 18 (March 1985). Our Book No: 17563. $15 AUD.

30. Field, Barron (1990). First Fruits of Australian Poetry (New ed) [Colonial Poets Series]. Canberra: Mulini Press. Unnum 18 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, few black & white drawings, minor edgewear. This booklet is a reprint of the first edition of the first poem published in Australia (in 1819). Judge Barron Field’s poems focus on the countryside and the flora and fauna that he found fascinating. (No 7 in this series.). ISBN: 0949910309. Our Book No: 40002. $18 AUD.

31. Fortune, Mary; Wander, Waif (pen-name) (1995). Cooee and Other Poems (1st ed) [Colonial Poets Series]. Canberra: Mulini Press. Unnum 12 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, staples little rusted, minor edgewear. These poems were first published in the Australian Journal 1865 - 1868. Mary was born in Belfast, Ireland, and came to Australia in 1855, after spending many years in Canada. Mary wrote serials under the name of Waif Wander. The poems were different to the serials which were not always set in Australia. (No 11 of this series.). Our Book No: 40009. $18 AUD.

32. Fox, Dr Jason (2014). The Game Changer: How to Use the Science of Motivation with the Power of Game Design to Shift Behaviour, Shape Culture and Make Clever Happen (Reprint ed). Brisbane, Milton: WrightBooks / John Wiley & Sons Australia. 197 pp. Paperback octavo (with flaps), very good condition, figures, pages faintly toned, minimal edgewear. This book blends elements from the disciplines of motivation science, game design and agile management to bring about change by using the right motivational dynamics to influence behaviour, bring about success and shape culture. The author consults on leadership and change management to a wide range of clients, from the executives of multinational organisations, through to the directors of switched-on startups. ISBN: 9780730307648. Our Book No: 40001. $20 AUD.

33. Gaita, Raimond (editor) (2010). Gaza, Morality, Law and Politics (1st stated ed). Perth, Crawley: UWA Publishing. 222 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, front cover little creased, corner tips covers little creased, top spine lightly bumped, pages faintly toned, few tiny pinhead marks flyleaf, minor edgewear. Seven leading academics and intellectuals give a fresh analysis on what is arguably the most critical conflict of our contemporary world: the Palestinian enclave of the Gaza strip. The papers were presented in a public lecture series at the Australian Catholic University (ACU), Melbourne. ISBN: 9781742580968. Our Book No: 30074. $30 AUD.

34. Hall, M. Clement (2009). The Fibromyalgia Controversy. New York: Prometheus Books. 376 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, some toning inside covers, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear corner tips. Critically reviews the opinions and studies on this controversial condition. An unbiased survey of data and views on this illness. The book will be of interest to sufferers, clinicians, and anyone wanting to learn about the illness. ISBN: 9781591026815. Our Book No: 30084. $18 AUD.

35. Hamilton Dunlop, Eliza; Flavian, Vicent (illustrator) (1981). The Aboriginal Mother and Other Poems (1st ed) [Colonial Poets Series]. Canberra: Mulini Press. Unnum 12 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, few black & white drawings, minor edgewear. Eliza Hamilton was born in County Armagh, Ireland, in 1796, and came to Australia in 1838. Eliza had a lot of sympathy for the dispossessed Aboriginals and they featured in her poems. Eliza tried to encourage white people to be more aware of Aboriginal culture. The poem reprinted here (1830s) is about the Myall Creek massacre. (No 5 in this series.). ISBN: 0949910066. Our Book No: 40006. $18 AUD.

36. Hare, R. M. (1981). Moral Thinking: Its Levels, Method and Point (Reprint ed). New York: Oxford University Press (OUP). 242 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, top corner tips some pages little creased, minor edgewear, sticker on spine. This book is a continuation of the enterprise which the author began with the The Language of Morals and Freedom and Reason. He has used the logical and linguistic theses of his earlier books to write a full-scale but readily intelligible account of moral argument. ISBN: 0198246609. Our Book No: 30076. $20 AUD.

37. Harpur, Charles (1979). Early Love Poems (1st ed) [Colonial Poets Series]. Canberra: Mulini Press. Unnum 14 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, few black & white drawings, staples slightly rusted, minor edgewear. The poems in this booklet appeared mostly in James Tegg’s magazine The Literary News in 1837 and 1838. Charles Harpur was born at Windsor N.S.W. on 23rd January, 1813. (No 3 in this series.). ISBN: 0959844458. Our Book No: 40004. $18 AUD.

38. Hegel, G. W. F.; Sibree, J. (translator); Friedrich, C. J. (introduction) (2004). The Philosophy of History (Reissue ed) [Dover Philosophical Classics]. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications. 457 pp. Paperback, very good condition, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. The German philosopher wrote this classic as an introduction to a series of lectures on the "philosophy of history"- a novel concept in the early 19th century. He created the history of philosophy as a scientific study. This book is a Dover unabridged republication of the 1956 Dover reprint of the last revised edition of J. Sibree's translation of the work, originally published by The Colonial Press, New York, 1899. ISBN: 9780486437552. Our Book No: 30092. $16 AUD.

39. Henderson, Sara (1996). Outback Wisdom: Sara Henderson Looks at Life (Reprint ed). Sydney: Pan Macmillan. 78 pp. Hardback very small, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minimal foxing edges, pages faintly toned as usual, minimal edgewear, copy 1. Delightful quotations about successful living by the business women who owns a remote Australian farm. Sara Henderson, bestselling author of "From Strength to Strength" and other books, shares the lessons her extraordinary life on Bullo River Station taught her. (This printing has an orange sunset and "Sara Henderson looks at life" on front cover of jacket.). ISBN: 0732908213. Our Book No: 2761. $10 AUD.

40. Hill, Anthony; Sofilas, Mark (illustrator) (1996). Spindrift. Melbourne: Puffin / Penguin Books. 79 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, black & white drawings, minor foxing & rubbing edges. A story for young adults by Australian author. Elizabeth's grandmother is very special to her, but she is dying, and she wishes to give grandma’s spirit to the dolphins. This is a story about what there is to lose, and all there is to find. Elizabeth meets an old beachcomber named Bull Morgan, who helps her to understand sacrifice and hope. ISBN: 014037843X. Our Book No: 19971. $10 AUD.

41. Hill, Fidelia (1992). Adelaide and Other Poems of South Australia (1st ed) [Colonial Poets Series]. Canberra: Mulini Press. Unnum 18 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, few black & white drawings, minor edgewear. The four poems chosen here, from her book of 1840, are the four Australian ones. Fidelia was the first woman in Australia to publish a book of poems. (No 8 in this series.). ISBN: 094991035X. Our Book No: 40003. $18 AUD.

42. Hills, Ben (2010). Breaking News: The Golden Age of Graham Perkin. Melbourne: Scribe Publications. 536 pp. Hardback thick octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), black & white photos, minimal edgewear. Heavy (1.0 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. An insightful and vigorous biography by the veteran investigative journalist and Walkley Award winner Ben Hills - who worked under Graham Perkin's editorship at The Age newspaper in Melbourne for six years. He chronicles the life and times of Australia's most influential newspaper editor, and the history of the newspaper to which he devoted his tremendous talents. ISBN: 9781921640377. Our Book No: 17554. $40 AUD.

43. Hinton, Bill; Hinton, Betty (1989). A Wilderness in Bloom: Wildflowers of Tropical Queensland Australia (Reprint ed). Mossman, QLD: Floravilla Productions. 68 pp. Paperback wide octavo, card covers, very good condition, colour text-photos, glossy paper, minimal edgewear. An illustrated guide to selected native flowers from Queensland. Contains beautiful bright colourful photos (some full-page). A delightful book for the Australian native flower connoisseur. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0959520503. Our Book No: 20773. $10 AUD.

44. Hodgson, Barbara (2006). Dreaming of East: Western Women and the Exotic Allure of the Orient (Australian ed). Melbourne: Hardie Grant. 180 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, card cover (with flaps), sepia (brown tinted) text-photos, colour & black & white drawings, minor edgewear. Australian edition. Explores the enduring fascination that the area now known as the Middle East has exerted on women of the West and the freedom that it offered. Illustrated with paintings, engravings, and photos of these intrepid travellers and the exotic places they visited, this provocative book shows how all these women, by travelling outside their own societies, pushed the limits and made their world and ours a richer place. ISBN: 1740664477. Our Book No: 25172. $14 AUD.

45. Hornadge, Bill (1974). Old Dubbo Gaol (1st ed). Dubbo, NSW: Gaol Restoration Committee, Dubbo Museum and Historical Society. 32 pp. Paperback quarto, stapled pamphlet (staples lightly rusted), very good condition, black & white text-photos & drawings, maps, minor foxing & marking rear cover, minor edgewear. History of the old Dubbo gaol, central western New South Wales. (Tour guide brochure loosely inserted.). Our Book No: 20702. $10 AUD.

46. Howard, John (2011). Lazarus Rising: A Personal and Political Autobiography (Revised, reprint ed). Sydney, Pymble: HarperCollins. 728 pp. Paperback square very thivk octavo, very good plus condition, colour & sepia (brown-tinted) text-photos, minor edgewear. Heavy (1.0 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. John Howard reveals his personal and political journey from his childhood in the post-war era, school debating team, legal career, to joining the Liberal Party, and finally becoming the second longest serving Prime Minister of Australia. ISBN: 9780732289966. Our Book No: 17575. $30 AUD.

47. Howkins, Chris (1995). Daisy Chains: Plants of Childhood. Surrey: Chris Howkins. 95 pp. Hardback small octavo, no jacket as issued, green pictorial cover, very good plus condition, black & white drawings, minimal edgewear. A historical look at fact and folklore of flowers and trees in Britain that played their part in past childhoods. Wooden toys, games, sweets and child-raising are all discussed in this fascinating book. ISBN: 0951934880. Our Book No: 20705. $10 AUD.

48. Kendall, Henry; Crittenden, Victor (biographical note) (1982). Poems for Friends (1st ed) [Colonial Poets Series]. Canberra: Mulini Press. Unnum 12 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, few black & white drawings, minor edgewear. This booklet has been published in memory of Henry Kendall who died 1st August 1882. Victor Crittenden writes that Henry Kendall was Australia’s greatest poet of the 19th century. In this booklet the poems are about the people that the poet regarded as friends. (No 6 in this series.). ISBN: 0949910090. Our Book No: 40007. $18 AUD.

49. Kirtzman, Andrew (2009). Betrayal: The Life and Lies of Bernie Madoff (1st stated ed). New York: HarperCollins. 307 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket) minor edgewear jacket (tiny mark reverse side), pages faintly toned, faint foxing edges. This book is about a American who committed history's most notorious financial crime. The author tracked down more than 100 people from Madoff's past. He looked at thousands of pages of court records, private e-mails, phone-conversation transcripts, and census, military, and immigration records. This is a fascinating story about the rise of a deeply immoral man. ISBN: 9780061870767. Our Book No: 30069. $30 AUD.

50. Krementsov, Nikolai (2002). The Cure: A Story of Cancer and Politics from the Annals of the Cold War (1st ed). Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 261 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in good plus dustjacket), black & white text-photos, flaps creased jacket, minor edgewear. This is the story of a husband-and-wife team who developed a promising anti-cancer treatment in Stalin's Russia, only to see their discovery entangled in Cold War rivalries, ideological conflict and scientific turf wars. ISBN: 0226452840. Our Book No: 20780. $12 AUD.

51. Lambert, James (editor) (2011). Cooee! Your Guide to Aussie Slang (1st ed). Sydney: Australia's Heritage Publishing. 64 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, spine ends little scuffed, minor edgewear. An entertaining look at Australian slang. This collection of favourites and their definitions will educate and inspire anyone. Extracted from the book Best Aussie Slang (Macquarie Dictionary, 2008). A great book to add to a Australian History library. ISBN: 9780987070142. Our Book No: 30079. $20 AUD.

52. Lamberton, Kathryn (editor); Marr, David (essay) (2010). One Hundred: A Tribute to the Mitchell Library (1st ed). Sydney: State Library of New South Wales (SLNSW). 136 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, thick card covers (with flaps), colour & black & white & sepia (brown-tinted) photos (some full-page), small crease near spine front cover, minor edgewear. This book has been published in association with One Hundred, a free exhibition celebrating the Mitchell Library Centenary, 9 March-15 June 2010. A close look at 100 of the Library's choice items and the stories they tell. They are taken from the Library's collection of books, maps, oral history, journals, manuscripts, ephemera, electronic resources, and pictures which document the history, life, landscape, culture and achievements of the people of New South Wales. ISBN: 0731371992. Our Book No: 30080. $18 AUD.

53. Laming, Annette (1959). Lascaux: Paintings and Engravings (1st ed). Harmondsworth: Penguin Books. 208 pp. Paperback, very good condition, black & white plates, black & white drawings, pages lightly toned, minor spinewear. The famous prehistoric paintings and engravings in a French cave. Our Book No: 20641. $10 AUD.

54. Lang, John (1992). The Rose Garden: Translations from the Persian of Sadi of Shiraz (New ed) [Colonial Poets Series]. Cook, ACT: Mulini Press. Unnum 12 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, few black & white drawings, two small marks front cover, minimal insect damage front cover, minor edgewear. These poems were first published in The Mofussilite in 1845. The poems in this booklet are translations of Persian poetry from the ‘Gulistan’ and the ‘Bustan’, by the Court Poet known as Sadi of Shiraz. (No 9 in a series.). ISBN: 0949910422. Our Book No: 40008. $15 AUD.

55. Lang, John George; Crittenden, Victor (editor) (1989). Hovelling (New ed) [John Lang Project Occasional Tales no. 1]. Canberra: Mulini Press. 8 pp. Paperback trade, stapled pamphlet, card covers, very good condition, minor edgewear. This is a fascinating tale of adventure and bravery written by the first native-born Australian novelist. The story is about male hovellers (unofficial maritime pilots), but also about their wives. ISBN: 0975178466. Our Book No: 40015. $15 AUD.

56. Lang, John George (2004). Raymond (New ed) [Small Tales of Early Australia]. Canberra: Mulini Press. 62 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, minor edgewear, errata slip pasted in, previous owner’s written annotation prelim page. This historical novelette is partly autobiographical but has a gothic ending of disaster and death. The story was originally published in 1840 anonymously, but now attributed to John Lang. (No 9 in this series. Annotation by Alan Ives, book collector). ISBN: 0975178431. Our Book No: 30072. $12 AUD.

57. Lehar, Franz (1975). [PLAYBILL] The Merry Widow. Sydney: Australian Ballet / Playbill Pty Ltd. Unnum 28 pp. Paperback quarto, stapled pamphlet, card cover, very good condition, adverts, minimal foxing, minor edgewear. Drama performed at the Opera House as a ballet which was directed by Sir Robert Helpmann. There are a few full-colour drawings of the costumes that are used in the ballet, making this a very nice playbill to have in a Australian drama collection. (Loosely inserted: Three one-page brochures.). Our Book No: 20635. $10 AUD.

58. Lindsay, Jack (1960). The Roaring Twenties: Literary Life in Sydney New South Wales in the Years 1921-6. London: Bodley Head. 240 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white photos, pages lightly toned, flap jacket price-clipped, some edgewear. Jack Lindsay, son of Norman Lindsay, continues his life story, this time about his life in Sydney in the 1920s. The second volume of a trilogy (first volume was Life Rarely Tells, third volume was Fanfrolico and After). Includes line drawings in the text by Norman Lindsay and Hugh McCrae. Our Book No: 17549. $25 AUD.

59. Line, Aberdeen and Commonwealth (1952). Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line: Information for Passengers. London: Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line. 24 pp. Paperback trade, good condition, stapled pamphlet, pages & covers toned, minor edgewear, extensive annotation. Pamphlet for passengers sailing on this ocean liner from Britain to Australia. Includes a detailed listing of localities of interest to observe during the voyage. Extensively annotated by a passenger, dated 1954. (Estimated date, 1952, printer’s mark.). Our Book No: 17574. $10 AUD.

60. Lingo, Turner O. (1916). The Australian Comic Dictionary of Words and Phrases. Melbourne: E. W. Cole. 192 pp. Paperback small, good plus condition, narrow black cloth spine (neat repair), rear cover & corner front cover creased, pages lightly toned, edges & endpapers foxed, some edgewear. Lingo is the pen-name presumably for a Melbourne-focussed humorist, who writes a dictionary of funny definitions and epigrams. To make the work more suited of the Antipodes, the author begins it with Z and works through to A (and the entries are not sorted alphabetically within a letter, either). Some of the definitions rely entirely on the developed pun, as that of "Socialist: One who is down on his uppers". Quid: "Frequently prefixed by 'li'. In either case subject to rapid evaporation". Sydney: "Man's attempt to spoil the natural beauties of Port Jackson". (Estimated date, 1916, Trove newspaper reviews.). Our Book No: 17571. $60 AUD.

61. Long, William Stuart (1982). The Explorers [The Australians Series]. Sydney: Doubleday. 490 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), pages lightly toned as usual, minor edgewear. First edition. No 4 in the series of 12 historical novels "The Australians". Follows the story of Australia (Sydney Town) from 1809 to 1813 during the reign of the reforming Governor Lachlan Macquarie. As told through the adventures of convict Jessica Maclaine and adventurous mariner Justin Broome. ISBN: 0868240826. Our Book No: 1494. $15 AUD.

62. Luria, A. R.; Solotaroff, Lynn (translator) (1975). The Man with a Shattered World: A History of a Brain Wound. Harmondsworth: Penguin Education. 140 pp. Paperback small, very good condition, minimal edgewear, rubber stamps. A claasic account of the cognitive effects of brain damage. A soldier reported loss of vision, memory, and the ability to speak, read and write. The noted Soviet neuropsychologist describes how the patient’s mental life was rebuilt, interleaved wirh lucid extracts from the soldier’s diary. (Rubber stamps of Australian parapsychologist, Harvey J. Irwin.). ISBN: 0140805796. Our Book No: 4462. $15 AUD.

63. Lyne, Nairda (1983). Granny Stayput. Hobart: National Trust of Australia (Tasmania). 32 pp. Paperback small square quarto, very good condition, black & white drawings, bottom corner tip front cover creased, some edgewear. Granny O'Grady lives with her grey tabby cat, Albert in a tiny terrace. She refuses to move when the council wants to bulldoze her house for a carpark. A scarce, delightful children's story for all ages; the black & white drawings make this a very special story. ISBN: 0909575096. Our Book No: 20577. $10 AUD.

64. M’Donald, Charles; Crittenden, Victor (biographical note); Ostaus, Giovanni (vignettes) (1980). An Address on the Fiftieth Anniversary of New South Wales and Other Poems (1st this ed) [Colonial Poets Series]. Canberra, Cook: Mulini Press. 12 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, few black & white drawings, minor edgewear. The poem (named as an address) is supposed to be spoken by a young Australian at the 50th anniversary of the colonization of New South Wales. Victor Crittenden states that he could not find out any biographical details about the poet. (No 4 in this series.). ISBN: 0949910015. Our Book No: 40005. $15 AUD.

65. Macmillan, David S. (1965). Scotland and Australia 1788 - 1850: Emigration, Commerce and Investment. Melbourne: Oxford University Press (OUP). 435 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), minor edgewear. Archivist and historian (University of Sydney) provides the first detailed history of Scottish influence in early colonial Australia, in particular regarding commerce. Based on extensive archives in both Australia (Sydney) and Scotland. Our Book No: 17561. $80 AUD.

66. Marshall, Debi (2012). The House of Hancock: The Rise and Rise of Gina Rinehart (1st ed). Sydney: Random House. 367 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, top corner tips few pages little creased, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear, light pencil mark top edge. Gina Rinehart is not just the richest person in Australian history, she is fast becoming one of the richest people in the world. She is the daughter of Lang Hancock: mining millionaire and discoverer of the world's largest iron ore deposit in the Pilbara. Informed by sources close to the Hancock family and other business associates, and including exclusive materials never before seen, the author poses the question what comes next for the woman who has more wealth than the Queen? ISBN: 9781742756745. Our Book No: 30086. $20 AUD.

67. Martinez-Taboas, Alfonso (1995). Multiple Personality: An Hispanic Perspective. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Puente Publications. 250 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. A clinical psychologist from Puerto Rico describes multiple personality, and reports his 8-year empirical study in Puerto Rico (the first such study in Latin America). SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0963450107. Our Book No: 2737. $10 AUD.

68. May, Jean; Loeweke, Eunice (1981). Fasu (Namo - Me) - English Dictionary. Ukarumpa, PNG: Summer Institute of Linguistics. 444 pp. Paperback wide (with flaps), very good condition, flexible cover, minor edgewear. This dictionary, compiled by the two authors, has been produced as part of a project: Leadership Training for Indigenous groups in Papua New Guinea. The Fasu language (called Namo Me by the people themselves) is spoken by about 1000 indigenous people in the Southern Highlands and Western provinces. ISBN: 0726305278. Our Book No: 17576. $60 AUD.

69. May, Todd (2006). The Philosophy of Foucault (1st ed) [Continental European Philosophy]. Chesham, Bucks: Acumen Publishing. 170 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, bottom corners creased few pages (bookmarks), faint foxing edges, minor edgewear corners. This book is an easy-to-read and stimulating introduction to one of the most popular and influential French philosophers and social thinkers of recent years. The book will interest students studying Foucault as part of politics, sociology, history and philosophy courses. ISBN: 9781844650576. Our Book No: 30065. $30 AUD.

70. McGillivray, D. (1902). Australian Horses from Paddock to Park (1st ed). Sydney: William Brooks and Co. Ltd. 237 pp. Hardback octavo, no jacket, good condition, gilt title spine, dark green cloth cover, dark brown endpapers, frontispiece, pages lightly toned, foxing endpapers, edges toned, corners covers lightly bumped, few rust marks along hinges, light foxing few pages, one page edge trimmed & piece missing (plate intact, no missing text). From the title page: A Treatise on the Scientific Handling, Breaking, Educating, and the General Management of Horses: with upwards of 105 illustrations, obtained by instantaneous photography whilst the Author was at work upon the wild and raw material. (Newspaper clipping loosely enclosed.). Our Book No: 40021. $200 AUD.

71. McLellan, Vida (2015). A Girl from Wondah Farm: The Life of a Missionary Nurse in Ethiopia. Sydney, Eastood: Vida McLellan. 152 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, colour photos, small dent on spine, minor edgewear. This is the fascinating story of Vida McLellan, a missionary nurse who served in Ethiopia from 1955 to 1974. Vida grew up in the outback of New South Wales. After nurse’s training and Bible College, she travelled to Ethiopia to work as a missionary in very remote and difficult areas in southern Ethiopia. Vida met and married Dick Mclellan in 1955. They worked side by side in Ethiopia and after their return to Australia ISBN: 9780646939780. Our Book No: 40000. $35 AUD.

72. Melson, Gail F. (2001). Why the Wild Things Are: Animals in the Lives of Children (1st ed). Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 236 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear, faint remainder stripe. Discusses the importance of animals in children's lives. The author shows how animals enrich the lives and learning abilities of children. Whether they see themselves as King of the Wild Things or protector of Toto, children live in a world filled with animals, both real and imaginary, from Black Beauty to Barney. A very special book for all animal and pet lovers. ISBN: 0674017528. Our Book No: 20805. $10 AUD.

73. Moir, Alan (1981). Flo Goes to Canberra: The Intimate Diary of a Kingaroy Housewife (1st ed). Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 64 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, black & white photos, light foxing endpapers & title page, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear An amusing look at politics and politicians through the eyes of Queensland senator Flo Bjelke-Petersen, but the cartoonist. ISBN: 0207148007. Our Book No: 40014. $15 AUD.

74. Moyle, Angela; Coate, Ian (illustrator) (2013). Phoebe Digs Politics (1st ed). Perth, Fremantle: Vivid Publishing. Unnum 32 pp. Paperback small square quarto, very good plus condition, pictorial cover, colour drawings (mostly full-page), minor edgewear. This very special children’s picture story is about a wombat named Phoebe who lives in a nice warm burrow in the bush capital of Australia - Canberra. One day Phoebe decides to investigate the lovely green hill. Phoebe has many adventures which lead her to come face to face with the Prime Minister of Australia. The rhyming text and large bright illustrations will appeal to any age and will make you smile. ISBN: 9781925086317. Our Book No: 30075. $20 AUD.

75. Mulvaney, Kieran (2003). The Whaling Season: An Inside Account of the Struggle to Stop Commercial Whaling. Washington, DC: Island Press. 348 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), black & white photos centre spread, cover corners minimally bumped, minimal edgewear jacket. American whale conservationist recounts the extraordinary efforts to intercept the persistent fleet that keeps hunting whales in the waters surrounding Antarctica and halt the slaughter in one of the earth's last great wilderness areas. ISBN: 1559639784. Our Book No: 20731. $15 AUD.

76. Myron, Vicki; James, Steve (illustrator); Witter, Bret (with) (2009). Dewey: There's a Cat in the Library! (1st ed). New York: Little, Brown and Company. Unnum 34 pp. Hardback small square quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), pictorial cover, colour drawings (mostly full-page), illustrated endpapers, minor edgewear jacket, light tape residue (from gift tag), autograph (author's written first name & Dewey green texta front endpaper). On the coldest morning of the year, the author found a tiny, bedraggled kitten almost frozen to death in the night drop box of the library where she worked, and her life - and the town of Spencer, Iowa would never be the same. A beautiful true story, here told for young children. T=Dewey tells his side of living in the library, and all his wonderful and amusing adventures. ISBN: 9780316068741. Our Book No: 30068. $12 AUD.

77. Neller, Shelley (editor); Trust, Historic Houses (1994). Wool in the Australian Imagination. Sydney: Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales. 107 pp. Paperback large square quarto, very good condition, black & white & colour text-photos, minor edgewear. Covers many aspects of the history of wool in Australia. Produced to accompany an exhibition by the Historic Houses Trust of NSW in 1994. The many photos will be of interest to anyone learning about the history of wool. ISBN: 0949753513. Our Book No: 20739. $12 AUD.

78. Nucolorvue; Palmer, Jean (photographer) (1970). Wildflowers of the West: Highlights of Western Australia's Unique Native Flora [Wildflowers of the West in Full Colour]. Perth: Nucolorvue Productions / Gordon and Gotch. Unnum 24 pp. Paperback oblong small quarto, stapled pamphlet, very good condition, colour text-photos (some full-page), reverse side covers lightly toned, rear cover corner creased, minor edgewear, owner's written name. A pamphlet published for Gordon and Gotch (Australia) Ltd., Parry Street, Perth (possibly 1970 or 1960s, Trove catalogue). This pamphlet shows some of the highlights of the 6000 or so species in Western Australia. Picture of blue leschenaultia on front cover. The full-colour photos make this a delightful addition to any horticulture library. Our Book No: 20727. $10 AUD.

79. Nuttall, Jon (2002). An Introduction to Philosophy (1st ed). Cambridge: Polity Press. 254 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, minimal edgewear, small sticker inside rear cover. This new textbook is an accessible introduction to philosophy. The book provides clear and incisive discussion of the key areas of philosophy for students new to this subject. Fundamental issues of philosophical thought to the latest theories in the philosophy of mind are discussed. This is an ideal text for AS-level, A-level and first year undergraduate students or anyone studying the subject for the first time. ISBN: 0745616631. Our Book No: 30064. $25 AUD.

80. Paton, Wendy (1996). Nikolai and Australian Connections. A Brief History of the Life and Achievements of Nikolai Nikolaevich Miklouho-Maclay. Sydney, Woollahra: Woollahra Municipal Library. 74 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, black & white photos, map, minor edgewear. Commemorates the 150th anniversary of the birth in 1846 of Baron Nikolai-Nikolaevich de Miklouhou-Maclay. He was a 19th century Russian adventurer, traveller and anthropologist. As a scientist and scholar he is revered throughout the Russian Federation. The Pacific region was his main field of study. Nikolai lived for several years in Australia where he married an Australian lady, and was responsible for setting up the first biological research station in Australia at Watsons Bay in Sydney in 1881. A brief history of a man who achieved a lot in his short life of 41 years. (Plus: Loosely inserted pamphlet about him.). ISBN: 0949648647. Our Book No: 30073. $20 AUD.

81. Penfold, A. R.; Morrison, F. R. (1934). Tung Oil (Chinese Wood Oil) from Australian Grown Trees of Aleurites Fordii (Hemsley), with a Note on A. Montana (3rd ed) [Technological Museum Bulletin]. Sydney: Technological Museum, Technical Education Branch. 30 pp. Paperback octavo, stapled pamphlet (staples rusted), card cover (lightly faded edges & spine), good condition, tables & black & white photos at rear, one page creased (during manufacture). A technical pamphlet about the Tung Oil tree, published at a time when plantations of this tree were being considered for Australia. Tung oil is used for polishing, preserving and water-proofing wood, for example, floor boards in old houses. SALE PRICE. Our Book No: 12201. $10 AUD.

82. Penzig, Edgar (1992). Rogues, Vagabonds and Bloody Thieves: An Illustrated History of Colonial Crime 1850 - 1900. Katoomba, NSW: Tranter Enterprises. 220 pp. hardback wide octavo, no jacket as issued, very good condition, pictorial cover, black & white text-photos, minor edgewear, autograph (author's written dedication). (No 446 of a limited edition of 1200 copies.) A lavishly illustrated history of eastern Australian colonial crime, including bushranging, murders and robberies. His eleventh book, by the expert chronicler of Australian bushranging. Written dedication states: "Best wishes from the author to a fellow colonial". ISBN: 0958765065. Our Book No: 17568. $280 AUD.

83. Penzig, Edgar F. (1985). The Sandy Creek Bushranger: A Definitive History of Ben Hall, His Gang and Associates. Sydney, Lane Cove: Historic Australia Publishing Company. 191 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, black & white text-photos & drawings, colour frontispiece, pages faintly toned as usual, corner tip front cover creased, minor edgewear, remainder stripes top edge, non-author written dedication, copy 2. A fascinating study of one of the most notorious bushrangers from that period of history that has become known as Australia's wild colonial days. ISBN: 0958883602. Our Book No: 14125A. $60 AUD.

84. Penzig, Edgar F. (1990). Bullets, Blades and Bravery: Stories and Weapons of Australia's Wild Colonial Days. Katoomba, NSW: Tranter Enterprises. 206 pp. Hardback large octavo, pictorial cover, very good condition, black & white text-photos & drawings, rear cover minimally scratched, plastic cover coating little loose (in groove along spine), minor edgewear, review copy sticker, autograph (author's written name). (Unnum. copy of a limited edition of 1,000 copies.) A comprehensive illustrated description of most of the weapons - both firearms and edged - used during the period known as Australia's wild colonial days. Embraces the settlers, the goldfields, bushrangers, police and volunteer military units. Consists of a series of stories, arranged loosely from 1850 to 1900, recreating mental pictures of these colourful and turbulent times. ISBN: 0958765049. Our Book No: 13357. $120 AUD.

85. Perry, John (2002). The Quick and the Dead: Stawell and Its Race Through Time (1st ed). Sydney: University of New South Wales Press (UNSW Press). 284 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white text-photos, black & white photos, minimal edgewear. The Stawell Easter Gift is a Sheffield handicap sprint (that is, held over a distance of 130 yards) that has been held since 1878 on Easter Monday in the goldmining town of Stawell in Victoria. A special story that uses one traditional event in the life of one town to tell human stories. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0868407240. Our Book No: 20797. $10 AUD.

86. Porges, Stephen W. (2011). The Polyvagal Theory: Neurophysiological Foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communication, and Self-regulation [Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology]. New York: W. W. Norton. 347 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, as new condition (in as new dustjacket), minimal edgewear. American professor of psychology, and expert on the autonomic nervous system (ANS), describes his groundbreaking polyvagal theory, which has key implications for treating anxiety, depression, trauma, and autism. Adopted by clinicians worldwide, polyvagal theory provides exciting new insights into how the ANS unconsciously mediates, not only heart rate and respiration, but also social engagement and attachment, trust, and intimacy ISBN: 9780393707007. Our Book No: 17558. $50 AUD.

87. Poulton, M. D. (1988). The Story of William and Bridget Poulton and their Family. Sydney, Beecroft: E. J. & M. D. Poulton. 184 pp. Paperback large quarto, good plus condition, typewritten text, black & white text-photos, rear cover marked & lightly foxed, corner tips covers & some pages creased, some edgewear, written dedication title page. (No 167 of a limited edition of 1000 copies.) William Poulton was a baker transported to Sydney Town in 1831 for stealing sausages. He married Bridget McGuire, and had nine children. This detailed genealogical study documents his extensive descendents, mostly in New South Wales. Our Book No: 17560. $50 AUD.

88. Prime, Mervyn W. (2007). Broome's One Day War: The Story of the Japanese Raid on Broome, 3rd March 1942 (Updated ed). Broome, WA: Broome Historical Society. 48 pp. Paperback small octavo, good plus condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, black & white text-photos, maps, rear cover little marked, spine little creased, minor edgewear. On Tuesday 3 March 1942, Japanese Zero fighters attacked targets on the Broome airstrip and adjacent Roebuck Bay (northwestern Australia). This publication updates and expands on the information in the author's earlier work on this subject and published in 1985 as "W. A. 's Pearl Harbour". Our Book No: 30082. $18 AUD.

89. Rivett, Collinridge (1983). Old Parramatta since 1788 and All That. Sydney, Parramatta: Art in Parramatta Series Publications. Unnum 96 pp. Paperback narrow octavo, very good condition, stapled pamphlet (staples little rusted), many black & white drawings, maps, extra pages & foldouts inserted at front & rear, minor edgewear. (No 497 of a limited edition of 500 copies.) This collection of short historical items about Parramatta was initially published in 1961, but here updated prior to Parramatta’s 200 years birthday in 1988. Many drawings of historical buildings. (ISBN not printed in book). ISBN: 0959382127. Our Book No: 17561. $30 AUD.

90. Saunders, Peter (2002). The Ends and Means of Welfare: Coping with Economic and Social Change in Australia (1st p/b ed). Melbourne: Cambridge University Press (CUP). 300 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, tables, minor edgewear. Written by Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales. Explores the relation between economic liberalism and social policy in Australia. ISBN: 0521524431. Our Book No: 20789. $10 AUD.

91. Sewell, Edward (1898). The Examination of Horses as to Soundness: And Selection as to Purchase (1st ed). London: Bailliere, Tindall and Cox. 86 pp. Hardback octavo, no jacket, good condition, embossed banding covers, gilt title front cover & spine, gilt vignette, black cloth cover & endpapers, colour plates, frontispiece, pages lightly toned, foxing flyleaf & title page, light foxing few pages front & rear, spine ends chipped, corners covers little worn, inner hinges little split few places (all pages firm), some edgewear. This fascinating scarce book explains how to examine a horse and judge the health of the horse before purchase. The colour plates illustrate how to tell age from their teeth. Our Book No: 40019. $100 AUD.

92. Shah, Sami (2014). I, Migrant: A Comedian's Journey from Karachi to the Outback (1st ed). Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 282 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, small dent bottom edge few pages, top corner front cover little creased, bottom corners covers little creased, minor edgewear. The author is a journalist and comedian who migrated to Australia from Pakistan and settled in Northam, Western Australia. In this very funny autobiography he tells a very moving story of what it's like to leave the home you love to start a new life in a new country. ISBN: 9781743319345. Our Book No: 30067. $18 AUD.

93. Simon, Bart (2002). Undead Science: Science Studies and the Afterlife of Cold Fusion (1st p/b ed). New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press. 252 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition, minimal edgewear. Examines the curious story of cold fusion, a highly publicized scientific controversy in the United States. Reveals a lot about pseudoscience, as well the emotional scientific and media response. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0813531543. Our Book No: 20788. $10 AUD.

94. State, Doris (1940). Mrs State's Australian Cook Book. Sydney: Sydney County Council. 162 pp. Hardback small octavo, no jacket, good condition, black cloth cover (gilt lettering front cover faded), full-page colour photos, adverts, endpapers & edges lightly foxed, pages lightly toned, base spine worn, some edgewear (notably spine ends). First edition. A community cookbook written for the Sydney County Council. Our Book No: 17555. $50 AUD.

95. Story, Ronald D. (1981). UFOs and the Limits of Science. London: New English Library (NEL). 245 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, good plus condition (in good plus dustjacket), black & white photos centre spread, drawings, edges foxed, minor edgewear, sticker mark front flyleaf. An intelligent evaluation of both fact and fakery which casts new light on the UFO controversy, especially the 1% of reports that defy immediate rational explanation. ISBN: 0450048179. Our Book No: 12208. $12 AUD.

96. Thornton, Caroline Rouse (1988). Rouse Hill House and the Rouses (1st ed). Perth, Nedlands: Caroline Thornton. 311 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white text-photos, maps (including endpapers), edges lightly foxed (mainly top edge), minor edgewear jacket, owner’s written name, addenda slip tipped in. Rouse Hill House, on the northwestern outskirts of Sydney on Windsor Road, is Australia's oldest and largest surviving family home, built by Richard and Elizabeth Rouse between 1813 and 1818. Also reports on the descendants of Richard Rouse, who for six generations have made this house their home (genealogical chart included). The author is a descendant who lived there for 30 years. ISBN: 0731637585. Our Book No: 14417. $20 AUD.

97. Townsend, Tim (2014). Mission at Nuremberg: An American Army Chaplain and the Trial of the Nazis (1st stated ed). New York: William Morrow. 388 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white photos, some edgewear jacket (spine ends little creased, bottom corner scuffed), top corner front cover slightly bumped, pages faintly toned, remainder stripe bottom edge. This is the story of the American army chaplain sent to save the souls of the Nazis incarcerated at Nuremberg, Germany. The author has found new research and firsthand accounts that uncover what happened at the trials of the accused, as he goes into the Nuremberg Palace of Justice. A detailed, harrowing and emotionally charged new history of the Nuremberg trials, as well as a nuanced reflection on the nature of morality and sin, the price of empathy, and the limits of forgiveness. ISBN: 9780061997198. Our Book No: 30077. $30 AUD.

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100. Webster, Merv; Heathcote, Doug (illustrator); Head, Dawn (illustrator) (2002). A Muster of Australiana: Biography, Bush Verse and Yarns by the Goondiwindi Grey. Bargara, QLD: Merv Webster / Printed by T. E. C. Print. 289 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good condition, black & white drawings, tiny scuff top spine, base spine lightly bumped, front hinge little split (pages firm), minor edgewear corners. The author writes about his many adventures in Queensland. Merv and his wife Chris take their show Laughter & Tears from the Bush around Australia, and meet many interesting people, and travel to a number of places. This book was a finalist in the Australian Bush Laureate Awards. ISBN: 1876245794. Our Book No: 30087. $25 AUD.

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106. Wiseman, Foster (1950). The Penguin Handyman (Revised ed) [Penguin Handbooks]. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books. 122 pp. Paperback, good condition, black & white drawings, pages lightly toned, spine bumped & little worn. A book to help with basic repairs around the home. There is a chapter on electrical domestic appliance repairs. In the 50's it was not essential to call an electrician to mend these, but now it is, so this is a good chapter to read and understand how they work, but leave the repairs to the electricians. A good book to add to an old Penguin book collection. Our Book No: 20746. $10 AUD.

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