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1. Abagnale, Frank W. (2001). The Art of the Steal: How to Protect Yourself and Your Business from Fraud. Sydney: Bantam Books. 225 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, figures, pages lightly toned as usual, minor edgewear. The world famous con artist and bestselling author of "Catch Me If You Can" reveals the tricks of the scam trade - with advice that has made him one of the world's most sought-after fraud prevention experts. ISBN/ASIN: 1863253327. Our Book No: 20933. $10 AUD.

2. Adams, William (& Company Limited) (1939). William Adams & Company Limited Catalogue: Everything for Engineers (Perth ed). Perth: William Adams & Company Limited. 496 pp. Paperback large wide octavo, good condition, pictorial card covers, concealed staples, green cloth spine (worn, toned, spine ends little torn), black & white text-photos, tables, covers rubbed & creased, page edges toned, corner tips front cover missing (tips first few pages worn), small tear & scuff first order form, hanging hole top spine, stub of return card, some edgewear. A heritage business catalogue prepared by William Adams and Company Limited for the Australian engineering industry. There are black & white illustrations of tools and equipment available and their prices. This catalogue was published in 1939 and is aimed to be as complete a reference book as possible. The goods stocked and sold by William Adams are in their various branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. There are four order forms intact at the front of the Catalogue. The house of William Adams was established in 1884 in Sydney. A good way to identify early Australian tools and equipment. (This is the Perth edition.). Our Book No: 40635. $50 AUD.

3. Al-Fahim, Mohammed (2004). From Rags to Riches: The Story of Abu Dhabi (Reprint ed). London: London Centre of Arab Studies. 191 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition, sepia (brown-coloured) & colour photos centre spread, map. Autobiography of an Arab businessman who helped transform this little Gulf State from a traditional Bedouin community to a prosperous modern society with the world's highest per capita income. ISBN/ASIN: 1900404001. Our Book No: 14098. $15 AUD.

4. Alexander, Todd (2006). How to Buy and Sell on eBay: The Official Pocket Guide (1st ed). Sydney: Hodder Australia. 140g pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, figures, tables, top corner front cover creased, crease front cover, minor edgewear. The official pocket guide guide to making the most of the new eBay, for beginners and experienced users alike. The book has steps, tips and helpful symbols. The chapters include: trading safely, registration, bidding at auction, buying at a fixed price, sending payment, selling on eBay, and getting help. ISBN/ASIN: 0733620728. Our Book No: 30472. $20 AUD.

5. Alexander, Todd (2013). The New eBay: The Official Guide to Buying, Selling, Running a Profitable Business (1st ed). Brisbane, Milton: Wrightbooks. 280 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition, minor edgewear, figures, tables. This book is the official and definitive guide to making the most of the new eBay, for beginners and experienced users alike. The book has steps, tips and colour screenshots. ISBN/ASIN: 9781118588536. Our Book No: 30284. $20 AUD.

6. Anderson, Chris (2006). The Long Tail: How Endless Choice is Creating Unlimited Potential (1st UK ed). London: Random House. 238 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. In the new economics of online commerce, the combined value of the millions of items that only sell in small quantities exceeds that of the few best-sellers. The 80/20 rule (that 20% of items produce 80% of sales revenue) no longer applies. Chris Anderson first explored the Long Tail in an article in Wired magazine that soon become the most influential business essay of our time. Now, in this book, he takes a closer look at the new economics of the internet age, and he sets down the rules for operating in a long-tail economy that applies across a wide range of merchandise categories. ISBN/ASIN: 190521121X. Our Book No: 12741. $10 AUD.

7. Arlacchi, Pino (1988). Mafia Business: The Mafia Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Oxford: Oxford University Press (OUP). 239 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, tables, light creasing corners covers, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. A thoroughly documented account of the transition from the old-style mafia of 'The Godfather' in Italy to the new gangster-capitalists: international entrepreneurs combining large-scale business and banking activity with drug dealing, political corruption, and widespread violence in the 1980s, including the murder of investigators. The author Pino Arlacchi served on the Italian Government Anti-Mafia Commission. . ISBN/ASIN: 0192851977. Our Book No: 24037. $15 AUD.

8. Arvedlund, Erin (2009). Madoff: The Man Who Stole $65 Billion (1st UK ed). London: Penguin Books. 310 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, spine little creased, minor edgewear. The first definitive account of the rise and fall of the biggest fraudster ever: the American financier who stole from wealthy charities in a giant Ponzi Scheme. It is a story of greed, betrayal and lies, of remorseless risk-taking, family tragedy and financial disaster. ISBN/ASIN: 9780141045467. Our Book No: 26469. $18 AUD.

9. Bacal, Robert (2005). Perfect Phrases for Customer Service: Hundreds of Tools, Techniques, and Scripts for Handling Any Situation (1st, reprint ed). New York: McGraw Hill. 222 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, spine little creased, minor edgewear corners. This book provides solutions for everyday customer service situations for your business. ISBN/ASIN: 007144453X. Our Book No: 25090. $10 AUD.

10. Bachelard, Michael (2008). Behind the Exclusive Brethren. Melbourne: Scribe Publications. 314 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, pages faintly toned as usual, minor edgewear. The most comprehensive book ever written about the Exclusive Brethren. It details their origins in the United Kingdom in the 19th century, their fractious history, their use of scripture to control members and dissidents, and their lucrative business and financial arrangements. This is a fascinating story of influence and power exercised across several continents, including Australia - where this tiny Christian sect seems to have a privileged existence, and has attempted to influence government. ISBN/ASIN: 9781921372285. Our Book No: 15074. $20 AUD.

11. Bannock, Graham (2005). The Economics and Management of Small Business: An International Perspective. London: Routledge / Taylor & Francis. 239 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, tables, boxes, minor edgewear corner tips. Graham Bannock provides an international perspective on why small businesses continue to thrive across the globe and form a vital part of all successful economies. He challenges much conventional thinking on the subject and contains examples from the over 40 countries in which the author has worked or studied. Students of small business and entrepreneurship will find the authors accessible writing style to be very helpful in gaining a good understanding of this important field. . ISBN/ASIN: 0415336678. Our Book No: 23683. $15 AUD.

12. Baren, Maurice (1998). Victorian Shopping: On the Start of Our Favourite Pastime. London: Michael O'Mara. 144 pp. Paperback small quarto, good plus condition, black & white & colour & sepia (brown-coloured) text-photos & drawings, small bump bottom edge front cover, faint foxing edges, faint toning fore-edge, minor edgewear. Maurice Baren provides a fascinating look at our favourite pastime, and offers a glimpse behind the lace curtains of a bygone age. There are over 300 illustrations to bring the text to life. ISBN/ASIN: 1854793020. Our Book No: 25774. $15 AUD.

13. Beaumont, Dale (2007). Secrets of Internet Entrepreneurs Exposed! Sydney, Crows Nest: Dream Express Publishing. 288 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. Dale Beaumont records close and personal interviews with 17 of the most successful internet sellers in Australia. Discover all their secrets and learn how to create your own internet empire! ISBN/ASIN: 9780980308709. Our Book No: 13031. $20 AUD.

14. Beeton, Sue (2000). Ecotourism: A Practical Guide for Rural Communities (Reprint ed). Melbourne: Landlinks Press / CSIRO Publishing. 186 pp. Paperback large trade, very good plus condition, tables, minimal edgewear. Sue Beeton covers everything you need to think about before venturing into the ecotourism market.She explains what ecotourism is, and who the ecotourists are. This book describes how to work with the local community and the local environment, highlighting some of the constraints and pitfalls. It explains what is needed to make a successful venture work and how to make it pay. The author has developed a lecture course on rural tourism at Latrobe University, Shepparton Campus. ISBN/ASIN: 0643063595. Our Book No: 13291. $25 AUD.

15. Behan, Tom (2009). See Naples and Die: The Camorra and Organised Crime (New ed). London: Tauris Parke Paperbacks / I. B. Tauris. 324 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, spine little creased. New edition. A century before the emergence of its cousin, the Sicilian mafia, the criminal organisation known as "The Camorra" was establishing a deadly grip on Naples and Southern Italy. Its influence today is as strong as ever. This account of the organisation and its shadowy leaders reveals a crime syndicate of extraordinary power and resources: it involves the major political parties, along with the police, judiciary, administrators and leading figures in the business community. ISBN/ASIN: 9781848850187. Our Book No: 16758. $18 AUD.

16. Benns, Matthew (2011). Dirty Money: The True Cost of Australia's Mineral Boom. Sydney: William Heinemann / Random House. 296 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, colour photos, front cover lightly scratched, slight bump base spine, minor edgewear. Matthew Benns provides the true story of Australia's mineral boom. It is a story of greed, corruption and murder. A book every Australian needs to read, because it is the story of our national wealth, and how those who have access to it are abusing the privilege. Environmental pollution and exploitation of African nations are mentioned. ISBN/ASIN: 9781742750002. Our Book No: 26301. $22 AUD.

17. Beresford, Quentin (2008). The Godfather: The Life of Brian Burke. Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 294 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white photos centre spread, pages faintly toned as usual, minor edgewear. Once touted as a future Australian prime minister, former Western Australian premier Brian Burke has had a rollercoaster political career. As premier, the man in the Panama hat, was was a key player behind the mineral boom that became the infamous WA Inc. in the 1980s. After a high profile inquiry, he was jailed for corruption in 1994, and again in 1997. Brian Burke then became a ruthless behind-the-scenes powerbroker in WA politics, business and unions. With his capacity to deliver fundraising largesse to the ALP, his control over preselections, and a cadre of mafia-like devoted supporters, he became the Godfather of WA politics. The amazing story of his spectacular rise and spectacular fall. ISBN/ASIN: 9781741755565. Our Book No: 16683. $25 AUD.

18. Beresford, Quentin (2015). The Rise and Fall of Gunns Ltd. Sydney: NewSouth / University of New South Wales Press. 442 pp. Paperback thick octavo, very good condition, top corner tip covers little creased, minor edgewear. The story of Australia's most controversial forestry giant company, Gunns Ltd, the corruption that gave it power, the environmental activists who fought it, and the forces that brought it down. It was the largest private employer and landowner in Tasmania. Most of its profits came from woodchipping of clear-felled old-growth forests. A planned pulp mill lead to extensive environmental activism. Quentin Beresford has written a fearless and forensic book which not only exposes the collapse of the company but everything it stood for in its quest to industrialise nature. ISBN/ASIN: 9781742234199. Our Book No: 40510. $30 AUD.

19. Berg, Chris; Roskam, John (2015). Magna Carta: The Tax Revolt that Gave Us Liberty. Melbourne: Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). 155 pp. Paperback large trade, very good condition, minor edgewear. The Magna Carta is the founding document of individual liberty, the rule of law, and parliamentary democracy. Explains where it came from, and why it matters. The barons demanded of King John of England nothing less than a wholesale revolution of government, in which there is a fundamental link between tax and consent. ISBN/ASIN: 9780909536787. Our Book No: 17873. $18 AUD.

20. Bickel, Lennard (1991). Australia's First Lady: The Story of Elizabeth Macarthur (1st ed). Sydney: Allen & Unwin / A Susan Haynes Book. 219 pp. Hardback large octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white text-photos, frontispiece, edges lightly foxed, minor edgewear jacket. Leonard Bickel explores the early life of pioneer Elizabeth Macarthur in a pretty Devon vicarage, the hardships she endured aboard the sailing ship Neptune enroute to Sydney. Then her arrival in Australia in 1790, and her role in running Elizabeth Farm and her husband John's other pastoral properties during his time in England in 1801, and again after his involvement in the Rum Rebellion between 1809 and 1817. The centre of her life was her husband and her children, but she became an astute businesswoman. This story of her long and remarkable life is based on a wealth of letters, documents and accounts. He pays tribute to her hard work, fortitude and integrity, and provides the reader with an insight on many aspects of Australian colonial life. ISBN/ASIN: 0044422318. Our Book No: 30907. $22 AUD.

21. Biel, Robert (2013). The Entropy of Capitalism (1st p/b ed) [Studies in Critical Social Sciences]. Chicago, IL: Haymarket Books. 391 pp. Paperback thick octavo, very good condition, fore-edge slightly marked (printing error), minor edgewear. Robert Biel draws on his experiences in both international systems and low-input agriculture. He explores the interaction of social and physical systems, using the conceptual tools of thermodynamics and information. He states that the early 21st century is the period when capitalism starts parasitizing on the chaos it itself creates. ISBN/ASIN: 9781608462421. Our Book No: 31059. $30 AUD.

22. Bilmes, Linda; Stiglitz, Joseph (2008). The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict (Australian ed). Melbourne: Allen Lane / Penguin Books. 311 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), pages lightly toned, minor edgewear jacket (tiny tear bottom corner), front cover corner tip creased. Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes provide a devastating reckoning of the true cost of the Iraq war - quite apart from the tragic human toll - estimated by the Bush administration at $50 billion, but which underestimates the real figure up to 60 times. Exposes the gigantic expenses that have not been accounted for, including replacing military equipment (being degraded at six times the peacetime rate), but also the cost of lifetime caring for thousands of wounded veterans. Shifting to a global perspective, they investigate the cost in lives and damage within Iraq and the Middle East generally. With chilling precision, they calculate what the money spent on the war could have produced had it been further invested in economic growth and infrastructure building. Australian edition. ISBN/ASIN: 1846141311. Our Book No: 13795. $20 AUD.

23. Bilton, Nick (2013). Hatching Twitter: How a Fledgling Start-up Became a Multimillion-Dollar Business and Accidentally Changed the World (Australian printed ed). London: Sceptre. 302 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. In barely six years, a small group of young, ambitious programmers in Silicon Valley built an $11 billion business out of the ashes of a failed podcasting company. Today Twitter boasts more 200 million active users [old data]. Nick Bilton of the New York Times takes readers behind the scenes as Twitter grew at exponential speeds. A tale of betrayed friendships and high-stakes power struggles as the four founders - Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, and Noah Glass - went from everyday engineers to wealthy celebrities, featured on Time's list of the world's most influential people. Bilton's exclusive access and exhaustive investigation - drawing on hundreds of sources, documents, and internal e-mails - have enabled him to write an intimate portrait of fame, influence, and power. ISBN/ASIN: 9781444767049. Our Book No: 16685. $15 AUD.

24. Bloomberg, Michael; Winkler, Matthew (collaborator) (1997). Bloomberg on Bloomberg (1st ed). New York: John Wiley. 261 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. A provocative autobiography by Michael Bloomberg, the visionary leader of the world's fastest-growing media empire, including Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Financial Markets, which shook up the ossified financial information industry. A business magnate and philanthropist, he later served as Mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013. ISBN/ASIN: 0471251496. Our Book No: 17877. $15 AUD.

25. Bonser, Phil; City Properties Limited, Australian; Woldendorp, Richard (photographer) (1988). Broome and the Pearl Coast (1 ed). Broome, WA: Phil Bonser Research and Presentation Pty Ltd. 40 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, colour text-photos (some full-page), few small scratches covers, minor edgewear. Phil Bonser (Australian City Properties Limited) provides a guide to the town of Broome, Western Australia, on the shores of Roebuck Bay, about 2200km north of Perth, and famous for its pearling industry, a major source for pearls worldwide as a fashion accessory. Photographs by Richard Woldendorp. ISBN/ASIN: 0731635388. Our Book No: 28760. $20 AUD.

26. Bouquet, Tim; Ousey, Byron (2008). Cold Steel: Britain's Richest Man and the Multi-billion-dollar Battle for a Global Empire (1st p/b ed). London: Little Brown. 340 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, bottom corner front cover little creased, small dent top edge front cover & first few pages, top spine little bumped, few tiny tears fore-edge last few pages, minor edgewear. Tim Bouquet and Byron Ousey relate the story of the biggest and most hard-fought British industry takeover of recent years. Lakshmi Mittal is a self-made Indian industrialist who grew up walking on the bare floors of a house built by his grandfather and sleeping on rope beds. Today he is the richest man in Britain, and the fifth richest man in the world. He could have hardly been more different from the brilliant and mercurial Frenchman Guy Dolle, CEO of Luxembourg-based Arcelor, the world’s largest steel producer by turnover. The authors have had unprecedented access to all of the major players, making this the definitive account of the takeover that defined an era. ISBN/ASIN: 9780316028073. Our Book No: 30426. $20 AUD.

27. Bova, Tiffani (2018). Growth IQ: Master the 10 Paths to Grow Your Business. London: Macmillan. 337 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, few black & white drawings, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. The author lists the ten simple paths to growing your business. She uses her first-hand experience of helping companies solve there most vexing problems. There are 30 fascinating in-depth business stories of how to keep growing in the face of stiff competition and a fast-changing business environment. ISBN/ASIN: 9781529004670. Our Book No: 40248. $30 AUD.

28. Bowlby, Rachel (1993). Shopping with Freud. London: Routledge. 134 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear, minor pencil annotation few pages. Examines some of the surprising ways in which consumers appear in a range of writings - from literature to marketing psychology to psychoanalysis. Shows how ideas about consumption are brought to bear on contemporary questions of choice in areas that seem far removed from a straightforward matter of advertising and shopping. SALE PRICE. ISBN/ASIN: 0415060079. Our Book No: 24154. $10 AUD.

29. Brenchley, Fred; Tandberg, Ron (cartoonist) (2003). Allan Fels: A Portrait of Power (1st ed). Brisbane, Milton: John Wiley & Sons. 310 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, pages lightly toned as usual, small mark front flyleaf, minor edgewear. Tells the story of charismatic academic Allan Fels, controversial as chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). A compelling inside story of the forces that cut short the career of Allan Fels as Australia's competition czar. ISBN/ASIN: 1740310705. Our Book No: 20481. $10 AUD.

30. Brothers, Brown (1988). The Brown Brothers of Milawa Australia Wine and Food Book (Reprint ed). Milawa, VIC: Brown Brothers. 79 pp. Hardback large quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), colour drawings (some full-page), cream-coloured pages, minor edgewear jacket, minor rubbing bottom edge, top edge lightly faded rear boards. The story of Brown Brothers Wines in Milawa, northeast Victoria. The Brown family have been producing wines in northeast Victoria since 1889. A superb guide to matching good wine with good food. Includes favourite numerous family recipes, and a dinner for six using local produce. ISBN/ASIN: 1862523029. Our Book No: 23197. $20 AUD.

31. Bruck, Connie (1988). The Predator's Ball: The Junk-bond Raiders and the Man Who Staked Them (Australian ed) [How Michael Milken and his Junk Bond Machine Staked the Corporate Raider]. Melbourne: Information Australia. 385 pp. Paperback trade, good condition, minor creasing covers, minor edgewear, old price marks. Connie Bruck, a senior reporter from 'The American Lawyer' magazine, exposes the corporate raiders (greenmailers), lead by Michael Milken, who laid siege to the biggest American companies using dubious junk bonds. ISBN/ASIN: 0949338850. Our Book No: 14047. $12 AUD.

32. Buchanan, Cathy; Hartley, Peter R. (1992). The Economic Theory of Crime and Its Implications for Crime Control [CIS Policy Monograph]. Sydney, St Leonards: Centre for Independent Studies (CIS). 80 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, figures, edges lightly foxed, tiny stain fore-edge, minor edgewear. A pamphlet from the libertarian Centre for Independent Studies, being an exposition regarding economic conditions as a cause of crime, and the consequences for crime control. ISBN/ASIN: 0949769819. Our Book No: 24142. $15 AUD.

33. Buckley, Ken; Wheelwright, Ted (1998). False Paradise: Australian Capitalism Revisited, 1915 - 1955. Melbourne: Oxford University Press (OUP). 278 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. The second volume of a radical history of capitalism in Australia, told from the perspective of the working class by Ken Buckley and Ted Wheelwright. This book is a clear and readable political economic history of Australian people. It traces the impact of WW1 after 1918 on workers, capitalists, and the State, and discusses the ensuing crisis of the Australian political economy, being the Great Depression of the 1930s. A valuable text for students of history, politics, economics, and sociology, and general readers with an interest in Australia's past. ISBN/ASIN: 0195535715. Our Book No: 25642. $30 AUD.

34. Buderi, Robert; Huang, Gregory T. (2006). Guanxi: Microsoft, China and Bill Gates Plan to Win the Road Ahead (1st Australian ed) [Art of Relationships]. Sydney, Milsons Point: Random House Australia Business books. 306 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, black & white photos, pages lightly toned, inner hinge slightly split (pages firm), minor edgewear corner tips & spine. This is the story of the juggernaut research lab that underpins Microsoft's developing relationship with China. The fascinating story moves between Beijing and the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, WA, and follows the lab's emergence as a centre of excellence for Chinese computer science. This book will interest business leaders, entrepreneurs and technology workers around the world. ISBN/ASIN: 9781905211227. Our Book No: 40316. $15 AUD.

35. Burrell, Andrew (2014). Twiggy: The High-stakes Life of Andrew Forrest (The Unauthorised Biography) (New ed). Melbourne, Collingwood: Black Inc. 310 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, colour & black & white photos centre spread, minor edgewear, advert sticker. Andrew Burrell has written an unauthorised biography of Andrew Forrest, the public face of Australia's once-in-a-life mining boom. He traces Twiggy's business triumphs and disasters to reveal the man behind the myth. The author states that he has tried to be fair, that is, whenever possible to present Andrew Forrest's side of the story. (Sticker states: Winner of the Ashburst Business Literature Prize, State Library of NSW.). ISBN/ASIN: 9781863956789. Our Book No: 18115. $22 AUD.

36. Buttrose, Ita (1998). A Passionate Life (1st ed). Melbourne: Viking / Penguin Books. 468 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white photos, minor edgewear jacket, light toning edges, light rubbing bottom edge. Heavy, and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. A Passionate life, by Ita Buttrose (1998). Autobiography by prominent Australian businesswomen and media personality, who later became chair of the ABC Board. ISBN/ASIN: 0670871001. Our Book No: 25663. $30 AUD.

37. Bythell, Shaun (2017). The Diary of a Bookseller. London: Profile Books. 310 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), frontispiece, minor edgewear. A fascinating humorous daily diary of life in a bookshop, in the booktown, Wigtown, in the southwest corner of Scotland. It is the largest second-hand bookshop in Scotland. It is a Georgian townhouse full of twisting corridors and roaring fires, set in a beautiful town by the edge of the sea. The crooked shelves can produce a 16th-century leather-bound Bible to a first edition Agatha Christie. The owner, Shaun Bythell, is a bibliophile and misanthrope extraordinaire. Throughout his honest and very funny diaries, he gives a different view of bookselling. A true inside look at the trials, tribulations and joys of life in the book trade. ISBN/ASIN: 9781781258620. Our Book No: 30234. $85 AUD.

38. Caban, Geoffrey (1983). A Fine Line: A History of Australian Commercial Art. Sydney: Hale & Iremonger. 166 (ebay cheap) pp. Hardback quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white & colour text-photos, minor edgewear jacket. Heavy, and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. Geoffrey Caban writes a fascinating study of commercial art in Australia, starting from S. T. Gill (the artist of the goldfields), to the new magazines ('The Bulletin', 'Smith's Weekly', 'Art in Australia'), to the modern use of animation and computers. ISBN/ASIN: 0868060127. Our Book No: 4128. $35 AUD.

39. Cadbury, Deborah (2010). Chocolate Wars: From Cadbury to Kraft: 200 Years of Sweet Success and Bitter Rivalries (1st p/b ed). London: HarperCollins. 340 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white & colour photos, few sepia (brown tinted) photos, bottom corner rear cover little creased, minor edgewear. The author takes a journey into her own family history to tell the story of the fierce rivalries that have driven Britain's chocolate industry for nearly 200 years. ISBN/ASIN: 9780007374854. Our Book No: 25216. $15 AUD.

40. Canavan, Bernard (1982). Economists for Beginners. London: Writers and Readers. 176 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, minor edgewear. A Writers & Readers documentary comic book. ISBN/ASIN: 0906495520. Our Book No: 15410. $12 AUD.

41. Carter, Alan (2005). Carter and Stuff. Sydney, Belrose: AAC Specialist Antique Books. 293 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good plus condition, black & white text-photos, autograph (author's written name). The true story of the life of the Carter family in Australia. It reveals the fun, the enjoyment, the characters, and the good side of the antiques business. Alan Carter had a successful antique business in England, but migrated to Australia in 1981. He is best known for his antiques price guides, and also for antique fairs and educational videos. ISBN/ASIN: 0975212273. Our Book No: 16584. $17 AUD.

42. Cartwright, Sue; Cooper, Cary (1994). No Hassle! Taking the Stress Out of Work (1st ed). London: Century Limited. 207 pp. Paperback trade, good plus condition, figures, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear, bottom corner front cover little creased, remainder spot bottom edge. A new approach to the ever present problems of stress at work. Identifies stressful situations and gives solutions to them, showing how to handle both the every-day problems like work overload and difficult colleagues, and crisis times such as redundancy, mergers, sexual harassment and ethical dilemmas. ISBN/ASIN: 071265772X. Our Book No: 24527. $10 AUD.

43. Cato, Leigh (editor) (1995). The Business of Ecology: Australian Organisations Tackling Environmental Issues. Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 159 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good condition, card covers (with flaps), environment-friendly paper, colour photos, minor edgewear. This book offers a balanced account of how major Australian businesses and other organisations are tackling environmental issues. Contributors include ACI Glass, Western Mining Corporation, the CSIRO, Melbourne Water, the Australian Conservation Foundation, and the Wilderness Society. SALE PRICE. ISBN/ASIN: 1863737332. Our Book No: 22591. $10 AUD.

44. Chaousis, Linda (2004). Organisational Behaviour (Reprint ed). Sydney, Frenchs Forest: Prentice Hall / Pearson Education. 252 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, figures, top edge lightly foxed, minor edgewear. This Australian textbook explains how workplaces differ - why people thrive in some workplaces, but not in others. Examines the evolution of organisations, learning and motivation in groups, group dynamics and team development, leadership, power politics, bullying, and modern ethical challenges, eg, from advances in technology. The author, Linda Chaousis, is a business management consultant and teaches at the Torrens Valley Institute of TAFE, Modbury, Adelaide. SCARCE. ISBN/ASIN: 1740092767. Our Book No: 13054. $40 AUD.

45. Chapelle, Francis H.; Brown, Kathy Flynn (illustrator) (2005). Wellsprings: A Natural History of Bottled Spring Waters (1st ed). New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press. 279 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), figures, remainder mark bottom edge. This book chronicles the history of the bottled water industry in America. Well illustrated and easy-to-read this book is both a revealing account and a user's guide to natural spring waters. ISBN/ASIN: 0813536146. Our Book No: 25174. $20 AUD.

46. Chellaney, Brahma (2010). Asian Juggernaut: The Rise of China, India, and Japan (Revised ed). New York: Harper Business. 350 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition. Revised edition. With the world's fastest-growing markets, fastest-rising military expenditures, and most volatile hot spots, a resurgent Asia holds the key to the future of the global order. However China, India and Japan all face complex security, energy and developmental challenges. By one of India's leading strategic thinkers and analysts. ISBN/ASIN: 9780061363085. Our Book No: 7008. $12 AUD.

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87. Edments (1998). Shop by Post Direct from Edments Cash Stores (Facsimile ed). Golden Square, Bendigo, VIC: Crown Castleton. 116 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, card cover, many black & white drawings, minimal edgewear. A comprehensive mail-order catalogue of antique household goods sold by the Melbourne business, Edments Cash Stores, famous for its low prices. Reprint of a catalogue originally published in 1927. This reprint was sponsored by Prouds the Jewellers. A valuable resource for period antiques for your heritage house. ISBN/ASIN: 1875342265. Our Book No: 4736. $20 AUD.

88. Eggers, William D.; Macmillan, Paul (2013). The Solution Revolution: How Business, Government, and Social Enterprises are Teaming Up to Solve Society's Toughest Problems (1st ed). Boston: Harvard Business Review Press. 292 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), figures, closed tear top corner front cover jacket (minor edgewear, little creased). This book offers creative solutions to today's problems. The authors discuss bringing people from business, government, philanthropy, and social enterprise together to solve big problems and create public value. Recyclebank, RelayRides, and LivingGoods are some of the organizations discussed in this inspiring book. ISBN/ASIN: 9781422192191. Our Book No: 28223. $20 AUD.

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90. Elliott, Bert (Bertie) (2013). Bertie Elliott: The Opposite to My Brother Billy: A Memoir. Ballina, NSW: Bert Elliott / Ligare (Printer). 159 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, sepia (brown-tinted) & colour photos, corner tips front cover & few pages little creased, minor edgewear. Australian antique dealer Bert Elliott (Summerland Antiques, Ballina) describes his very eventful life, which includes travel to the UK and Europe, China, Thailand, Vietnam and the USA, with many side trips to other countries. He has never learned to read and write, up until now. He has run successful rural businesses for his whole life, and declares he is a good listener, and his talking skills made up for his lack of writing and reading skills. ISBN/ASIN: 9780646909110. Our Book No: 29008. $50 AUD.

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93. Ellwood, Wayne (2001). The No-nonsense Guide to Globalization (1st ed). Oxford: New Internationalist Publications / Verso. 143 pp. Paperback small, very good plus condition, charts, minimal edgewear. Wayne Ellwood traces the journey towards a borderless world. A lucid explanatory map of our current global or world system, which allows global trade and instant global communication. For all who seek to think past corporate slogans to humanitarian and responsible government - what has gone wrong with it - and the way ahead. ISBN/ASIN: 1859843360. Our Book No: 23932. $10 AUD.

94. Emmott (1946). Mechanical World Year Book 1946 [Mechanical World Yearbook 1946]. Manchester & London: Emmott & Company. 268 pp. Hardback very small, original orange cloth cover, good plus condition, tables, black & white drawings, card adverts (two pages with tabs, worn), spine & top edge front cover lightly faded, edges lightly foxed, minor edgewear, owner's written name. The 59th year of publication of this handbook for engineers containing helpful advice, tables, and lists of (and adverts from) suppliers of parts. Our Book No: 1526. $15 AUD.

95. Everingham, Sam (2007). Wildride: The Rise and Fall of Cobb and Co. [Wild Ride]. Melbourne: Viking / Penguin Books. 308 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, maps, minor edgewear. This book is about the two men, James Rutherford and Frank Whitney who, along with business partners, took Freeman Cobb's humble coaching transport company and made it the Qantas of its day, with its coaches covering much of eastern Australia. Sam Everingham had unprecedented access to the Ruterford and Whitney families letters and diaries to write this story with all its drama, conflict and tragedy. It is the compelling and human story of Australia's first great company and the people who made it an icon. (Note: 'Wildride' on title page and cover, but 'Wild Ride' on copyright page.). ISBN/ASIN: 9780670029174. Our Book No: 27194. $25 AUD.

96. Farman, Christopher (1972). The General Strike May 1926. London: Rupert Hart-Davis. 305 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white photos, minor edgewear, owner's written name. The greatest strike in British history began on 3 May 1926, and lasted only nine days, but in that time it shook the country's political and economic structure to the core, and echoes of the class bitterness it aroused reverberate to this day. The author strongly challenges traditional views in this enthralling, fully-documented account of the General Strike. ISBN/ASIN: 0246640715. Our Book No: 22387. $15 AUD.

97. Feuti, Norm (2005). Comic Syndication Portfolio: Retail 86674 90824 (1st ed). New York: King Features Syndicate. Unnum 21 (includes folder) pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, coloured card folder (loose sheets inserted), black & white & colour cartoons, minimal edgewear, top corners folder scuffed (spine ends folder little scuffed, tiny mark & creases rear cover), minor rust marks & staple holes top corner some sheets. Syndicated comic strip about retail and shopping in a department store. Founded by Norm Feuti in 2005. The folder contains: 5 colour pages of cartoon strips, 6 pages of related material, 8 pages of black & white comic strips. The label on rear cover of folder is: Yaffa Syndicate Ian Dale, Surry Hills, NSW 2010. This is a lot of fun for people who work in retail and shoppers! Our Book No: 30793. $30 AUD.

98. Fisher, Frank; Tarling, Lowell (with) (2002). Guilty to Driza-Bone (1st ed). Melbourne: Crown Content. 298 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, crease front cover near spine, minor edgewear, autograph (author's written name). This is the autobiography of the owner of the Driza-Bone rainwear company from the early 1970s. This is a book with a special "taste" of Australia, the outback, the sun, the droughts, the cities and bigger businesses prepared to give a little business a go. The author writes his story and gives a full history of the company. ISBN/ASIN: 1740950038. Our Book No: 26027. $20 AUD.

99. Folbre, Nancy (editor); Bittman, Michael (editor) (2004). Family Time: The Social Organization of Care (1st p/b ed) [Routledge IAFFE Advances in Feminist Economics]. London: Routledge. 242 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, tables, light bump top spine, minor edgewear. Time use and family policy are explored in this well-researched and well-written book. ISBN/ASIN: 0415310105. Our Book No: 20217. $34 AUD.

100. Fox, Catherine (2017). Stop Fixing Women: Why Building Fairer Workplaces is Everybody's Business. Sydney: New South / University of New South Wales Press. 214 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, bottom corner tip front cover little creased, minor edgewear. Catherine Fox identifies and analyses the nature of wage inequality between Australian men and women. She shows how business, defence, public service and community leaders might achieve gender equality, rather than just talking about it. ISBN/ASIN: 9781742235165. Our Book No: 30153. $20 AUD.

101. Fox, Dr Jason (2014). The Game Changer: How to Use the Science of Motivation with the Power of Game Design to Shift Behaviour, Shape Culture and Make Clever Happen (Reprint ed). Brisbane, Milton: WrightBooks / John Wiley & Sons Australia. 197 pp. Paperback octavo (with flaps), very good condition, figures, pages faintly toned, minimal edgewear. This book blends elements from the disciplines of motivation science, game design and agile management to bring about change by using the right motivational dynamics to influence behaviour, bring about success and shape culture. The author consults on leadership and change management to a wide range of clients, from the executives of multinational organisations, through to the directors of switched-on startups. ISBN/ASIN: 9780730307648. Our Book No: 40001. $20 AUD.

102. Frankopan, Peter (2019). The New Silk Roads: The Present and Future of the World (Reprint ed). London: Bloomsbury. 356 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, minor edgewear. British historian Peter Frankopan provides a prescient contemporary history and timely reminder that we live in a interconnected world. He follows the historic Silk Roads eastwards from Europe through to China by way of Russia and the Middle East, and the reverse direction. This trading pathway, in use for thousands of years, is currently being revived by China. ISBN/ASIN: 9781526608246. Our Book No: 31086. $20 AUD.

103. Freeman, Annette (2007). Tea in the Library (1st ed). Melbourne, Hartwell: Temple House / Sid Harta Publishers. 266 pp. Paperback large trade, very good plus condition, colour text-photos centre spread, fore-edge lightly foxed, minor edgewear, old price marks, autograph (author’s written dedication). A wry and personal account by Annette Freeman of her thrilling roller-coaster ride of opening a bookshop cafe in central Sydney, New South Wales (NSW). She explains how her business model was ultimately flawed. First edition. Written autograph states: "To James and Catherine. Team members extraordinaire. Love and thanks, Annette”. ISBN/ASIN: 9781921206481. Our Book No: 27610. $30 AUD.

104. Freeman, R. Edward; Pierce, Jessica; Dodd, Richard H. (2000). Environmentalism and the New Logic of Business: How Firms Can be Profitable and Leave Our Children a Living Planet. New York: Oxford University Press. 146 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), rear flap creased jacket. This book outlines a program for change that firms can use to maximize their profits and, at the same time, minimize their impact on the environment. ISBN/ASIN: 0195080939. Our Book No: 24199. $14 AUD.

105. French, Maurice (1979). A Century of Homemaking: A History of the Toowoomba Permanent Building Society 1875 - 1975. Toowoomba, QLD: Darling Downs Institute Press. 195 pp. Hardback large wide octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in good dustjacket), tables, black & white text-photos, maps, jacket little rubbed (minor edgewear, tiny hole fore-edge, small mark front cover), pages lightly toned, protected by brown paper backed semiarchival plastic sleeve Maurice French provides the first full-length study of an Australian building society. The book outlines the self-help philosophy of the Toowoomba Society, explores its inner workings, and portrays it key personalities. The story is supported by historical and architectural illustrations. The book will interest historians, economists, building society personnel, and anyone interested in the economic and social development of a major Queensland provincial city. ISBN/ASIN: 0909306192. Our Book No: 30940. $30 AUD.

106. Funnell, Paul (2007). In Spite of My Eyes: The Paul Funnell Autobiography. City Not Stated: Antelope Publishing. 307 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, tiny dent top edge rear cover, minor edgewear corners. This book is an inspiring story of a man born with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a degenerative disorder of the retina which has rendered him legally blind. Paul's story will inspire people with disabilities, motivate those climbing the corporate ladder and offers valuable insights for parents and other carers of disabled children. ISBN/ASIN: 9780958690737. Our Book No: 24884. $15 AUD.

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108. Garnaut, Ross (2013). Dog Days: Australia After the Boom. Melbourne, Collingwood: Redback Books. 293 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, crease front cover, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. Ross Garnaut reports on the future of Australian society and economy by a leading adviser to government and business. Both a forecast and analysis, it heralds a new era for Australia after the boom. ISBN/ASIN: 9781863956222. Our Book No: 27866. $13 AUD.

109. Gates, Jeff (1999). The Ownership Solution: Towards a Shared Capitalism for the Twenty-First Century. London: Penguin Books. 389 pp. Paperback, very good condition, corner tip front cover lightly creased. A brilliant re-invention of capitalism so as to provide a better spread wealth ownership and foster wealth creation. How to move away from a remote money-driven system that increases inequality, pillages resources and damages the environment. ISBN/ASIN: 0140275304. Our Book No: 2670. $10 AUD.

110. Gennoe, Michele (2014). Mindful Leadership: 7 Steps to Transforming Your Business and Your Life (1st ed) [Seven Steps]. [Sydney, Neutral Bay]: Michele Gennoe / Printed by Excite Books, Prahran. 154 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white text-models, minor edgewear, inspirational note and the name Michele on title page. This book is a practical and comprehensive blueprint to create an inspiring life on your own terms. The author has incorporated the best of both corporate leadership and personal development to provide an easy-to-read and use book. ISBN/ASIN: 9780992599805. Our Book No: 29531. $20 AUD.

111. Gerber, Robin (2005). Katharine Graham: The Leadership Journey of an American Icon. New York: Portfolio / Penguin Books. 186 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in good plus dustjacket), black & white photos centre spread, front flap jacket creased, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. An absorbing and thoughtful study that reveals the leadership style that was the heart of Katherine Graham's success as CEO in building the Washington Post into a leading media corporation. Draws upon exclusive interviews with her friends and colleagues to analyse the principles that guided Graham's toughest decisions, including the groundbreaking investigation of corruption in the Nixon administration (the Watergate affair). ISBN/ASIN: 1591841046. Our Book No: 10442. $20 AUD.

112. Gittins, Ross (2012). Gittins Gospel: The Economics of Just About Everything. Sydney, Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin. 303 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, corner front cover creased, pages lightly toned, minimal edgewear. The economics correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald provides everything you need to know about how Australia and the world works. Be it climate change, productivity, fairness, industrial relations, terrorism, media, the mining boom, the GFC, refugees, and even economists themselves, every thorny topic under the sun is covered in sane and rational fashion. Collects the best of Ross's dispatches. ISBN/ASIN: 9781743313558. Our Book No: 17413. $15 AUD.

113. Gleeson-White, Jane (2013). Double Entry: How the Merchants of Venice Created Modern Finance. London: Allen & Unwin / Atlantic Books. 294 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, page corner creased, top corner rear cover tip lightly creased, minimal edgewear. This book goes from the ancient origins of accounting in Mesopotamia to the frontiers of modern finance. Double-entry bookkeeping is at the centre of the story: the first system that allowed merchants to accurately measure the worth of their business. Luca Paciola - monk, mathematician, alchemist, and friend of Leonardo da Vinci - adapted Arabic mathematics to formulate a system that could work across all trades and nations. However, double-entry accounting has had its failures. With the cost of sudden corporate collapses such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Lehman Brothers, and its disregard of environmental and human factors, the time may have come to rethink it for the 21st century. ISBN/ASIN: 9781743311493. Our Book No: 30542. $18 AUD.

114. Gluck, Catherine (1990). Frederick B. Lamberger: The Man and His Art. Sydney: Catherine Gluck. 128 pp. Hardback octavo, very good condition, blue pictorial cover, full-page black & white drawings, black & white text-photos, covers little rubbed, endpapers little foxed, tiny white spot front cover (printing error). The story of Frederick Lamberger who was born in Hungary and came to Australia in 1950. He was a well-known businessman and artist. He lived in Potts Point, Sydney. He was a very popular person in Kings Cross, and often invited people for tea or coffee at his Rialto Espresso Coffee Lounge, and later the Kings Cross Museum. He drawings were exhibited at the Sydney University, and The Bulletin published an article on him. He died on January 23 in St. Vincents Hospital. The author and publisher is his sister, Catherine Gluck. (No ISBN printed in book.). ISBN/ASIN: 0646025015. Our Book No: 29302. $25 AUD.

115. Goldin, Ian (2014). Divided Nations: Why Global Governance is Failing, and What We Can Do About It (1st p/b ed). Oxford: Oxford University Press (OUP). 207 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, figures, bottom corner front cover creased, minor edgewear. This book identifies the key challenges and explores new approaches to effective governance in our interconnected world. The author argues that the UN, World Bank, and other global institutions are not able to adequately tackle financial crises, cybercrime, climate change, migration, pandemics, and resource requirements that transcend out national boundaries. ISBN/ASIN: 9780199689033. Our Book No: 30210. $20 AUD.

116. Goldstein Crowe, Lauren; De Rosen, Sagra Maceira (2009). The Towering World of Jimmy Choo: A Story of Power, Profits and the Pursuit of the Perfect Shoe (1st p/b ed). London: Bloomsbury. 228 pp. Paperback trade, good condition, black & white photos centre spread, crease top front cover near spine & some internal pages, spine little creased, minor edgewear. This book looks at the world of luxury fashion and tells the behind-the-scenes tale of one of the most talked-about shoe brands of our time. The story of how Jimmy Choo (Malaysian born, British based) got to where he is today is a complex one of love, controversy, fashion, finance, celebrity, power, intrigue and intense ambition. ISBN/ASIN: 9781408802151. Our Book No: 31015. $15 AUD.

117. Green, C. J. (1909). INVOICE: C. J. Green & Son, Wholesale Ironmongers, Melbourne. Melbourne: C. J. Green & Son. 1 pp. Ephemera, invoice, quarto, very good condition, page lightly toned, few small marks, some edgewear (mostly top right corner). A single-page invoice from this business at 368 & 370 Post Office Place, Melbourne, dated May 5, 1909. The customer is Messrs Castle Bros [Kyneton]. Text in ink, with extra annotation in pencil. Purchase of 16 items for total of Pounds 27.17.2, of which Pounds 11.15.5 is carried forward from a previous invoice. (The modern term for ironmonger is closest to "hardware store".). Our Book No: 4230. $20 AUD.

118. Griffiths, Andrew; Toms, Wayne (2008). 101 Ways to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business. Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 227 pp. Paperback large trade, very good condition, minor edgewear. Two Australian entrepreneurs and keynote speakers, Andrew Griffiths and Wayne Toms, provide smart, practical tips on how to succeed at network marketing, by two professionals in the industry. It explains simple and commonsense ways to treat any network marketing business like a mainstream business. SALE PRICE. ISBN/ASIN: 9781741149593. Our Book No: 22460. $15 AUD.

119. Guthrie, Bruce (2010). Man Bites Murdoch: Four Decades in Print, Six Day in Court. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press. 354 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), colour & black & white photos spread (one page little creased during manufacture), corner cloth cover little bumped. A blow-by-blow account of almost 40 years in the news business - from his dismissal from Australia's biggest selling paper (Melbourne's Herald-Sun), through the celebrated court case that exposed the inner workings of the world's biggest media company (News Limited). An expose on the interlinked backrooms of Australian media, politics and business. ISBN/ASIN: 9780522858167. Our Book No: 14888. $20 AUD.

120. Haggith, Mandy (2008). Paper Trails: From Trees to Trash - The True Cost of Paper. London: Virgin Books. 244 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, figures, minimal edgewear. About the global paper industry, travelling from the pristine forests and managed plantations of Canada, Russia and Indonesia to the pulp mills and paper factories of China and Britain, and the end uses in business, government, schools and homes throughout the world. ISBN/ASIN: 9780753513293. Our Book No: 25170. $20 AUD.

121. Haigh, Gideon; Dundas, Ross (statistics) (2008). The Cricket War: The Inside Story of Kerry Packer's World Series Cricket: 30th Anniversary Edition (New ed). Melbourne: Melbourne University Press (MUP). 400 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. In 1977, a 39-year-old Sydney businessman named Kerry Packer signed 35 elite international players for his own commercial televised "World Series". This book, now published with a new introduction and afterword, is the account of the split that changed the game on the field and on the screen. The book also gives a unique insight into the motives and methods of the tycoon who became Australia's richest man. ISBN/ASIN: 9780522854756. Our Book No: 29344. $30 AUD.

122. Hamilton, R. S. (editor) (2011). Waltzing Matilda and the Sunshine Harvester Factory: The Early History of the Arbitration Court, the Australian Minimum Wage, Working Hours and Paid Leave. [Melbourne]: Fair Work Australia. 233 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white text-photos, two colour illustrations, few sepia (brown-tinted) text-photos, tables, top spine lightly scuffed, minor edgewear, erratum sticker inside front cover. These essays, edited by R. S. Hamilton, report on the establishment and development of Australia's unique industrial relations system. It starts with the story of the Arbitration Court - the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration - why it was established, what it did, and the influence it had on Australia's social, economic and political history. Australia's national workplace relations tribunal was first established with the passage of the Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904. Since that time the institution has evolved in line with substantial legislative, social and economic changes, the most recent development being the passage of the Fair Work act 2009 and the subsequent establishment of Fair Work Australia. Written for use as an educational resource for schools and anyone interested in Australian history. (Erratum sticker: Correction to Maternity Leave Case.). ISBN/ASIN: 9780646548814. Our Book No: 27401. $35 AUD.

123. Hankinson, Dave (1978). Reminiscences of Maleny: John Skerman of Maleny. Nambour, QLD: Maleny and District Centenary Committee / Sunstrip Printers. 24 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, pages lightly toned, staples rusted, small mark rear cover, minor edgewear. Dave Hankinson wrote this booklet is about the town of Maleny in Queensland and the late Mr J. H. Skerman, who wrote the story of the establishment of the Maleny Butter Factory. He was the sole member of staff for over 12 months, and the success of the factory was all his. He also assisted the early settlers in regard to ambulance, dentistry, blacksmith, tinsmith, carpenter and cement work. ISBN/ASIN: 0959614117. Our Book No: 40026. $20 AUD.

124. Harborne, Thomas (1939). Business Principles for Secondary Schools Part II (Second Year) (Reprint ed). Sydney: Shakespeare Head. 68 pp. Paperback, flexible covers, good condition, figures, tables, pages & edges lightly toned, cover edges lightly frayed, light foxing edges & few pages, covers & spine lightly faded & rubbed & marked, front cover corner & few pages little creased, minor edgewear, rubber stamps, owner's written names & dates flyleaf. A collectible Australian school textbook. The book covers: carriage of goods by land, carriage of goods by sea, the common carrier, money and banking, paper money, functions of a modern bank, cheques, letters of credit, guarantees, the card and loose-leaf systems, petty cash, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, agents. A great book to take you back to the 30s and revisit or learn how the education system worked then in comparison to now. Our Book No: 27657. $15 AUD.

125. Harding, Ford (2008). Rain Making: Attract New Clients No Matter What Your Field (2nd or revised ed). Avon, MA: Adams Business. 314 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, tables, checklists, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear corners. Ford Harding discusses how to write articles for professional publications, make cold calls, network to build a lasting customer base, and develop a winning sales strategy. This revised and updated edition is filled with easy-to-use strategies, checklists, tables, and guides. . ISBN/ASIN: 9781598695885. Our Book No: 30226. $15 AUD.

126. Hasson, Gill (2014). Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions to Make a Positive Impact on Your Life and Career (1st ed). Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons. 202 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, minor edgewear. In the introduction the author explains that Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your emotions. In this book managing your emotions will make a difference to your life and others around you. Some key points covered are: How to be more assertive and confident, learning how to express how you feel, what you want and don't want, dealing with bullying, handling difficult situations, events and other people, how to understand other people feelings, how to motivate and inspire others. ISBN/ASIN: 9780857085443. Our Book No: 29570. $15 AUD.

127. Healy, David (2004). Let Them Eat Prozac: The Unhealthy Relationship Between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Depression (1st p/b ed). New York: New York University Press. 351 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition, minimal edgewear. Prozac, Paxil, Zolofit - turn on your TV and you are likely to see a commercial for one of the many selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) on the market. Explores the history of SSRIs in the United States and the surrounding controversies. When Prozac was released in the late 1980s, Healy was among the psychiatrists who prescribed it. But he soon observed that some of his patients became agitated and even attempted suicide. Could the new wonder drug actually be making patients worse? Draws on his own research and expertise to demonstrate the potential hazards. He intersperses case histories with insider accounts of the research leading to the development and approval of SSRIs as a treatment for depression. Clearly demonstrates that the problems go much deeper than a side-effect of a particular drug. The pharmaceutical industry tells us that SSRIs safely treat depression, anxiety, and a host of other mental problems. But the cure may be worse than the disease. ISBN/ASIN: 0814736971. Our Book No: 15589. $15 AUD.

128. Heenan, David A.; Bennis, Warren (1999). Co-leaders: The Power of Great Partnerships (1st p/b ed). New York: John Wiley. 312 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, black & white text-photos, few faint marks edges, minor edgewear. A leading American business executive and a business professor of business administration show how gifted leaders and gifted adjutants (partners) can work together to make their organizations stronger, more nimble, more equitable and more successful. Includes fascinating case studies. SALE PRICE. ISBN/ASIN: 0471361208. Our Book No: 22288. $10 AUD.

129. Henton, Douglas; Melville, John; Walesh, Kimberly (1997). Grassroots Leaders for a New Economy: How Civic Entrepreneurs are Building Prosperous Communities (1st stated ed) [Public Administration Series]. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. 244 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), figures, tables, minor edgewear jacket. Explains the unique leadership qualities that set civic entrepreneurs apart, and illustrates how these leaders can emerge from all levels of private, public, social and civic organizations. A good resource for business executives, elected officials and public managers, community development practitioners, or concerned citizens who want to actively shape their community's economic future. ISBN/ASIN: 0787908274. Our Book No: 24621. $12 AUD.

130. Herald, Justin (2007). Get Motivated. Sydney, Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin. 169 pp. Paperback wide trade, very good condition, fore-edge front cover & bottom corner tip front cover little creased, few light scratches covers, small mark top edge, minor edgewear. Australian speaker Justin Herald has received many requests to make his weekly motivational newsletter into a book. This book is a selection of quick and easy motivational articles that can improve your Personal and business success. ISBN/ASIN: 9781741149906. Our Book No: 31006. $20 AUD.

131. Hickmer, J. (1907). INVOICE: J. Hickmer, Wholesale Manufacturer and Importer of Art Photo, Frames, Mouldings, Overmantels, Picture Frames, Pictures, Mount Boards, and all Trade Accessories, Melbourne. Melbourne: J. Hickmer. 1 pp. Ephemera, invoice, quarto, fair condition only, many small edge tears (with foxing), piece missing top left corner, page lightly toned, bottom right corner creased, edgewear. A single-page invoice from this business at 118 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, dated August 2, 1907. The customer is Castle Bros, Kyneton. Text in ink, with extra five-line note in pencil at the bottom of the invoice. Our Book No: 4226. $20 AUD.

132. Hidalgo, Carlos (2015). Driving Demand: Transforming B2B Marketing to Meet the Needs of the Modern Buyer (1st stated ed). New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 204 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket (tiny crease top spine), pages faintly toned. A guidebook for companies that want to transform, but unsure of how to go about it. Provides a prescriptive roadmap that organizations can follow to ensure that the changes that are made become part of the DNA of their organization to ensure that true transformation takes place - by doing things differently instead of doing different things. ISBN/ASIN: 9781137526786. Our Book No: 30169. $30 AUD.

133. Hill, Edwin S. (1918). INVOICE: Edwin S. Hill & Co., Court Hair Dressers & Perfumerers, Cutlers & Silversmiths, London. London: Edwin S. Hill. 1 pp. Ephemera, invoice, small quarto, good condition, page lightly toned, front & rear marked along edge, some edgewear, rubber stamp. Single-page invoice for this London business, 23 Old Bond Street (and at the Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall). Customer is Richard Buesley(?), being account rendered. Text in ink. Payment received rubber stamp. Our Book No: 4224. $20 AUD.

134. Hopper, Paul (2013). Understanding Development: Issues and Debates (Reprint ed). Cambridge: Polity Press. 332 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, boxes, spine ends little bumped, tiny tear fore-edge rear cover, minor edgewear corners. This book by Paul Hopper is an ideal introduction to the main issues and critical debates about development in the contemporary world. The author has drawn on a number of case studies from across the globe. Examines: health and population growth, conflict and security, global inequality and poverty, fair trade and trade liberalization, gender and education, foreign aid and debt, sustainability and the environment. The book is comprehensive and critical, providing an important guide to one of the most challenging subjects of today. ISBN/ASIN: 9780745638959. Our Book No: 29672. $25 AUD.

135. Howe, Brian (2007). Weighing up Australian Values: Balancing Transitions and Risks to Work and Family in Modern Australia. Sydney: University of New South Wales Press (UNSW Press). 207 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. Brian Howe, the former Labor Deputy Prime Minister explains why so many Australians feel a greater sense of risk, and suggests some positive and innovative new directions in social policy designed to anticipate and help people address risk. He emphasises the importance of time sovereignty - that is, the capacity of people to bank time so that they can vary their work commitments in the light of caring responsibilities, their need for further education and training, or because they may be carrying more community leadership responsibility. ISBN/ASIN: 9780868408859. Our Book No: 25102. $18 AUD.

136. Hudson, Adam (2017). Primed: Your Guide to Building an Amazing Business on Amazon. New York: Aviva Publishing. 249 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, corner tips lightly scuffed front cover, front cover little creased, minor edgewear. Adam Hudson reveals his hyper-logical yet counterintuitive approach to successfully launching consumer brands on Amazon, and why the current time is perfect for anyone with a great product to partner with this giant global internet company. ISBN/ASIN: 9781944335663. Our Book No: 40949. $25 AUD.

137. Huffington, Arianna (2014). Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Happier Life (1st U.K., reprint ed). London: W. H. Allen / Ebury / Random House. 342 pp. Paperback trade, as new condition. Arianna Huffington, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post - and one of the most influential women in the world - has written a passionate call to arms, looking to redefine what it means to be successful in today's world. She likens our drive for money and power to two legs of a three-legged stool. It may hold us up temporarily, but sooner or later we're going to topple over. We need a third leg - a third metric for defining success - in order to live a healthy life. In this deeply personal book, she talks candidly about her own challenges with managing time and prioritising the demands of a career and two daughters. Draws on the latest groundbreaking research and scientific findings in the fields of psychology, sports, sleep and physiology, she shows the profound and transformative effects of meditation, mindfulness, unplugging and giving. ISBN/ASIN: 9780753555415. Our Book No: 15905. $20 AUD.

138. Hutton, Will (2004). The World We're In (Reprint ed). London: Abacus. 514 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. Will Hutton, a British political economist and journalist, gives an important bestselling critique of American policies while discussing the values that enlightened Americans share with their European allies. ISBN/ASIN: 0349114714. Our Book No: 27058. $12 AUD.

139. Hutton, Will (2010). Them and Us: Changing Britain - Why We Need a Fair Society. London: Little, Brown & Company. 434 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition, remainder stripe. British political economist and journalist explains how to make British society fairer, as a followup to two previous books. The depth of the recession has raised questions about the workability of capitalism not seen since the 1930s. This book provides a new model, arguing that reconstructing a broken financial system is not just a technical question. It cannot be done without a wholesale revision of the wider system and values on which it is based. Fairness must be placed at the heart of the new capitalism. Musters brilliant, convincing arguments which will be supported by both right and left-wing thinkers. ISBN/ASIN: 9781408702406. Our Book No: 15587. $20 AUD.

140. Ireland, David (1997). The Unknown Industrial Prisoner. Sydney: Vintage / Random House Australia. 379 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, pages faintly toned as common, minor edgewear. Novel by noted Australian writer David Ireland about a modern man being relentlessly ground down in his workplace. They work at the Puroil Refining Termitary and Grinding Works as prisoners of foul conditions, exploitative management and anonymous shareholders. Isolated and alienated, reduced to seeking oblivion through alcohol and assembly line sex, they are the products of a society which offers an infinite freedom of choice but no alternatives, where it is safer to be shackled in chains than to be free to fend for themselves. His second novel, originally published in 1971, and winner of the 1972 Miles Franklin Award. ISBN/ASIN: 0091836557. Our Book No: 4034. $14 AUD.

141. Janjigian, Vahan; Forbes, Steve (foreword) (2008). Even Buffett Isn't Perfect: What You Can - and Can't - Learn from the World's Greatest Investor (1st ed). New York: Penguin Group. 237 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black cloth spine, tables, key takeaways, minor edgewear jacket, edges little foxed, pages lightly toned. This book removes the many myths about Warren Buffett and his solid-as-a-rock investment style. In this book, the author has pointed out ways to learn from the master's best moves while avoiding strategies that don't apply to small investors. ISBN/ASIN: 9781591841968. Our Book No: 30646. $20 AUD.

142. Jeffreys, Diarmuid (2004). Aspirin: The Remarkable Story of a Wonder Drug (1st ed). London: Bloomsbury. 339 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket). First edition. Diarmuid Jeffreys traces the striking story of the drug said to be useful as a preventative treatment for heart attacks, strokes and possibly many other disorders. The author traces the drug's origins to ancient Egypt, through its industrial development at the end of the 19th century (Bayer company in Germany), and its key role in the great flu pandemic of 1918 that killed more people than WW1, to its subsequent exploitation by the big pharmaceutical conglomerates. ISBN/ASIN: 0747570779. Our Book No: 4369. $25 AUD.

143. Jenman, Neil (2000). Real Estate Mistakes: How to Avoid Them, How to Save Your Money, and Live Happily Ever After (1st ed). Sydney: Rowley Publications / Simon & Schuster. 243 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear. (This copy: Real Estate Mistakes, by Neil Jenman, hardback, Rowley / Simon & Schuster, 2000.) First edition. Neil Jenman, a successful and innovative Sydney real estate agent, reveals the tricks of the real estate trade that cost home buyers and sellers dearly. (Later editions re-titled 'Help for home sellers: 184 hints to get you more money and give you less stress’, but same ISBN.) ISBN/ASIN: 0958651736. Our Book No: 1159. $20 AUD.

144. Jensen, Derrick (2008). A Language Older Than Words. Sydney: Finch Publishing. 401 pp. Paperback thick octavo, very good condition, black & white vignettes, minor edgewear corners. A powerful mix of memoir and environmental expose by a pre-eminent American environmentalist, Derrick Jensen, who argues that modern industrial economy abuses the environment, destroying meaningful work, and disconnects us from the natural world. Also, a chronicle of his drive, as a young man, to transcend domestic abuse. Explains violence as a pathology that touches every aspect of our lives and indeed affects all aspects of life on Earth. Offers a challenging look at our worldwide sense of community and how we can make things better. ISBN/ASIN: 9781876451950. Our Book No: 17312. $25 AUD.

145. Jents, Beril; Grasswill, Helen (with) (1993). Little Ol' Beryl from Bondi: A Fashionable Life. Melbourne: Macmillan Australia. 224 pp. Hardback large octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), black & white photos & drawings, faint foxing top edge reverse side jacket, minimal edgewear. Autobiography of one of Australia's best known and most talented fashion designers. She was acknowledged for 40 years as Australia's "Queen of Haute Couture". Married to Australian writer Peter Carey. ISBN/ASIN: 0732907667. Our Book No: 3531. $20 AUD.

146. Jobs, Steve; Beahm, George (editor) (2011). I, Steve: Steve Jobs in His Own Words (1st ed). Melbourne: Hardie Grant. 168 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, edges & pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. Inspiring story about Steve Jobs who co-founded and was longtime CEO of Apple, Inc., in his own words. The editor George Beahm has used more than three decades of media coverage-print, electronic and online to collect the best, most thought-provoking insights spoken by Steve Jobs. ISBN/ASIN: 9781742703589. Our Book No: 27903. $16 AUD.

147. Jones, David (1969). David Jones Christmas Gift Book 1969. Sydney: David Jones. 84 pp. Paperback large quarto, good plus condition, stapled (rusted), black & white & colour drawings, minor creasing page corners, base spine repaired, rear cover scuffed, minor edgewear. A catalogue of Christmas gifts from David Jones, an upmarket Sydney department store. (Loosely inserted: Order form.). Our Book No: 13086. $20 AUD.

148. Kay, John (2004). The Truth about Markets: Why Some Nations are Rich but Most Remain Poor (Reprint ed). London: Penguin Books. 478 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, minor toning page edges, minor edgewear. John Kay, a leading economist, examines the truth about the markets, from Wall Street to Switzerland, from Russia to Mumbai, examining why some nations are rich and some poor. This book offers hope for the future. ISBN/ASIN: 0140296727. Our Book No: 23344. $13 AUD.

149. Kells, Stuart (2015). Penguin and the Lane Brothers: The Untold Story of a Publishing Revolution. Melbourne: Black Inc. 336 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), sepia (brown-tinted) & colour photos centre spread, sticker mark front cover jacket, minor edgewear. Stuart Kells provides an intimate partnership of three brothers - Allen, Richard and John Lane - lay at the heart of Penguin Books, the greatest modern publishing house. In a spirit of daring and creative opposition, the brothers issued quality books on a massive scale and at cheap prices - and created a revolution in publishing. Yet the 1942 death of John Lane brought the troika to a halt. Allen, the enthusiastic frontman who relied on his younger brothers to drive Penguin's success, became more erratic and suspicious over time. Ultimately, he forced Richard out of the company he had co-founded and built. Explores the little known story of Richard Lane - the heart and backbone of Penguin, and its strongest influence. Richard's experiences as a youth in Australia shaped his character and outlook, and his dedication to the business was matched only by his devotion to his brothers. Relying on unprecedented access to Lane family sources, including Richard's diaries, this book sheds new light on the relationship of Allen, Richard and John, so crucial as a driver of Penguin's spirit and success. ISBN/ASIN: 9781863957571. Our Book No: 16998A. $30 AUD.

150. Kelly, Gail (2017). Live Lead Learn: My Stories of Life and Leadership. Melbourne: Penguin Random House Australia. 243 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, colour photos, spine notably bumped, otherwise excellent, minor edgewear. This is the inspiring autobiography of Gail Kelly, of the first female CEO of one of Australia’s big four banks. Listed by Forbes in 2010 as one of the eight most powerful woman in the world, and a mother of four (including triplets), she shares what she has learned over her remarkable career, drawing from her personal and professional life. An inspiring story of one of the world’s most prominent business leaders, who started as a Latin teacher, and became CEO of Westpac Bank, which she lead through the global financial crisis and the merger with St.George Bank (which she previously lead). ISBN/ASIN: 9780670079391. Our Book No: 40241. $15 AUD.

151. Kennedy, Liam (1989). The Modern Industrialisation of Ireland 1940 - 1988 [Studies in Irish Economic and Social History]. Dublin: Economic & Social History Society of Ireland. 74 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, few tables & figures, bottom corner tips on covers slightly scuffed. This pamphlet by Liam Kennedy is about the process of Industrialisation, including its social ramifications, and which is central to an understanding of historical change in modern Ireland. The pamphlet contains a concise review of the present state of historical knowledge and a critical bibliography. The pamphlet has been written for teachers and students, and anyone with a general interest in the Irish past. Our Book No: 41028. $18 AUD.

152. Kiernan, Ian; Jarratt, Phil (1995). Coming Clean. Sydney: Macmillan. 237 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white & colour photos, pages lightly toned as usual, some edgewear. Autobiography of Ian Kiernan, the Australian businessman, yachtsman and environmentalist who established the 'Clean Up Australia' community organization. ISBN/ASIN: 0732908256. Our Book No: 11845. $20 AUD.

153. Killinger, Barbara (1992). Workaholics: The Respectable Addicts (1st Australian ed). Sydney, East Roseville: Simon & Schuster. 236 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, rear cover lightly marked, pages & inside covers lightly toned, minor edgewear. Barbara Killinger looks at the long term effects of workaholism. She draws on years of experience in counselling workaholics. The case histories of actual workaholics show how this little understood addiction can effect lives. Published by Simon & Schuster Australia. ISBN/ASIN: 0731802993. Our Book No: 26956. $15 AUD.

154. Kinley, David (2018). Necessary Evil: How to Fix Finance by Saving Human Rights (1st ed). New York: Oxford University Press (OUP). 268 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket, bottom corners covers little bumped. The author utilises much material from bankers, economists, lawyers, and politicians, as well as human rights activists, philosophers, historians, and anthropologists, combined with his own experiences working in the field, to show how finance can shed its conceit, return to its role as the economy's servant rather than its master, and regain the public trust and credibility it has lost over the past decade. ISBN/ASIN: 9780190691127. Our Book No: 30403. $30 AUD.

155. Kirkwood, Ian; Ford, Christopher (2001). Newcastle: New Century, New Horizons (1st ed). Sydney: Focus Publishing. 192 pp. Hardback square quarto, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), colour text-photos (some full-page), minimal edgewear jacket. Heavy (1.0 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. This very special book written and photographed by Novocastrians, showcases the advantages Newcastle and the Hunter offer business. It highlights the region as a centre for educational excellence as well as its growing strengths in areas such as new media, information technology, wine and aquaculture and traditional strengths in steel, power, mining and agriculture. ISBN/ASIN: 1875359850. Our Book No: 24931. $30 AUD.

156. Knox, Malcolm (2013). Boom: The Underground History of Australia, from Gold Rush to GFC (1st ed). Melbourne: Penguin Group Australia. 395 pp. Paperback thick octavo, good condition, black & white & colour & sepia (brown-tinted) photos, maps inside covers, top spine lightly bumped, corner tips covers little creased, tiny edge tears few pages, minor edgewear. Malcolm Knox reveals the history of mining as the Australian story. A readable and insightful book which describes the people behind the facts and figures. The book shows how mining and miners have shaped Australia's history and business through boom and bust. ISBN/ASIN: 9780670076116. Our Book No: 29445. $15 AUD.

157. Kohler, Alan (2007). The Eureka Way: Navigating the Financial Advice Minefield Without Blowing Your Wealth. Sydney: ABC Books. 200 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, covers little rubbed & scratched, minor edgewear corners. By ABC-TV's Inside Business presenter and investment guru, Alan Kohler. He discusses ways to maximise your financial future by offering an analysis of the way financial planning works. ISBN/ASIN: 9780733320866. Our Book No: 27791. $10 AUD.

158. Kohler, Alan; Drury, Barbara (with) (2011). Eureka Report: Guide To Personal Investing. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press (MUP). 322 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, spine ends lightly bumped, minor edgewear. This book by Alan Kohler is a comprehensive guide to the basic building blocks of wealth creation. The book looks at goal setting, superannuation, the property market, tax planning, investment structures, borrowing to invest. ISBN/ASIN: 9780522858174. Our Book No: 27792. $15 AUD.

159. Koopman, Albert (1994). Transcultural Management: How to Unlock Global Resources [Developmental Management Series]. Oxford: Basil Blackwell. 205 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. By South African business entrepreneur who was an implacable opponent of apartheid. He thus developed a management system that operates successfully in a multicultural environment and restores dignity to the disadvantaged. ISBN/ASIN: 0631193146. Our Book No: 16246. $10 AUD.

160. Kotter, John P. (1996). Leading Change (Reprint ed). Boston: Harvard Business School Press. 187 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), diagrams, minor edgewear jacket, tiny mark top edge book. This book is an action plan written by an American expert on business leadership. The author has 25 years experience and wisdom based on lessons he has learned from many organizations and businesses. The book is inspiring and practical and has important implications for the future. ISBN/ASIN: 9780875847474. Our Book No: 40844. $20 AUD.

161. Landsberg, Max (2015). The Tao of Coaching: Boost Your Effectiveness at Work by Inspiring and Developing Those Around You (Revised, reprint ed). London: Profile Books. 145 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, figures, exercises, black & white drawings, small light stain rear cover & last two pages, minor edgewear. This inspiring book by Max Landsberg (a partner at McKinsey & Company and coaching expert) provides practical tips and techniques for making work more rewarding through the habit of coaching. Now completely updated and featuring two brand new chapters. ISBN/ASIN: 9781781253328. Our Book No: 40403. $12 AUD.

162. Lassetters; Hutton, Peter (introduction) (1977). Australia in the Good Old Days: Facsimile Pages from Lassetters Commercial Review, no 26, 1911 (An Edwardian Catalogue: Everything Solid Value) (Reprint ed). Sydney: Ure Smith. 264 pp. Hardback small quarto, dustjacket, decorative cloth cover, good plus condition (in good plus jacket), many black & white drawings, spine faded jacket as common, edges little foxed, minor edgewear, owner's rubber stamps (including title page & edges). Heavy (1.1 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. Reproduction of part of a catalogue produced by Lassetter's in 1911, the largest Sydney department store at the time (F. Lassetter & Co.), showing a fascinating selection of Edwardian goods for sale. Lasseters was famous for its 1000-page catalogues distributed widely throughout Australia, which today provides a valuable guide to Edwardian Australia. ISBN/ASIN: 0725403365. Our Book No: 8233. $30 AUD.

163. Laszlo, Chris; Percy, Stephen (foreword); Collomb, Bertrand (foreword) (2005). The Sustainable Company: How to Create Lasting Value through Social and Environmental Performance. Washington, DC: Island Press. 204 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, figures, minimal edgewear. Chris Laszlo gives case studies of leading companies that have recognized that social and environmental responsibility are core elements of a successful business strategy. ISBN/ASIN: 1597260185. Our Book No: 25066. $10 AUD.

164. Laughlin, Chuck; Sage, Karen; Bockmon, Marc (with) (1993). Samurai Selling: The Ancient Art of Service in Sales (Reprint ed). New York: St Martin's Press. 161 pp. Hardback small, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket). This unique self-help book shows how to apply the code of the ancient Japanese samurai soldier to modern salesmanship. The samurai did more than fight wars - he offered a lifetime of service to his lord, family and community. Thus your goal is not just to sell (a one-time event), but to serve your customer (who will return for repeat business, and help build up a powerful network of referrals). ISBN/ASIN: 031208885X. Our Book No: 14100. $12 AUD.

165. Le Boeuf, Michael; Leboeuf, Michael (1985). How to Motivate People (Australian ed). Melbourne: Australian Business Library / Schwartz & Wilkinson. 143 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, pages lightly toned. Australian edition. Excellent self-help book for business managers, by Professor of Management, University of New Orleans. The things that get rewarded get done. (Note: Spelt "Le Bouef" in this edition, but "Lebouef" in previous editions.). ISBN/ASIN: 1863500057. Our Book No: 2650. $15 AUD.

166. Leiter, Michael P.; Maslach, Christina (2005). Banishing Burnout: Six Strategies for Improving Your Relationship with Work (1st ed). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. 193 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black boards (gilt title spine), tables, pages lightly toned, minimal edgewear. Christina Maslach was first to identify burnout, and is known for her Burnout Inventory. Today's workforce is experiencing job burnout in epidemic proportions. Workers at all levels, both white and blue-collar, feel stressed out, insecure, misunderstood, undervalued, and alienated at their workplace. This original and important book debunks the common myth that when workers suffer job burnout they are solely responsible for their fatigue, anger, and don't give a damn attitude. The authors give their proven action plan, which shows how to establish core values, set a personal direction, engage other people, initiate a real plan of action, make an impact, and achieve career goals. There are illustrative case examples from many organizations. ISBN/ASIN: 0787976083. Our Book No: 30623. $30 AUD.

167. Leviston, Dorothy (2014). No Glass Ceiling For Me: A Self-made Businesswoman in the 1970s. Sydney, Epping: Delphian Books. 238 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good condition, black & white & colour text-photos, spine little faded, minor edgewear. This autobiography is written by Dorothy Leviston who owned and ran a chain of independent hairdressing salons in Victoria in the 1970s. At the same time, she was a young wife and mother and was involved in a lot of community work. Dorothy overcame the handicaps of her childhood including deprivation of education to have a successful business. Depicts a woman of boundless energy, enterprise and resilience, determined to get past the obstacles in her life. ISBN/ASIN: 9780987524843. Our Book No: 28910. $30 AUD.

168. Lewer, John (2015). Not Charted on Ordinary Maps: The Newcastle Steelworks Closure (1st ed). Melbourne, North Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing. 305 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, corner tips rear cover little scuffed, minor edgewear. This book focuses on industrial relations at the Works. This investigative study shows the complex struggles and challenges leading up to the closure announcement and then the final day in September 1999. The story is about workers and their unions, managers and their decisions, and Newcastle, which was intertwined in the largest deindustrialisation event in Australia's economic and social history. ISBN/ASIN: 9781925003437. Our Book No: 29938. $40 AUD.

169. Lindstrom, Martin (2008). Buyology [Buy-ology] [How Everything We Believe about Why We Buy is Wrong]. London: Random House Business Books. 240 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, pages lightly toned as common, minor edgewear corners. Martin Lindstrom describes the gulf between what we believe influences us and what actually does. He set up a highly ambitious research project that employed the very latest in brain-scanning technology, and called on the services of 2000 volunteers. This book shares this research, revealing for the first time what we think when we see an advert, hear a marketing slogan, taste two rival brands of drink, or watch a program sponsored by a major company. ISBN/ASIN: 9781847940124. Our Book No: 26040. $15 AUD.

170. Lingle, Christopher (1998). The Rise and Decline of the Asian Century: False Starts on the Path to the Global Millennium (3rd revised ed). Hong Kong: Asia 2000 Ltd. 316 pp. Paperback trade, card cover (with flaps), very good condition, tables, top corner last few pages little creased, minor edgewear & pencil annotation. Examines the recent mixed performance of the Asian-Pacific economies. ISBN/ASIN: 9627160636. Our Book No: 24687. $10 AUD.

171. Linn, Rob; Williams, R. M. (2006). One Piece of Leather: R. M. Williams: The Man and His Company (1st ed). Sydney, Milsons Point: R. M. Williams Publishing / Matthew Cowley (Publisher). 160 pp. Hardback wide quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), colour photos (most full-page), black & white & sepia (brown-tinted) photos, top corners covers little bumped, minor dent & scratch front cover jacket. Heavy (1.1 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. The story of Australian company R. M. Williams (the name of the founder), best known for making boots and saddles. The many photos bring this amazing story to life and will bring many memories to anyone who owns a piece of R. M. Williams clothing or the famous boots. The book will also interest anyone wanting to learn some Australian history. First edition stated. ISBN/ASIN: 0957970943. Our Book No: 28170. $60 AUD.

172. Long, Douglas G. (1993). Competitive Advantage in the Twenty First Century: From Vision into Action (1st ed). Sydney, Neutral Bay: Centre for Leadership Studies. 231 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), figures, faint foxing top edge, minor creasing & edgewear jacket, autograph (author's written name). Douglas Long, an Australian business consultant and leadership lecturer, examines the critical factors in obtaining and maintaining competitive advantage in business. Companies such as Apple, Mercedes Benz, American Express and BHP have a competitive advantage. His main case study is Singapore where leader Lee Kuan Yew transformed a backward city-state into a business high-tech powerhouse. He explains his 'Vision Into Action' (VIA) model. SCARCE. ISBN/ASIN: 0646148737. Our Book No: 23181. $25 AUD.

173. Lord, Richard (1998). Succeed in Business Germany: The Essential Guide for Business and Investment (1st ed) [Culture Shock Series]. Portland, OR: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company. 224 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white text-photos, spine ends little scuffed, minor edgewear. This book provides comprehensive, relevant, practical information with the real-life insights and cultural know-how that make the difference between success and failure. Some of the subjects include: setting up a company in Germany, marketing, advertising and trade fairs, understanding the German business culture, insights into the German character, business entertaining, women in business, cultural dos and donts, and an introduction to speaking German. ISBN/ASIN: 1558683542. Our Book No: 29096. $15 AUD.

174. Love, David (2008). Unfinished Business: Paul Keating's Interrupted Revolution. Melbourne: Scribe Publications. 264 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. David Love, a veteran economic and financial journalist reports fascinating and frank conversations with the former Australian Prime Minister both before and after his political demise, about his unfinished financial plan for Australia. ISBN/ASIN: 9781921372193. Our Book No: 25145. $18 AUD.

175. Lycett, Phyllis; Martin, Michael (1994). Abraham le Blond: Colour Printer 1819 - 1894. St Albans, Herts: Lycett Antiques / New Baxter Society. 96 pp. Hardback small octavo, no jacket as issued, very good plus condition, pictorial cover, colour plates, minor edgewear. George Baxter invented colour printing in 1834. Abraham le Blond was a licensee of Baxter's new technological innovation, and his colour prints are now considered second only to Baxter in terms of their quality. Authors Phyllis Lycett and Michael Martin provide a biography of Le Blond and his business, as well as an extensive illustrated catalogue of his prints. ISBN/ASIN: 0952500019. Our Book No: 13268. $25 AUD.

176. Lynch, and MacDonald (1947). Legal Agreement for the Sale of the Newspaper Australian Farm and Home to the Argus and Australasian Limited (1st ed). Melbourne: Lynch & MacDonald Solicitors. 4 pp. Ephemera, document, quarto, very good condition, duty stamp, pages lightly toned, folded three times, light stain one page, tiny edge tear fore-edge two pages. Typewritten solicitors document for the sale of the newspaper "The Australian Farm and Home" by Augusta Christina McNaughton to "The Argus and Australasian Limited". Includes a typewritten envelope. Our Book No: 40176. $30 AUD.

177. MacDermott, Marshall (1969). A Brief Sketch of the Long and Varied Career of Marshall MacDermott, Esq., J.P., of Adelaide, South Australia [Australiana Facsimile Editions, no 189]. Adelaide: Libraries Board of South Australia (LBSA). 53 pp. Hardback small octavo, no jacket as issued, very good condition, printed boards (red cloth spine), minimal edgewear. (Facsimile edition of a pamphlet originally published in 1874. Unstated limited edition.) The author, an army officer, was a pioneer farmer and banker in Western Australia, arriving in 1830. He lived in South Australia from 1846 to 1877. He contributed magnificently to banking (Bank of Australasia), education, church and parliamentary affairs. "These papers are written solely for private distribution amongst relatives and special friends; and, as my family is rather numerous and dispersed, the necessity arises of having them printed.". Our Book No: 13420. $10 AUD.

178. Macmillan, David S. (1965). Scotland and Australia 1788 - 1850: Emigration, Commerce and Investment. Melbourne: Oxford University Press (OUP). 435 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), minor edgewear. Archivist and historian (University of Sydney) provides the first detailed history of Scottish influence in early colonial Australia, in particular regarding commerce. Based on extensive archives in both Australia (Sydney) and Scotland. Our Book No: 17561. $80 AUD.

179. Magazanik, Michael (2015). Silent Shock: The Men Behind the Thalidomide Scandal and an Australian Family's Long Road to Justice. Melbourne: Text Publishing. 342 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, colour & sepia (brown-coloured) photos centre spread, top corner clipped title page, corner tip front cover creased, minimal edgewear. Baby Lyn Rowe was born in Melbourne in 1962, seven months after her mother Wendy took the new wonder drug for morning sickness called thalidomide. The baby had no arms and legs. For 50 years the Rowe family cared for Lyn - exhausting, round-the-clock work. But then in 2011 Lyn Rowe launched a legal claim against the thalidomide companies. Against the odds, she won a multi-million-dollar settlement. The author is one of the lawyers who ran Lyn's case. He exposes a 50-year cover up of history's most notorious drug, and he details not only the damning case against the German manufacturer, whose ruthless promotion of their lucrative drug in the face of mounting evidence beggars belief. Spanning the world, this book is an epic account of corporate villainy against a backdrop of heroic personal struggle and sacrifice. ISBN/ASIN: 9781922182098. Our Book No: 17060. $17 AUD.

180. Magazine, Organic Gardener; Miller, Jerssamy (introduction) (2018). The Contented Bee: Inspiration and Practical Tips to Keep Your Backyard Bees Happy, Healthy and Productive (Reprint ed). Sydney: ABC Books / HarperCollins. 303 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, colour text-photos (many full-page), top corner front cover creased, bottom edge front cover minimally bumped, minor edgewear. This lively guide features inspirational stories and photos from many enthusiasts across Australia who decided to keep bees, city and rural. There are practical chapters by a range of experts showing you how to start, caring for your bees, harvesting honey and wax (with recipes), troubleshooting, what to plant to give the hard working bees some food, and information on the popular option of keeping native stingless bees. ISBN/ASIN: 9780733339387. Our Book No: 30332. $28 AUD.

181. Maier, Norman R. F.; Solem, Allen R.; Maier, Ayesha A. (1975). The Role-play Technique: A Handbook for Management and Leadership Practice (1st ed). San Diego, CA: University Associates Publishers & Consultants. 290 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, figures, tables, minor edgewear, rubber stamp, owner's label title page. This book discusses the value of role-playing in many different life situations. The cases have universal value and interest, particularly for business management and leadership. (Revision of: Supervisory and Executive Development: A Manual for Role Playing.). ISBN/ASIN: 0883901048. Our Book No: 22634. $15 AUD.

182. Main, Andrew (2003). Other People's Money (The Complete Story of the Extraordinary Collapse of HIH) (1st, reprint ed). Sydney: HarperCollins. 305 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white photos centre spread, bottom edge little rubbed, minor edgewear. A chronicle of arrogance, ignorance and self-delusion. The amazing collapse of the large Australian insurance company in 2001. The last days looked more like a closing down sale in a bargain bazaar - insiders helped themselves, but the policy holders had to put up with a trickle of payouts that was just fast enough to escape official intervention. Every Australian shareholder should read this book. Includes the Royal Commission into the collapse. First edition reprint. ISBN/ASIN: 0732276659. Our Book No: 13457. $30 AUD.

183. Management, Australian Institute of (2001). Innovation and Imagination at Work [Management Today Series]. Sydney, Roseville: McGraw Hill. 189 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, minor edgewear. The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) draws together a collection of articles, written by industry leaders and creative thinkers, that examines the innovation imperative for Australian business. Innovation requires imaginative thinking. Each chapter builds on the previous one, delivering different perspectives and coming together to present a cohesive guide for Australian companies seeking to use innovation as a business driver. SALE PRICE. ISBN/ASIN: 0074709240. Our Book No: 22784. $12 AUD.

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217. Murphy, Lorraine (2018). Get Remarkably Organised. Sydney: Hachette. 257 pp. Paperback octavo, good condition, corner tips covers little ceased, top corner spine & last few pages little bumped, minor edgewear. Lorraine Murphy provides an inspiring look at organisational lessons she has learned during her entrepreneurship journey. How to be organised in business and in life. Written by one of a leading Australian entrepreneur and the founder of the Remarkables Group. The book covers: The value of routine and habits, easy decluttering, tips for planning your week and managing your day, conquering distractions, and overcoming procrastination. ISBN/ASIN: 9780733639487. Our Book No: 30974. $15 AUD.

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224. North, Peter (1999). Culture Shock! Success Secrets to Maximize Business in Britain. Singapore: Times Books International. 240 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, minor edgewear. Peter North explains how to succeed in business in Britain. A book in the popular Culture Shock series from Times Books International, Singapore (1999). . ISBN/ASIN: 9812045929. Our Book No: 15550. $10 AUD.

225. O'Brien, Ruth (2005). Bodies in Revolt: Gender, Disability, and a Workplace Ethic of Care. New York: Routledge / Taylor & Francis. 198 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, bottom corner tip creased front cover, minor edgewear. Ruth O'Brien, a feminist professor of government, argues that the 'Americans with Disabilities Act' (ADA) will humanize capitalism by turning employers into caregivers, creating an ethic of care in the workplace. Unlike other feminists, she bases her ethics not on benevolence, but on self-preservation. She relies on Deleuze's and Guttari's interpretation of Spinoza and Foucault's conception of corporeal resistance to show how a workplace ethic that is neither communitarian nor individualistic can be based upon the rallying cry 'one for all and all for one’. This book will interest all supporters of workplace reform. ISBN/ASIN: 0415945348. Our Book No: 23595. $25 AUD.

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227. O’Donoghue, K. J.; Appleyard, H. S. (1986). Hain of St. Ives. Kendal, UK: World Ship Society. 132 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, black & white photos, colour frontispiece, colour flags and funnels inside rear cover, one colour flag flyleaf and front cover, light toning pages, light foxing covers, light stain bottom corner front cover, minor edgewear cover corners. The story of one of the major shipping companies of the late-19th century. The Hain Steamship Company was founded in a small Cornish fishing port, and from there it was controlled until the takeover by P&O in 1917. The book has notes and lists of the ships - sailing, steam and motor - as well as the fascinating story of the Hain family, which can be traced back to the 16th century. ISBN/ASIN: 090561741X. Our Book No: 30456. $18 AUD.

228. Off, Carol (2008). Bitter Chocolate: Investigating the Dark Side of the World's Most Seductive Sweet. Brisbane, St Lucia: University of Queensland Press. 326 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, top corner front cover creased, minor edgewear. Traces the history of the cocoa craze from the 18th Century onwards, through its evolution under such overseers as Hershey, Cadbury and Mars, and it's connection to the violence in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), the West African nation that produces almost half of the world's cocoa beans. A social history, a passionate investigative account and a stirring expose of the inner workings of a multi-billion dollar industry. (1 of 2 available copies.). ISBN/ASIN: 9780702236853. Our Book No: 25226. $15 AUD.

229. Okbazghi, Yohannes (2018). The Biofuels Deception: Going Hungry on the Green Carbon Diet. New York: Monthly Review Press. 344 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. Yohannes Okbazghi combines scientific narrative with devastating economic analysis. The author argues that the seemingly innovative campaign for 'green energy' is driven by biotechnology industries and global grain-trading corporations. The author is a Political Science Professor Emeritus based at the University of Louisville. ISBN/ASIN: 9781583677025. Our Book No: 41045. $30 AUD.

230. Oliver, Bill (1997). Sugar in the Blood. Sydney: Bill Oliver / Fast Books, Wild & Woolley. 138 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, black & white text-photos, barcode sticker inside rear cover, bottom edge lightly marked, minor edgewear. This autobiography is about his life in India as a small child, and his journey to Australia at the age of six. He relates his 37 years in the sugar industry, where he made many friends in and outside CSR Ltd. The book is a collection of the more light hearted memories and events in his life. ISBN/ASIN: 0646325434. Our Book No: 28753. $15 AUD.

231. Opie, Robert (1995). Rule Britannia: Trading on the British Image (Special (Past Times) ed). Harmondsworth: Viking / Penguin Books. 159 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, thick card covers, colour & black & white illustrations, top corner front cover creased, spine little faded, bottom corner rear cover & last few pages creased, minor edgewear. This book looks at the author's unique collection of packaging and advertising ephemera (now on permanent display in Gloucester). It is a nostalgic look at British advertising art of a bygone era. The book will appeal to anyone with an interest in art and advertising and how society has been reflected by the adds of an era. ISBN/ASIN: 0670866695. Our Book No: 29487. $25 AUD.

232. Opie, Robert (2005). POSTCARD: Cat Theme: There's Real Comfort in Boots Polished With Cherry Blossom (Reprint ed) [Animal Fun Series]. Gloucester: Robert Opie. N/A pp. Postcard oblong, colour picture one side, few tiny pinhead dents on front, no writing on back, unused, stamp on rear side. Postcard, two black boots, one boot has a sleeping ginger kitten and the other boot has a dark grey kitten in it. The card is a reproduction from an original in the Robert Opie Collection. The Cherry Blossom boot polish dates back to 1903, being an invention of the Mason brothers. Tin Sign c1955. Our Book No: 40165. $10 AUD.

233. Parker, B.; Parker, N. (1979). The History of the Hoppers. Sydney, Hunters Hill: David Ell Press. 32 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, sepia (brown-coloured) drawings (little colour, most full-page), bottom corner rear cover & a few pages lightly worn, minor edgewear. Children's story about a family of kangaroos running a general store. The verses and anthropomorphic illustrations will appeal to any age. Originally published in 1912. Verses by B. Parker, drawings by N. Parker. ISBN/ASIN: 0908197098. Our Book No: 27322. $20 AUD.

234. Parker, Gordon; Tavella, Gabriela; Eyers, Kerrie (2021). Burnout: A Guide to Identifying Burnout and Pathways to Recovery (1st ed). Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 273 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, bottom corner rear cover creased, minor edgewear. Professor Gordon Parker and two colleagues have written the first complete guide to burnout, based on groundbreaking new research at the University of New South Wales. It shows how you can tell whether you really have burnout, and helps you shape a strategy for recovery that will work for you. Gordon Parker is Professor of Psychiatry at UNSW, and founder of the Black Dog Institute. ISBN/ASIN: 9781760878061. Our Book No: 18102. $25 AUD.

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236. Pearce, Robyn (2003). Getting a Grip on the Paper War: Managing Information in the Modern Office (1st ed). Auckland: Reed Books. 258 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, black & white drawings, minimal edgewear. Examines why we feel overwhelmed by mountains of paper in our lives, and gives simple time-saving methods for coping with the information on those pieces of paper - physical and electronic. ISBN/ASIN: 079000884X. Our Book No: 27897. $15 AUD.

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238. Peattie, Charles; Taylor, Russell (1991). The Best of Alex III. Canberra: Financial Review Library. 50 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, black & white cartoons, top corner faintly creased front cover, minor edgewear. A third collector's edition of Australia's favourite corporate comic strip from The Australian Financial Review. ISBN/ASIN: 1826900531. Our Book No: 24113. $10 AUD.

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241. Perkins, Anne (2006). A Very British Strike: 3 May - 12 May 1926. London: Macmillan. 301 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white photos, minor edgewear. Anne Perkins describes how at midnight on 3 May 1926, two million workers downed tools and joined the only general strike ever staged in Britain. This book draws on previously unpublished sources and contemporary accounts as well as meticulous research, building a vivid picture of exactly how and why the Strike began and how the brief revolutionary spark burned out less than two weeks later. ISBN/ASIN: 1405049960. Our Book No: 23719. $20 AUD.

242. Pollak, John K. (editor) (1990). Pulp and Paper Mills: Their Effects on Ecology, Health and Economy (2nd ed) [CHAST Publication, no 4]. Sydney: CHAST: Centre for Human Aspects of Science and Technology, University of Sydney. 49 pp. Paperback, card cover, stapled pamphlet, very good plus condition, printed on recycled paper. This report by the Hazardous Chemicals In The Environment group of CHAST discusses the toxic environmental and health concerns of pulp and paper mills. This second edition contains letters and replies in response to the first edition. SALE PRICE. Our Book No: 13256. $10 AUD.

243. Pollard, Jane (2004). A Mingled Yarn: The Seifert Family and Flaxmilling in New Zealand. Bowral, NSW: Self-Published: Jane Pollard. 159 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, black & white photos, top corner front cover & first few pages little creased, autograph (author's written name title page). Jane Pollard relates the story of a family who milled flax from Southland to the Waikato in New Zealand. The author is the great-granddaughter of Johann Herrmann Seifert. Using personal letters, diaries, and business correspondence, plus wages books and cutter's tallies from several of his mills, this book traces the flax industry, and the men who worked it, through the turbulent years of two Depressions and two World Wars, and the mingled fortunes of those times. ISBN/ASIN: 064644025X. Our Book No: 25218. $30 AUD.

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246. Power, Thomas P. (1897). INVOICE: Thomas P. Power, Saddlers Ironmonger & Manufacturer, Melbourne. Melbourne: Thomas P. Power. 1 pp. Ephemera, invoice, quarto, good plus condition, page lightly toned, bottom corners creased, little marked, two small holes, some edgewear, pen mark stripe. Single-page invoice for this business, 398-400 Little Bourke Street West, Melbourne, dated 10 March, 1897. Customer is Messrs J. H. Abbott & Co, Bendigo. Text in ink. The customer ordered bridles, stirrups, etc. Total is Pounds 10.18.9, of which Pounds 8.13.1 is carried forward from a previous invoice. Our Book No: 4220. $20 AUD.

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249. Rasmussen, Pernille (2008). When Work Takes Control: The Psychology and Effects of Work Addiction. London: Karnac Books. 140 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. Explains what happens when we become too involved in our work, and how we avoid being controlled by our work, and how we prevent family members, friends, colleagues, or employees from being so. Suitable for anyone who deals with the psychological working environment - among them business managers and counsellors who wish to establish a better balance between their work and private life. SALE PRICE. ISBN/ASIN: 9781855755932. Our Book No: 23942. $12 AUD.

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257. Ritzer, George (2012). Globalization: The Essentials (Reprint ed). West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons. 356 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, minor edgewear corner tips front cover. This compact alternative to George Ritzer's Globalization: A Basic Text, 2010, draws on material from the larger volume and presents a more concise, yet still comprehensive, introduction to the major topics in globalization studies. ISBN/ASIN: 9780470655610. Our Book No: 29801. $30 AUD.

258. Ross, Shane (2010). The Bankers: How the Banks Brought Ireland to its Knees. London: Penguin Group. 293 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, colour & black & white photos, corners rear cover little creased, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. This is the inside story of how Ireland's bankers - assisted by the government, the regulators, property developers and the media - torpedoed a booming economy, requiring government bailouts. ISBN/ASIN: 9780141044446. Our Book No: 30202. $15 AUD.

259. Roston, Aram (2008). The Man who Pushed America to War: The Extraordinary Life, Adventures and Obsessions of Ahmad Chalabi New York: Nation Books / Perseus Books. 369 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good plus, faint staining small section bottom edge first few pages, front cover creased along spine, minimal foxing edges, some edgewear. Aram Roston relates the true story of Ahmad Chalabi, fraudster, statesman, banker, math genius and aesthete, whose legendary powers of persuasion, helped propel the United States to war in Iraq. Award-winning investigative biography from the NBC Investigative Unit. Chalabi was a shrewd Iraqi Arab from a family of Shiite bankers. Aram Roston tracked down forgotten Chalabi business partners and friends and dug through the records from courthouses around the world. The book reveals how this convicted felon, fugitive from justice in Jordan, and ally of the Iranian government managed to charm and influence the top American conservative leaders. Traces the career of the Iraqi exile, long in the pay of the Iranian intelligence agency, who lobbied for America to go to war to remove Saddam Hussein from power, and put Chalabi in power (but he later failed in Iraqi elections). ISBN/ASIN: 9781568584157. Our Book No: 17804. $20 AUD.

260. Rutherford, J. E. L. (1971). Cobb and Co. Bathurst, NSW / Dubbo, NSW: Self Published: J. E. L. Rutherford / Printed by Masterprint. 64 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stapled, card cover, black & white photos, staples rusted, minor edgewear, minimal biro mark front cover, owner's written name inside front cover. This detailed self-published booklet by J. E. L. Rutherford is about the two men, Freeman Cobb and James Rutherford, who along with their changing business partners, took Cobb's humble Victorian coaching company and made it the Qantas of its day. The author had access to Rutherford letters and diaries to write this story with all the drama, conflict and tragedy. It is the compelling and human story of Australia's first great interstate company and the people who made it an icon. Our Book No: 41049. $25 AUD.

261. Ryan, Colleen (2013). Fairfax: The Rise and Fall (1st ed). Melbourne: Miegunyah / Melbourne University Press (MUP). 304 pp. Paperback octavo, as new condition. The Sydney Morning Herald journalist provides the definitive account of the fate of Fairfax. It is the story of greedy media moguls, angry and ambitious politicians, foolhardy heirs and heiresses, zealous journalists, muddling management and the rise of digital media (which Fairfax completely missed). The once-mighty Fairfax has been a victim of them all. ISBN/ASIN: 9780522862454. Our Book No: 16481. $20 AUD.

262. Ryan, Maurice (1995). A Centenary History of Norco 1895 - 1995. Lismore, NSW: Norco Co-operative Ltd. 430 pp. Hardback large quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in good dustjacket), black & white text-photos (including endpapers), few black & white adverts, jacket partly faded (minor edgewear, few tiny dents & scratches, light foxing reverse side), faint foxing edges, tiny mark top edge, non-author written dedication rear of front endpaper. Very heavy (1.9 Kg), and not available for postage to destinations outside Australia. Local historian Maurice Ryan provides a history of the Norco Cooperative, interwoven with the story of Lismore and the Northern New South Wales dairy (milk supply) industry which began in the 1890s. Central to the story was the Cooperative established at Byron Bay in 1895. That Coop, after a series of name changes, became Norco in 1926. This book is a history of the Far North Coast, as Norco became the base that supported the region's economy. The Norco story became an important part of the settlement and the infrastructure that developed along with the industry. The many photos help to bring the story alive. ISBN/ASIN: 0959892818. Our Book No: 40622. $90 AUD.

263. Sai, Yasutaka (1995). The Eight Core Values of the Japanese Businessman: Toward an Understanding of Japanese Management (1st ed). New York: International Business Press / Haworth Press. 177 pp. Hardback small octavo, no jacket, very good condition, grey & white boards, black title front cover, black & white text-photos, minor edgewear & marks, cover design differs from stock photo. Published to assist in understanding the thoughts and behaviour of Japanese businessmen. Yasutaka Sai and a team of researchers in the Japan Management Association, undertook a special research project in 1989, and the summary report in Japanese later became the basis of this book. The eight main values commonly shared by Japanese in the business world are: group orientation, diligence, aesthetics and perfectionism, curiosity and emphasis on innovation, respect for form, a competitive mind and outlook on reward, the importance of silence, and perceptions of time. ISBN/ASIN: 156024870X. Our Book No: 40471. $20 AUD.

264. Saunders, Peter (2002). The Ends and Means of Welfare: Coping with Economic and Social Change in Australia (1st p/b ed). Melbourne: Cambridge University Press (CUP). 300 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, tables, minor edgewear. By Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales. The relation between economic liberalism and social policy in Australia. ISBN/ASIN: 0521524431. Our Book No: 20789. $20 AUD.

265. Savings Bank, South Australia (No Date). Blotter: Savings Bank of South Australia .. Provides Every Facility for Systematic Saving. Adelaide: Savings Bank of South Australia. N/A pp. Blotter small, very good condition, sepia (brown-tinted) sketch & text, corners creased reverse side, minor edgewear. This blotter advertises the Savings Bank of South Australia. The sketch (left side of blotter) is two horses pulling a plough, with farm buildings in the background. The test includes the phrases: 48 branches; 370 agencies; 1200 school bank agencies; "The People's Bank”. Our Book No: 2379. $10 AUD.

266. Scahill, Jeremy (2008). Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army (Updated ed). London: Serpent's Tail / Profile Books. 550 pp. Paperback thick trade, very good plus condition. Blackwater is the private army and business that the US government has quietly hired to operate in war zones and on American soil. It has a military base, a fleet of aircraft and 20,000 troops, but since September 2007 the firm has been hit by a series of scandals that, nevertheless, have led to unprecedented expansion. This updated edition includes Scahill's continued investigative work into the disturbing privatisation of war. ISBN/ASIN: 9781846686528. Our Book No: 16448. $13 AUD.

267. Schapiro, Mark (2016). The End of Stationarity: Searching for the New Normal in the Age of Carbon Shock. White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Publishing Company. 220g pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, corner tips covers little creased, minor edgewear. Powerfully depicts the wild, new carbon economy being carved as baselines crumble and our new post-carbon reality takes shape - all given newfound momentum in the wake of the Paris climate talks. The author, a veteran journalist explores this shifting terrain as he travels through the drought-ridden farmland of California, the jungles of Brazil, the worlds largest manufacturing centre in China, and the carbon-trading markets of Europe. (Updated from the book Carbon Shock, 2014.). ISBN/ASIN: 9781603586801. Our Book No: 30436. $25 AUD.

268. Scott, O. R. (1956). Fun with Foam: Handcraft with Plastic Foam. Sydney: Central Press. 16 pp. Paperback wide octavo, stapled pamphlet, card cover (slightly creased), very good condition, black & white drawings, minor edgewear, sticker mark. (Estimated date, 1956, Trove catalogue.) This pamphlet celebrates the new wonderful use of plastic foam in craft designs. Cover subtitle: "Do It Yourself ... Patterns." A companion manual to his books "Basketry the Easy Way" and "Cane Furniture the Easy Way". Our Book No: 17450. $13 AUD.

269. Shaw, Julie (1995). Cultural Diversity at Work: Utilising a Unique Australian Resource (1st ed). Sydney, Chatswood: Business & Professional Publishing. 204 pp. Paperback wide trade, very good condition, pages lightly toned, bottom edge lightly marked, minor edgewear. Julie Shaw shows how productive cultural diversity can be achieved in the Australian workplace. The book provides a positive approach to the complexities of this culturally diverse workplace, and will be a useful resource for anyone involved in organizing such a workplace. ISBN/ASIN: 1875680217. Our Book No: 26314. $15 AUD.

270. Sheahan, Peter (2005). Generation Y: Thriving and Surviving with Generation Y at Work (Reprint ed). Melbourne, Prahran: Hardie Grant. 274 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, pages toned as common, minor edgewear. Generation Y comprises the highly influential segment of the population born between 1978 and 1994. Provides unique insight into the Generation Y mindset. In a straightforward, accessible style he unlocks the secrets to hiring, inspiring and retaining this emerging generation. ISBN/ASIN: 9781740663175. Our Book No: 22472. $14 AUD.

271. Sherry, Paul D. M. (2006). Selling is Not a Science: The Six Steps to a Sale [Based on Over 25 years Experience on the Showroom Floor]. Sydney, Leichhardt: A&A Book Publishing. 99 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good plus condition, black & white photos, minimal edgewear. A straightforward guide to selling, with a focus on automotive sales, where the author has 30 years experience as a top seller. There are many tips and techniques on the six steps to the sale. ISBN/ASIN: 0975786466. Our Book No: 23775. $15 AUD.

272. Shiller, Robert J. (2000). Irrational Exuberance (1st Australian ed). Melbourne: Scribe Publications. 296 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, figures, tables, pages lightly toned, top corner front cover creased, minor edgewear. A provocative bestselling study by Robert Shiller, professor of economics (Yale University), of the enormous and irrational stock market boom in America and Europe. Draws on a wide range of published research and historical evidence, Of interest to individual investors, investment professionals, superannuation fund managers and financial planners. Australian edition. ISBN/ASIN: 090801158X. Our Book No: 23905. $10 AUD.

273. Short, Wilsie (1994). Benjamin Short 1833 - 1912: A Migrant with a Mission: Grandfather's Story. Sydney, Kensington: AMP Society / University of New South Wales Press. 138 pp. Hardback large octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), black & white text-photos & drawings, endpaper sketch. Biography of the AMP insurance agent and evangelist who set up the Sydney City Mission and supported the YMCA. Written by his grand-daughter. ISBN/ASIN: 0868401021. Our Book No: 18973. $15 AUD.

274. Shriver, Lionel (2017). The Mandibles: A Family 2029 - 2047 (Reprint ed). London: Borough Press. 515 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, top corner tip front cover creased, minor edgewear. This novel is written by the author of 'We Need To Talk About Kevin'. It is 2029. The U.S national debt has grown so large that it can never be repaid. Their pending inheritance turned to ash, each member of the formerly formidable Mandible family must cope first with disappointment, then the challenge of sheer survival, as they make their way through a society in ruin. A frightening yet scabrously funny look at America's not-so-distant future. ISBN/ASIN: 9780007560776. Our Book No: 31009. $15 AUD.

275. Sjolander Holland, Ann-Christin (2005). The Water Business: Corporations Versus People [Global Issues in a Changing World]. London: Zed Books. 282 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, minor edgewear. Ann-Christin Sjolander Holland asks the ultimate question: should decisions about the provision of and access to water be taken by citizens in democratic societies, or by commercial corporations? The author travelled to Latin America, Africa and Europe to interview the poor, the experts, the corporate executives, and to bring back a story much more complicated than simply public versus private provision, or innovative mixes of both. Note: Privatization of water supplies began in England in 1989 under Margaret Thatcher, and in the ten years that followed, nearly 10 billion went in profits to the new water companies. Today, two giant corporations, Veolia and Suez, control 80% of the international private water market and have some 300 million customers. ISBN/ASIN: 1842775650. Our Book No: 23018. $15 AUD.

276. Slaughter, Anne-Marie (2015). Unfinished Business: Women, Men, Work, Family (1st Australian ed). Sydney: Penguin Group Australia. 328 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear corners. About the struggle for equality between women and men, work and family. The author is the first female director of policy planning at the U.S. State department. There are personal stories, individual action plans, and a broad outline for change to help in the business of equality, and bringing about positive change for the future. ISBN/ASIN: 9780670077670. Our Book No: 28960. $18 AUD.

277. Smith, Sue (2007). Bastard Boys. Sydney: Currency Press. 216 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, few black & white photos (including frontispiece), front cover corner tips little creased, minor edgewear, faint remainder stripe bottom edge. This screenplay by Sue Smith follows the lives of the main players in a serious maritime industrial dispute that stopped Australia. A political thriller, war film, love story and courtroom drama all rolled into one, this story is one of the most significant events in Australia's recent past. ISBN/ASIN: 9780868198095. Our Book No: 29673. $20 AUD.

278. Soros, George (2000). Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism. London: Little Brown. 369 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, corner creased front cover, minor edgewear. A revision of his bestselling classic "The Crisis of Global Capitalism". Now Soros takes a whole new look at the arguments he made in that book, incorporating the very latest in global economic and political developments. He shows how the recovery following the economic meltdown of 1998 may have been a false dawn, leaving us in a much more precarious position than we realize. He also explores surprising connections between events such as the war in Kosovo and the economic wealth of nations. And he offers new insights into the fates of Russia, Asia, Europe and the United States. Demonstrating that our still unquestioning faith in market forces blinds us to crucial economic instabilities, provides an inspiring vision of how to fix the flaws in the system - suggestions that have already influenced leaders at the IMF, the World Bank, and in many national governments. ISBN/ASIN: 0316855987. Our Book No: 15540. $15 AUD.

279. Soros, George (2002). On Globalization (1st stated ed). New York: Public Affairs. 345 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket, light foxing top edge. The financier George Soros writes about the current crisis state of the global economy. He identifies the problems and suggests practical proposals to make the system work better. ISBN/ASIN: 1586481258. Our Book No: 28406. $10 AUD.

280. Spitzer, Quinn; Evans, Ron (1999). Heads, You Win! How the Best Companies Think - and How You Can Use Their Examples to Develop Critical Thinking Within Your Own Organization. New York: Fireside. 301 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, figures, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. This book is filled with practical tips and techniques, and has amusing, real-life anecdotes. It is a handy book to use for sorting out the complexities of running a business today and being able to identify the skills needed to have a have a successful business. ISBN/ASIN: 0684838753. Our Book No: 26960. $10 AUD.

281. Squires, Gregory D.; O'Connor, Sally (2001). Color and Money: Politics and Prospects for Community Reinvestment in Urban America [SUNY Series in the New Inequalities]. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press. 202 pp. Paperback octavo, good plus condition, figures, tables, some minor creasing & edgewear page corners, some scratches fromt cover. Gregory Squires and Sally O’Connor provide a case study of Milwaukee, Wisconsin - a fairly typical urban American city that has experienced systematic disinvestment. A budding reinvestment movement demonstrates the continuing significance of race in determining who gets home mortgages and small business loans. This book offers critical policy recommendations for increasing access to capital in central city communities and for racial minorities throughout the nation's metropolitan areas. ISBN/ASIN: 0791449521. Our Book No: 23691. $15 AUD.

282. Steele Gordon, John (2002). A Thread Across the Ocean: The Heroic Story of the Transatlantic Cable (1st ed). London: Simon & Schuster. 238 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white text-photos & drawings, pages & inside covers lightly toned, minor edgewear, barcode sticker inside rear cover. This book is about the spirit of an age as a group of Victorian entrepreneurs fought to realise a dream that revolutionised communication for ever. The book tells the story of this epic struggle that would require a decade of effort, millions of dollars in capital, the solution of innumerable technological problems and uncommon physical, financial, and intellectual courage. These men had changed the world when the project was completed. ISBN/ASIN: 0743231279. Our Book No: 26919. $12 AUD.

283. Stephen, Ann (editor) (1993). Pirating the Pacific: Images of Trade, Travel and Tourism. Sydney: Powerhouse Publishing. 77 pp. Paperback oblong quarto, very good condition, illustrated endpapers, black & white photos, few colour photos, light mark top edge, minor edgewear. Essays by Ann Stephen, Ross Gibson and Nicholas Thomas which explore trade and tourism in the Pacific islands. Published to coincide with the exhibition "South Pacific Stories" at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, September 1993 - October 1994. ISBN/ASIN: 1863170421. Our Book No: 28240. $20 AUD.

284. Stevens, Amanda (2007). She: Selling the Psychology of Selling to Women. Sydney, Surry Hills: Splash Publishing. 143 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, few black & white text-photos, tables, minimal edgewear. This book shows how to build and optimise a loyal female customer base. The author shares some solid statistics, information, insights and strategies for dealing with female customers. (No ISBN in book. Not listed in Trove.). Our Book No: 26809. $20 AUD.

285. Stewarts and Lloyds, Ltd (1930). Welded and Weldless Main Steam Pipes: Section "S" (New and Enlarged ed). Glasgow: Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd. 93 pp. Paperback small wide quarto, good condition, card covers, metal rivets with flat fasteners, figures, tables, drawings, spine split, small brown mark front cover, cover creases, tiny scuff front cover, cover corners & some pages little creased, title page LOOSE, small edge tears some pages, foldout plan (foldout part loosely inserted), title page little marked, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. From the introduction to this scarce catalogue from a Scottish manufacturer: This new and enlarged edition of our Steam Pipe Catalogue contains information that will be of use to engineers in the preparation of designs and specifications for steam pipe installations. The details in this catalogue are intended as a general guide to the best practice at the time of issue. (No date, but Worldcat states two editions, 1926 and 1930, the latter presumably being revised.). Our Book No: 40467. $40 AUD.

286. Stilwell, Frank (2000). Changing Track: A New Political Economic Direction for Australia. Sydney: Pluto Press. 353 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, minimal edgewear. By professor of political economy, University of Sydney. Takes a fresh look at the Australian economy and how it has served our society, and shows that there is an alternative to the current emphasis on globalisation, economic rationalism and corporatisation. How the privatisation, deregulation, market rule "experiment" visited upon Australians by government and business ideology has caused more harm than good. Better systems are needed to solve unemployment, stimulate industry, create a fairer tax system, link wages to welfare, and take economic sustainability seriously. ISBN/ASIN: 1864031689. Our Book No: 9779. $20 AUD.

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289. Stone, Louis (2001). Jonah [Australian Experience Series]. Stepney, SA: Axiom Publishing. 190 pp. Paperback small octavo, card covers (with flaps), very good condition, slight bump top spine, minor edgewear. Novel about the larrikin gangs of the early 1900s in inner Sydney (Redfern, Waterloo). Jonah is the tough larrikin who rises to success in big business. ISBN/ASIN: 1864760710. Our Book No: 20698. $10 AUD.

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292. Sutton, Sarah (editor) (2005). Mastering Change: Real-life Lessons from Top Business Leaders [Fast Track to Business Excellence]. London: BBC Books. 119 pp. Paperback small trade, very good plus condition, minor edgewear. An excellent little practical guide to business management. Access to the real-life business experience of 12 of today's outstanding business leaders in a pocket-sized format. Unique features include: Personal - anecdotal, first-hand accounts, practical solutions-driven and grounded in reality. Effective - concise, engaging and focused. ISBN/ASIN: 0563519355. Our Book No: 40395. $10 AUD.

293. Swan, Wayne (2005). Postcode: The Splintering of a Nation. Sydney: Pluto Press Australia. 248 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, sticker top corner front flyleaf. Wayne Swan, then Labor Federal Shadow Treasurer, explains how Australia is a prosperous country, but the benefits of this prosperity are not being fairly shared. About 1 million working Australians and their dependents are below the poverty line. The Australian nation has become a frayed patchwork of winners and losers from economic change. Swan draws on the latest research data and his own experience of moving around Australia and talking to many people, including disadvantaged locations such as Palm Island, Redfern and the Glenquarie Estate. (He later became Treasurer in the Hawke Labor Federal government.). ISBN/ASIN: 1864033606. Our Book No: 18078. $35 AUD.

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296. Tapscott, Don; Williams, Anthony D. (2007). Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything (1st U.K. ed). London: Atlantic Books. 324 pp. Paperback large trade, very good condition, top edge little foxed, minor edgewear. Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams provide a bestselling study into how small business can achieve success in the emerging world of internet technology, based on a $9 million research project. They show how masses of people can participate in projects like never before. Wikipedia and the Linus operating system are good examples. Online communities (often volunteers) are creating TV news stories, sequencing the human genome, remixing their favorite music, designing software, finding a cure for disease, editing school texts, inventing new cosmetics, or even building motorcycles. billions of people are self-organizing into a massive new collective force. Interconnected and orchestrated through blogs, wikis, chat rooms, peer-to-peer networks and personal broadcasting, the internet is being reinvented to provide the first ever global platform for collaboration. While some leaders fear the growth of these massive online communities, this book disproves this fear. Smart firms can harness collective capability and genius to spur innovation, growth and success. ISBN/ASIN: 9781843547181. Our Book No: 23106. $15 AUD.

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301. Topmill (2010). CALENDAR: Yesterday's Advertising (1st ed). Sydney, Silverwater: Aussie Calendars / Topmill / Distributed by Gordon & Gotch. 24 pp. Paperback oblong quarto, stapled, very good condition, colour photos, minor edgewear, few corners slightly bent, small tear on three hanging holes, first three holes scuffed, January and February have a few dates marked with a cross. A collectors edition: limited quantity, only 1,000 copies available. A charming calendar with nine full-page colour adverts, and a few small photos on each page. A fun way to look back at some early Australian history. Our Book No: 40565. $15 AUD.

302. Trewin, Wendy (1989). The Royal General Theatrical Fund: A History 1838 - 1988. London: Society for Theatre Research. 171 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white photos, top corners lightly bumped, minor edgewear jacket. Wendy Trewin records the story of the Royal General Theatrical Fund Association, London. The fund sprung up when five actors in 1838 met to discuss the need for a fund to avert "the combined evils of age and poverty" among the great body of actors. A great book about the history of theatre. ISBN/ASIN: 0854300465. Our Book No: 23143. $25 AUD.

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304. Tucker, Lucy (editor); Martin, Ray (foreword) (2004). Banking on Community Spirit: 22 Australian Communities Using Common Cents for Local Benefit. Melbourne, Malvern: Potentially Famous. 132 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, few black & white photos, old price marks, sticker. Shows how to map the resources of communities. The Bendigo Bank's community bank model and the "Lead On Youth & Community Leadership Program" have combined to bring the very inspiring stories that are in this book to life. ISBN/ASIN: 0958143412. Our Book No: 21509. $15 AUD.

305. Turnbull, Malcolm (2020). A Bigger Picture (1st ed). Melbourne: Hardie Grant. 698 pp. Hardback dustjacket, very good condition (in very good jacket), colour & few black & white & sepia (brown-tinted) photos, spine ends little rubbed, front hinge slightly split (all pages firm), minor edgewear dustjacket. Malcolm Turnbull records his diverse and influential life. He describes his early years in Sydney, growing up with a single father, defending 'Spycatcher’ Peter Wright against the UK government, the years representing Kerry Packer and his media empire, leading the Australian Republican Movement (ARM), making millions in business, and becoming Prime Minister of Australia. He finally reveals all in his own words. ISBN/ASIN: 9781743795637. Our Book No: 41126. $30 AUD.

306. Tyndale, Philippa (2004). Don't Look Back: The David Bussau Story (How an Abandoned Child Became a Champion of the Poor). Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 299 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, minor edgewear, non-author written dedication. Philippa Tyndale recounts how an abandoned child became a champion of the poor. A deeply personal man, this is the first time David Bussau has told his full story how a scared little boy became a millionaire businessman, husband, father and hero to the world's poor via his global aid organisation "Opportunity International”. ISBN/ASIN: 1741143950. Our Book No: 21559. $20 AUD.

307. Uren, David (2012). The Kingdom and the Quarry: China, Australia, Fear and Greed (1st ed). Melbourne, Collingwood: Black Inc. 260 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear, light bump top edge rear cover near spine, few light creases covers. China has rapidly become Australia's most important trading partner. It is also the rising power in our region. Takes us inside the high-stakes world of the two countries' relationship. From resource grabs to cyber-surveillance, this is an authoritative and news-breaking book that takes us inside key political and business events of recent times and tells us what really happened. ISBN/ASIN: 9781863955669. Our Book No: 26807. $15 AUD.

308. Uren, David (2015). Takeover: Foreign Investment and the Australian Psyche. Melbourne: Black Inc. 247 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition. Did the Chiko Roll change Australian history? Yes - efforts by an American company to take over the company making the Roll in the early 1970s marked a turning point in Australian foreign investment policy. This is just one of the strange twists and turns in the buying and selling of Australia. An authoritative, engaging account of the history of foreign investment in Australia. It explores the strange coalitions of left and right protectionists that have sought to insulate us from the world economy. But Australia, alone among nations advanced or emerging, has been able to run deficits with the world throughout our history precisely because foreigners are so keen to invest here. ISBN/ASIN: 9781863957540. Our Book No: 17193. $20 AUD.

309. Van der Does de Willebois, Irene (2012). Leading by Design: Making Better Decisions in a Complex World. Sydney, Paddington: I'm Learning Fast Pty Ltd. 151 pp. Paperback quarto (with flaps), very good plus condition, many colour drawings (some full-page), small scratch front cover. By a Sydney business and creativity consultant, Irene Van der Does de Willebois. Introduces a methodology for people who are fundamentally committed to change, such as future leaders and managers. It builds a stronger platform for your decision-making process by developing whole-systems thinking. ISBN/ASIN: 9780646572291. Our Book No: 14869. $40 AUD.

310. Varoufakis, Yanis (2017). Adults in the Room: My Battle with Europe’s Deep Establishment (Reprint ed). London: Bodley Head. 550 pp. Hardback thick octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear dustjacket, front hinge slightly split (pages firm). Heavy (1.1 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. The Greek-Australian finance academic writes about European Union's hidden agenda and exposes what actually goes on in its corridors of power. He sparked one of the most spectacular and controversial battles in recent political history when, as finance minister of Greece, he attempted to re-negotiate his country's relationship with the EU. A blistering and extraordinary tale of brinkmanship, hypocrisy, collusion and betrayal ISBN/ASIN: 9781847924452. Our Book No: 40320. $30 AUD.

311. Wainwright, Teresa (2003). The Real Estate Rookie: Practical Advice for the First-time Residential Property Investor (Reprint ed). Sydney, Marrickville: Choice Books / Australian Consumers Association. 181 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, bottom edge little marked, top spine lightly bumped, minor edgewear. Teresa Wainwright provides a clear step-by-step guide about profitable investing in residential real estate, but you did not know where to begin. There are case studies of actual investors and tenants, and useful information on picking the perfect property, the key role of location, the value of perfect property management, and how to attract the desirable tenants. ISBN/ASIN: 1920705155. Our Book No: 40334. $25 AUD.

312. Walsh, Justyn (2007). The Keynes Mutiny: How the World's Greatest Economist Overturned Conventional Wisdom and Made a Fortune on the Stock Market. Sydney: Random House Australia. 248 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, front free flyleaf little scuffed (sticker removal). How John Maynard Keynes, the world's greatest economist, overturned conventional wisdom (and, less well known, made a fortune on the stock market). He revolutionised macroeconomic policy. Justyn Walsh is an Australian finance journalist, lawyer and investment banker. ISBN/ASIN: 9781741668520. Our Book No: 15627. $25 AUD.

313. Warrell, Margie (2013). Stop Playing Safe: Rethink Risk, Unlock the Power of Courage, Achieve Outstanding Success (1st ed). Brisbane, Milton: John Wiley & Sons. 248 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, figures, few tiny scratches front cover, minor edgewear. This book is about overcoming fear and achieving greater success and full human potential. Written by Australian-born author, media commentator (Forbes columnist) and master coach Margie Warrell. There are insights from trailblazing entrepreneurs and leaders in organisations including NASA, Ernst & Young, UN Foundation and Qantas. ISBN/ASIN: 9781118505588. Our Book No: 27251. $20 AUD.

314. Webber, Allan M. (2010). Rules of Thumb: How to Stay Productive and Inspired Even in the Most Turbulent Times. New York: Harper Business. 270 pp. Paperback, very good plus condition. By cofounder of "Fast Company" and a former editor of Harvard Business Review. A popular guide to individuals in every walk of life who want to make sense out of these confusing, challenging and compelling times. ISBN/ASIN: 9780061721847. Our Book No: 14837. $12 AUD.

315. Wesson, Carolyn (1990). Women Who Shop Too Much: Overcoming the Urge to Splurge (1st stated ed). New York: St Martin's. 236 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear, old price marks. Fascinating and informative self-help book that identifies the problems of heavy shopping, compulsive shopping, and shopping addiction, and offers in-depth advice for the shopper on how to bring life and spending back in focus. ISBN/ASIN: 0312039573. Our Book No: 21333. $15 AUD.

316. Western Australia, Government of (1927). Agriculture and Land Settlement in Western Australia (Western Australia no 1: Agriculture) (1927 ed). Perth: Fred Wm Simpson, Government Printer. 16 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, stapled pamphlet (each page folded into three panes), colour cover, black & white text-photos, maps, staples rusted, some edgewear, minimal annotation front cover. The is folded pamphlet promotes the benefits of agriculture in Western Australia. Covers wheat farming, cattle, fruit growing, vineyards, and government assistance for migrants. SCARCE. (No date, but 1927, printers code.). Our Book No: 4457. $50 AUD.

317. Westfield, Mark (2003). HIH: The Inside Story of Australia's Biggest Corporate Collapse. Brisbane, Milton: John Wiley. 242 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. When the Sydney-based mega-insurance group HIH collapsed in March 2001 posting losses of $5.3 billion, the Australian business community literally came to a standstill. Overnight, many insurance quotes were priced out of reach, and many medicos, child care centres and sports clubs had to close. Mark Westfield, a journalist with 'The Australian' newspaper, exposes a shocking tale of corporate greed. The story of Ray Williams, the secretive, arrogant CEO who almost caused the collapse of Australia's reinsurance industry. ISBN/ASIN: 1740310640. Our Book No: 15297. $40 AUD.

318. Wheeler, Tony; Wheeler, Maureen (2005). Once While Travelling: The Lonely Planet Story (1st ed). Melbourne: Viking / Penguin Books. 390 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, colour & black & white photos, minor edgewear. A highly readable mixture of autobiography, business history and travel book. The authors, Tony and Maureen Wheeler, launched Lonely Planet Publications in 1973, targeted at a new generation of independent, budget-conscious travellers seeking authentic experiences. This is the founders personal story of transforming their travel guide business into the world's largest independent travel publishing company. They also describe why in 2007 they sold to BBC Worldwide. (1 of 2 available copies.). ISBN/ASIN: 0670028479. Our Book No: 4060. $20 AUD.

319. White, Judith (2017). Culture Heist: Art versus Money. Sydney, Blackheath: Brandl & Schlesinger. 246 pp. Paperback small trade, very good plus condition, minor edgewear. Judith Wright tells the story of the struggle at the heart of our cultural institutions: the conflict between the public good and the forces of corporatisation. This is an insider's story of life at the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW). This book invites the broadest discussion about the issues facing the arts and sciences today. ISBN/ASIN: 9780994429759. Our Book No: 30320. $20 AUD.

320. Whites, Timothy (No Date). Envelope: Toilet Necessities at Little Cost. UK: Timothy Whites. N/A pp. Envelope, good condition (notably creased), sepia (brown-tinted) text-photos. This is an envelope by an English chemist shop (NOT a book). Cover words: "Toilet necessities at little cost. Timothy Whites where everyday necessities are cheaper. The reliable cash chemists. Branches throughout the south of England". Words on flap, reverse side: "Less cost - greater satisfaction at Timothy Whites". Our Book No: 7149. $10 AUD.

321. Williams, Kim (2014). Rules of Engagement: Foxtel, Football, News and Wine: The Secrets of a Business Builder and Cultural Maestro. Melbourne: Miegunyah / Melbourne University Press (MUP). 324 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), front & rear inner hinge marginally split (pages firm, as common), minor edgewear. From Foxtel to News Corp, film to football, opera to business - Kim Williams was a builder of Australian businesses and media empires. He worked with the best in their fields, such as Rupert Murdoch, Kerry Packer, Kevin Sheedy, Gail Kelly and Don Burrows. A candid and very personal account of the exercise of power in the nation's leading boardrooms, political parties and media organisations. Shows how much one person can achieve if they have insatiable curiosity, limitless interests and impressive discipline. ISBN/ASIN: 9780522866933. Our Book No: 16842. $20 AUD.

322. Wilner, Isaiah (2006). The Man Time Forgot: A Tale of Genius, Betrayal, and the Creation of Time Magazine (1st ed). New York: HarperCollins. 342 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), full-page black & white photos, pages lightly toned, small stain rear cover jacket (minor edgewear). This is the biography of Briton Hadden, the genius behind Time news-magazine, and his betrayal by Henry R. Luce. The true story of their tortured friendship has never before been told. In this biography, Isaiah Wilner reveals the first full story of the birth of Time, and he presents a reappraisal of the most significant media figure of the 20th century. First edition stated. ISBN/ASIN: 0060505494. Our Book No: 28466. $25 AUD.

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